Air Conditioning Service: Affordable Ways To Cool Your Home In The Summer | Fort Worth, TX

Air Conditioning Service: Affordable Ways To Cool Your Home In The Summer | Fort Worth, TX

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In the summer months, it’s so easy to just turn on the AC and cool yourself. But according to the Department of Energy, the AC can use up about 12 percent of energy in the homes. Thankfully, there are ways where you can comfortably cool your home without always using the Air Conditioning Service that you have. In these tips, you’ll find ways to minimize the use of your air conditioning unit while still staying comfortably cool at home.

Acquire Blackout Curtains

You can reduce heat in your rooms to up to 33 percent and can naturally insulate them with the blackout curtains. You can also save on your bills with this. You may also consider tinting your homes or your doors for beating the summer heat.

Go for a Fan Hack Over the AC

It’s nice to have an Air Conditioning Service that you can use in the warmer months. However, it can really skyrocket your bills especially when you turn on the AC every day. What you can do instead is follow this simple hack: Just prepare a bowl with lots of ice packs on it. Turn on a large fan and place it in front of the fan. That should give off cool air!

Close Doors of Unused Rooms

If you prefer to have AC and want to use that in your room, make sure that you close the doors of the other rooms that you aren’t using. This is to maximize the cool air and let it naturally flow into the room.

Use Your Curtains and Blinds

Do you know that you can lower the temperature in your room to up to 20 degrees by just closing off blinds or curtains? It can also lower your utility bill to about 7 percent. This is a very simple tip that not many people know of. Most of the unwanted heat actually comes from your windows and you can get rid of this by just utilizing curtains, blinds and other shades.

Focus on Your Body Temperature

During the warmer months, consider dressing smartly for it. Avoid wearing black colors as they absorb heat more. Go with white or pastel-colored cotton fabrics. Go with cold drinks over your hot cappuccino. And keep yourself hydrated all the time by drinking cold drinking water.

Use Cotton for Your Sheets

Although fleece blankets and flannel sheets are best for insulation, always go for cotton as it’s cooler. If possible, try to also get buckwheat pillows for they won’t hold on to the body heat like other normal pillows.

Seal Your Home

When you have Air Conditioning Service, you need to ensure that your home has better insulation and the ducts are really sealed. Otherwise, you lose about 30 percent of energy. As much as possible, inspect your home for openings and cracks, and fix these right away.

Do You Use An Exhaust Fan? 

These fans were meant to pull the hot air out of your apartment. Use them during the summer to lower the temperature of your room.

Opt for Energy Star Products

Energy Star Appliances are energy-efficient and will significantly improve your utility bills. These appliances went through strict compliance set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Also, these appliances are environment-friendly. When you buy these products, you are saving energy and helping the environment at the same time.

Let Go of Incandescent Lights

Do you know that the above waste about 90 percent of their energy to heat they emit? It’s better to switch to fluorescent lamps and CFL. They can cool your home and lower your bill at the same time.

Get Proper Insulation in Your Home

It may cost a little more to add more insulation to the walls and even the attic. However, doing this will really benefit you as it will save you money in the long run. It will make you more comfortable at the same time as well. When you do not have insulation, you will lose more heat and your air conditioner will work harder. You lose more energy and more money.

Consider Changing the Color of Your Roof

Black or any dark-colored roofs absorb more heat than any other color. If you can, go for a lighter colored roof to help you in the summer months most especially.

Install an Efficient Air Conditioning System

Getting an Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX would seem like the best idea to get rid of the heat right away. However, that could also mean more money you pay for your utility bills. If you really want to have the Air Conditioning Service without paying more for it, you could always opt for the central Air Conditioning Service as they are more energy-efficient.

Take Advantage of the Night Air

Summer night temperatures usually drop. When this happens, make sure to open the windows and let the cool breeze in. Come morning though, make sure that you do close the blinds or the curtains especially when it gets too hot. If you prefer a cooler night, you can always take advantage of the Air Conditioning Service in Fort, Worth TX though.

Schedule an Air Conditioning Maintenance

The only way to ensure that your air conditioning unit works efficiently is by implementing preventive maintenance. There are Air Conditioning Service technicians that will do this for you. They will carefully check your unit including the wirings and see if it’s working efficiently and saving you energy. Do this at least once a year. There is also maintenance that you can do on your own like replacing filters or cleaning the system. Just make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Use Alternative Cooking Methods

You may want to postpone your baked dishes until after the summer. Using the oven will make your home even hotter than it already is. How about you start grilling instead? You may also want to just use the oven toaster or the slow cooker instead of the oven.

