5 Issues That Require Professional AC Repair | Fort Worth, TX

5 Issues That Require Professional AC Repair | Fort Worth, TX

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As time goes on, it’s inevitable that your AC will start to break down. Various parts and mechanisms will start to break down or shift out of place. As they shift out of place, they will start to affect other mechanisms in the system. At some point in time, these minor shifts and issues can result in leaks, cracks, and other types of issues that need to be addressed immediately. The longer that you wait to address the issue, the worse the problem will become. If you wait too long to address the problem, you could run the risk of placing yourself in a poor situation where repairing the unit could cost more than simply getting a replacement.

Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to fix everything by themselves, but a lot of problems require a lot more than just simply giving the AC system a good bonk or turning the system on and off. In many situations, you would definitely benefit more from calling a company, like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, TX, for professional AC repair services. Not only can we provide you with a detailed report on what the problem is, but we can also help you find energy-efficient, affordable solutions. Our team can walk you through various options, so you know what the pros and cons of each decision may be.

Knowing when to call us for AC repair services is key to making sure that your unit remains in good condition. Let’s take a look at some of the situations below where you might want to give us a call.

#1. The AC Won’t Turn Off

Although some Fort Worth, TX homeowners might not have a huge issue with an AC that won’t turn off, you’re going to end up wasting a lot of energy. Your AC definitely doesn’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) running when you’re not at home. You’d be surprised by just how astronomically high your cooling costs can become and just how quickly your AC may start to break down. If you notice that your AC won’t turn off, it could be due to the following:

  • The thermostat needs to be readjusted or repaired. You may need to get an AC repair company to recalibrate your thermostat. This can include anything from simply readjusting the settings to removing any dust or dirt that has built up inside.


  • The fan switch is on “manual”. Your AC might no longer be producing cool air; however, if the fan is still on, it might feel like it is producing cool air. Switch the fan settings and you should be good to go. With that said, this will really depend on the type of AC system that you have installed in your home.


  • The thermostat is in a warm location. If the thermostat is installed in an area that is exposed to direct sunlight or if it is close to another appliance that produces heat, it could cause your AC to continuously run. The AC thinks that it’s too warm in the house because of the bias and doesn’t realize that your home has already cooled down to the desired temperature.

There are many other possible scenarios that should be addressed. For example, another potential situation is that the AC’s contactor is stuck. This usually happens when you neglect to maintain your home. Contact our Fort Worth, TX AC repair team for more information. We will send someone out to diagnose the situation and provide you with some information on what to do next.

#2. The AC Is Blowing Out Warm Air

You come home from a hot day and are ready to cool down in your home. The last thing that you want is to have to deal with an AC unit that only blows out warm air. If this happens to you, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • A faulty thermostat. There could be a problem with the thermostat or it may not be properly adjusted. You might need to recalibrate the thermostat or have someone take a look at it.


  • A dirty air filter. Usually, if your unit is blowing warm air, it means that the air filter is likely clogged. Most disposable air filters are usually good for up to 90 days. Once it has passed that amount of time, it won’t be as effective and will affect the overall performance of the AC system. If you have pets, your air filters need to be changed even more frequently.


  • Crowding at the outdoor unit. If there are a lot of things crowding the outdoor unit, it could also have a huge effect on the overall performance. An AC repair company will take a look outside and get rid of any things that might be obstructing the unit.

There are so many other factors that could be at play when it comes to an AC unit that is constantly producing warm air. In order to ensure that the problem doesn’t become worse, it’s crucial that you get the unit looked at as soon as possible. You could end up wasting a lot of energy trying to cool down the room.

#3. There’s a Refrigerant Leak

AC units rely on refrigerants to cool down the air that’s going to get distributed throughout your entire home. You never need to top off refrigerant because it’s supposed to continue to cycle through the AC; however, if you hear a hissing or gurgling sound, it could be due to a refrigerant leak. In general, a hissing sound is usually attributed to a minor leak while a gurgling sound is often attributed to a large leak.

