Air Conditioning Larger Venues | Air Conditioning Service in Plano

Air Conditioning Larger Venues | Air Conditioning Service in Plano

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Large venues often need a lot of planning to set up. They also desperately need air conditioning, especially in Plano, Texas weather.

If you are the owner of a large public venue, you would need to make special plans and consideration for air conditioning. All businesses should get adequate consultations and air conditioning installation services in Plano, TX.

Here are some examples of large Plano venues that might need special air conditioning services in Plano, TX and might have larger air conditioning requirements.


Offices, especially open-plan offices, would need special consideration when it comes to air conditioning because it is a larger space than simply an office room. There are a lot of people in an open-plan option that should have air conditioning services in Plano, TX and facilities provided to them evenly.


Dining and hosting areas indoors in Plano, Texas often need to be air conditioned for comfortable and enjoyable dining experiences. If the dining area is not properly cooled, the clients would simply be sweating buckets and possibly even be irritated and suffocated.

Gymnasiums and Clubs

Gyms have a lot of strenuous physical activity going on inside them. A lot of these activities might overheat the clients if the venue is not properly ventilated and air conditioned. As owners and managers of such establishments, you would need to make sure there is adequate cooling.

The same can be said for clubs like golf clubs, country clubs, and fitness clubs. Clients and club members visit these spaces for leisure and relaxing and if the venue is not properly cooled especially in Texas summers, it might be discourage the clients from visiting.


If you own or are planning to open an entertainment venue like an arena, you would need to think about managing and cooling spaces for large crowds.

You should opt for air conditioning options that allows for adequate cooling and air flow so that the large crowds do not cause a suffocating atmosphere.

Each of these arenas should seek out competent HVAC service providers for air conditioning service in Plano, TX.

So how do you air condition large venues like these? Well, here are a couple of tips.

Tips for Cooling Large Venues

•  Size it up

You need to have appropriately and adequate air conditioning units. You should size up the space and strategically locate the vents and ducts to make sure that everyone in the space will receive air flow.

You should get air conditioning units powerful enough to produce enough cooling energy so that the atmosphere is comfortable, even if you have to install several units. You should consult with an air conditioning serviceman for the sizing.

•  Set a Normal Temperature

In any large venue, you should make sure that the thermostat is set at an adequate and comfortable temperature. This will make sure that your clients and patrons do not overheat or freeze during their time at your venue.

If the thermostat is set too high, the venue might heat up and if it is too low, the entire space would be too cold for the clients to enjoy themselves.

•  Ventilate Properly

Vents should always be properly maintained, cleaned and ordered. If there are pollutants in the vents, it might affect the clients’ health. You should also make sure that there are no obstructions within or near the vents as this can negatively affect air flow.

Maintenance of the air conditioning system should actually be a key priority as it will help the performance of the air conditioning system and increase its longevity. You should, as a result, avail regular air conditioner services in Plano from local HVAC providers.

•  Insulate Properly

You should make sure that all exits and windows in the venue are properly insulated so the cooling energy does not end up escaping from the rooms or spaces it is actually needed.

This can cause your air conditioning system to work harder to cool the room and therefore consume more energy, driving up bills. It could also wear out your air conditioning system, requiring more maintenance services as a consequence.

So what do you use to air condition large venues? Well, here are some suggestions.

Ideal Air Conditioning Systems

•   Ductless Mini-Split Systems

These systems can be great for places like restaurants, clubs and gymnasiums in Plano. They are just like normal air conditioners and have ductless units on walls, thereby being less prone to leaks.

They can be used to air condition individual rooms, like dining areas or recreation rooms, through indoor handling units that have their own thermostats. These thermostats can allow the individual rooms to have control over the temperature and patrons can set it to the level they like.

 •  Central Air Conditioning Systems

Central air conditioning is usually a good option for larger spaces since it uses ducts and registers to blow and condition warm air in the venue. It cools air throughout the venue wherever its ducts are installed and can be used to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the venue.

•  Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Although this option can be slightly more expensive, it can prove to be a great investment for any venue. It uses clean energy by using air in the ground and cooling or heating it and then carrying it into the venue.

The system is long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance services and replacements. It can be versatile as well and can be used a heating unit in the winter.

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