Utilize Dehumidifiers

You will feel hotter at home when there is more humidity. What you can do is install a dehumidifier in your homes to control the moisture levels. Always keep it low. If you don’t know how to install, always call a service technician to help you out with this.

Cleaning/Replacing Filters

If you have Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX and you want to save energy while cooling your home, set up one day every 2 or 3 months to work on your filters. Make this your routine every 3 months to see a significant improvement in your bills. You should be able to save about 5 to 15 percent of your energy when you regularly clean or replace your filters.

Choosing an Air Conditioner

Getting an Air Conditioning Service is relatively easy. It’s the choosing which air conditioner to install that’s a little difficult. Here are a few things you need to consider if you intend to get an Air Conditioning Service for your home.


If the unit is too small, it will need to work harder to cool the space down. The downside to having a unit that’s too big is it will have a short cooling. The best way to do it is to get an Air Conditioning Service technician to help you out with this. They should be able to carry out the calculations of whether your home needs a bigger or a smaller air conditioning unit.

Check How Much Energy It Consumes

User reviews will definitely help you pick out the best unit if you want to have an Air Conditioning Service for your Fort Worth, TX home. You can also do a comparison with the different models and see which one is the best unit. Better yet, go with the Energy Star unit as you can maximize the air conditioner’s efficiency without sacrificing energy. Or if you can’t afford the Energy Star appliance at the moment, you can check the star rating that measures the cooling efficiency of each unit. The more stars it has, the more efficient that unit is.

When to Buy an Air Conditioner

Purchasing an air conditioner during the summer will be extremely expensive for you as that is in demand. Remember that a product will be expensive when demand is high. So, the best time to buy an air conditioner is when no one wants it — during the winter. But are you buying a window type air conditioner or the central air conditioning system?

Window Type vs. Central Air Conditioning

Getting a window type air conditioner is more affordable compared to the centralized one. This may be the best choice if you live alone and own a small home or studio apartment. It will be the cheapest option for you which would cost only a few hundred dollars. Central Air Conditioning, on the other hand, can cool and heat your homes at the same time. It’s a little expensive but it’s more efficient and you can save money in the long run. Also, when the Central Air Conditioning is better maintained, it can last several years – up to 20 years maximum depending on the brands. If you have several rooms, the best option may be the central air conditioning system as it can save you more energy.

How to Better Maintain Your Air Conditioner

For better maintenance of your Air Conditioning Service at home, it’s always better to work with a professional to help you with this. There are a few things, however, that you can do on your own. Just make sure that you do follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, just call a qualified technician to help you with your Air Conditioning Service.

A few tips for taking good care of your air conditioning unit:

Replacing the Air Filters at Least Every 2 Months

Doing this on a regular basis is the best thing that you can do for your air conditioning unit. A clean air filter can provide you with better and more clean air in the room. If it’s not regularly cleaned, it will just make your air conditioner work more and use up energy more. This means you lose more money. Also, it decreases the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

Check the Fins

There is a condenser and an evaporator in every air conditioning system. Each of these has fins providing you airflow — when these aren’t functioning well, it can cause you problems. Try to check it regularly and see if it’s bending. Get a fin comb to resolve the issue. Otherwise, just call an Air Conditioning Service technician for more help.

Keep the Air Conditioning Unit Coils Clean

These coils absorb the heat and cool your homes. It’s important that these are constantly checked. When it’s dirty it will reduce the amount of heat that it absorbs. This means your air conditioning unit will need to work harder. Always call a technician if you do not know how to clean these coils.

Scheduling Maintenance with a Professional

If you’re very busy and don’t really have the time to maintain your unit, an Air Conditioning Service technician is always available to help. Be sure to schedule an appointment with them regularly to help you check the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

One Hour Heating and Cooling to Take Care of your Air Conditioning

To keep your home cool in the summer, you need to have an efficient air conditioning unit and a reliable Air Conditioning Service. This is where One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating at Fort Worth, TX comes in. We are dedicated to helping you get better service and helping you maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning unit by providing better maintenance and service. Contact us today for an appointment! We offer air conditioning installation, repairs, preventive maintenance and many other services!