It’s vital that you call a professional AC repair company to deal with a refrigerant leak because it’s definitely not something that you want to deal with by yourself. For one, you’ll need to have the right tools and equipment to figure out where the leak is located. This can include anything from dye testing, nitrogen detection, and bubbling to electronic detection. From there, you’ll need to figure out which of the following two options is best: patching up the leak or replacing the damaged part. After that, you’ll need to refill the unit with refrigerant.

It’s important to note that refrigerant is considered a hazardous chemical. It can be dangerous to one’s health, so you need to be careful not to expose yourself to refrigerants while you are topping your system up. If you do come in contact with refrigerant, make sure that you call 911 or the National Poison Control Hotline.

#4. There Are Odd Smells Coming from the Vents and Unit

Have you ever turned on an AC system somewhere and noticed that you’re immediately blasted in the face with some odd odors and smells? That’s not a good sign at all. It usually means that there’s mold, mildew, bacteria, or some other microorganism growing in your AC unit. It could also be caused by dead vermin that have made their way into the ducts. This could be because you don’t clean your unit regularly enough by scheduling regular maintenance, because the environment is too humid because there are leaks and cracks in the system, and more. Regardless of what the reason may be, it’s important that you deal with the smell as soon as possible.

You need to call a professional AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX the moment that you start to smell odd odors. The professional AC repair company will disassemble the entire unit in order to get a good look inside. From there, they’ll identify where the smell is coming from, as well as what the smell is being caused by. Our AC repair team will fix the problem in order to prevent it from happening again in the future. From there, we will then help you figure out what the next step may be. In most cases, we’ll usually recommend that you hire a cleaning team to disinfect the unit. You want to make sure that you get rid of all traces of the cause of the odor, as it could have a huge effect on your health.

#5. The AC Makes Persistent Noises During Operation

If you turn your AC on and you hear a slight noise, that’s not always necessarily a sign of trouble. After all, not all AC units are noiseless, to begin with, so they will make some noise during operation. However, if the noise is loud, odd, or has popped up out of nowhere when the unit was previously quiet, then there’s a good chance that you need to call a professional in Fort Worth, TX for AC repair services.

Knowing where the sound originates from and when it starts is crucial when contacting a repair company. It’s important to first recognize what sounds are normal and what sounds are signs that something is wrong. Some of the sounds that you should be wary of include:

  • Banging noises. This is usually an indication that there’s a loose part or a broken part inside the AC that needs to be repaired. In worst-case scenarios, it may be an indication that the compressor needs to be replaced.


  • Clanking noises. This usually means that something inside has shifted out of place. It may mean that the parts inside a sealed unit have failed or that some parts need to be replaced. It could also be an indication of a fan that has become out of balance. This is definitely a sound that you should be wary of. If you hear any clanking sounds, call us for AC repair immediately. If you don’t, the problem can become significantly worse.


  • Clicking noises. This usually means that there’s an electrical problem with the system and that it may start to shut down. It could be a failing thermostat or even a defective control.


  • Buzzing noises. Once again, this can be an indication that there are many different things that are wrong with your unit. It could be a loose part or something that has shifted out of place. If you hear this, you will definitely need to call us for AC repair services. An AC repair technician can quickly diagnose and assess the situation to help you figure out what’s wrong.

Noises are definitely something that should be addressed immediately. If you hear any odd sounds, call us for AC repair. If you wait, the problem can become significantly worse to the point where it may not be worth it to repair the AC any longer.

Call Us for AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX

It makes sense to call us for AC repair services as soon as you notice the problems emerge. The sooner that you deal with the problem, the easier the repair will be. Those who make the mistake of waiting will often be left with some major problems to deal with. Some of these problems may cost so much to repair that it would actually be better to replace the unit than go for the repairs. You want to nip the problem in the bud when you can so that it won’t become a huge deal later on.

Here, at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, we have been providing exemplary AC repair services in Tarrant County since 1988. We have provided decades of care to customers and specialize in all types of AC repair work. We have one goal in mind: improving the overall comfort of your home and business as affordably as possible. We can work with you to stay within your budget and provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision. We value our customers and place them as our top priority at all times.

For fast and reliable AC repair services, give us a call today at 817-283-6911. You can also count on us for AC installation, replacement, and maintenance. Our team can also cater to your heating needs as well, as we have years of experience in providing heating installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair services.