Air Conditioning Service: Advantages and Disadvantages Of Air Conditioners | Fort Worth, TX

Air Conditioning Service: Advantages and Disadvantages Of Air Conditioners | Fort Worth, TX

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Having an Air Conditioning Service can make our lives easier especially in the warmer months. It cools our home and provides more comfort. But constantly using air conditioners also has its downsides. Of course, it does provide a lot of benefits as well. Read on to find out the many advantages and disadvantages of having an air conditioner at home.

Benefits of Air Conditioner

There are loads of advantages to using the air conditioner in your homes. Some of them include:

Minimize Asthma Attacks

Dust mites, allergens, mold and dirt can trigger an asthma attack. Running your air conditioner can reduce the humidity of your homes and can lower your chances of getting an asthma attack. This is provided that you do routine cleaning of your air conditioners. Try to follow manufacturer’s instructions in replacing the filters every 2 or 3 months and clean the other components as well to improve the air quality of your home. When you have better and improved air quality, you reduce the risk of getting an asthma attack.

You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

This is one of the great benefits of having an Air Conditioning Service at Fort Worth, TX. During the summer months and the temperature is really rising, turn on the air conditioner for better sleep. When your bedroom is cool, it’s always easier to sleep better as opposed to sleeping in a hot room. Although the fan can provide a little comfort, nothing beats the comfort an air conditioner provides. When you get long quality sleep, you are in a better mood when you wake up. You tend to be more productive when you are in a great mood.

Fewer Parasites and Insects

There are insects and parasites that want to live in a warmer house. And they go away when it’s cooler. Turn on your Air Conditioning Service if you want to finally get rid of bugs and other insects that live in your home. It will make your place cleaner and your life peaceful as well. It can be pretty stressful when you deal with cockroaches, bugs and other insects. When your house is cool, you don’t have to deal with all these.

Good Environment for Work Out

Regular cardio or aerobic exercises are good for your health. And the good thing is you don’t really need to go out of the house to do this. You can just download some workout videos on YouTube and do exercises at home to say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle. When you have Air Conditioning Service, it will be easier and definitely more comfortable to exercise. You are more likely to get moving more when you are comfortable instead of working out in a really warm home.

Improves Productivity at Work

It can be really uncomfortable when you work at home in the summer and it’s hot. You won’t be able to fully concentrate at work when the environment isn’t comfortable. When you have an Air Conditioning Service at home, it will be a lot better. You can focus because you’re comfortable with the temperature. This is the same when you work in a real office. You wouldn’t want to work when it’s too hot. Comfort should be a top priority especially when you work from home.

Prevent Other Appliances from Overheating

If you have a lot of expensive gadgets and appliances in your home, you definitely should consider getting an Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX. Gadgets and appliances that are constantly exposed to heat may become damaged and may reduce their lifespan.

Minimizes Heat Stroke

Thousands of people die of heatstroke. Do not let this happen to any of your loved ones. During the summer when humidity and temperature are really high, you can either find ways to cool your home or get an Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX. Do this when you have loved ones with heart problems. Although the air conditioner will not treat their disease, it definitely will help them become more comfortable especially during warmer climates.

Reduce the Risk of Dehydration

There are other ways to reduce dehydration during the summer. You can always drink lots of liquids to keep yourself hydrated. The other thing you can do is get an Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX. When the room is comfortable, you don’t sweat. When you don’t sweat, you don’t lose a big percentage of your water intake. Keep yourself hydrated and stay in a comfortable environment in the summer to prevent dehydration.

Potential Health Issues of Air Conditioning

Having an Air Conditioning Service at home can provide more comfort especially in the warmer months. However, there are health issues that may also come up. This usually happens when you are overexposed to it or you don’t clean the unit regularly.

Here are some of the common health issues you may experience when overexposed to air conditioning:

Getting Dry Skin

Although having an Air Conditioning Service is really comfortable, it may lead to you having dry skin. What you can do is regularly apply moisturizers so your skin doesn’t get itchy and doesn’t look dry.

Dry Eyes

If your eyes are already dry, it will get worse when you overexposed yourself to the air conditioner. Stay in the AC only when you really have to. Otherwise, use the fan.

Common Flu and other Respiratory Issues

Some people get sick during the winter due to the low temperatures. This can also happen when you overexposed yourself to the air conditioner. As much as possible, turn it on only when you really need to – when the temperature is really high. Otherwise, get on your summer outfit, constantly sip cold drinks, open the windows to let the cool air. Overexposure could lead to your mucus membranes drying out and will leave you more vulnerable to other respiratory illnesses. Try to install a humidifier to minimize this.

Air Pollution

Air pollution inside the house can happen when poor air is circulating. You will know when the air quality is bad when you’re starting to get itchy eyes, nasal issues, or worse, have an asthma attack. As much as possible, do routine cleaning of your air conditioner.

Allergies and Ear Problems

If you already have allergies and other skin irritations, that may worsen when you keep on running on the air conditioner and the air quality isn’t good. Molds can also accumulate in the ears.

Having an Air Conditioning Service at home may be comfortable but you will need to do your part in maintaining your unit. Dirty ducts, vents and filters can contribute to having bad indoor air quality and can make you sick eventually. It may even damage your air conditioning system in the long run.

If you want to have clean air flowing through the different parts of your house, you’ve got to do a routine check-up and maintenance of your air conditioning unit. Calling One Hour Heating and Cooling at Fort Worth, TX can definitely help. You can schedule a regular check-up with them and they will thoroughly inspect your air conditioner.

Keeping Cool During Hot Weather

These tips should help you minimize the use of your Air Conditioning Service at home. You need to also prepare your home for the summer to avoid skyrocketing utility bills and getting sick due to air conditioning overexposure.

Get a Fan

They are definitely affordable and they work pretty well too. Fans can save you money in your energy bills and can significantly help in cooling your homes.

Eat the Right Food

Do you know that diet can also affect how your body reacts to high temperatures? Eating more protein and salty food can produce heat that causes water loss. Try to consume more fiber in your diet. Go with fruits and vegetables instead of meat. Alcohol can also make you feel warmer. Avoid this, if you can.

Take Frequent Showers and Wear Pastel-Colored Clothing

Your body will cool down if you actually take a shower. Another alternative is to apply wet towels in the body areas where it’s warm like the armpits, neck and groins. Also, make it a habit to wear light-colored clothing during the summer. Go with white or pastel-colored clothes.

Stay Hydrated

This goes without saying that you should always drink plenty of liquids, especially during the summer. Water is always the best option. You can drink juices but that may not be the best idea if you have diabetes.

Try to Hang Out on the First Floor of your Home

If you live in a 2-story house, it is advisable to stay downstairs. Why? It is believed that heat rises. Warm air normally is in a higher area. You’ll notice this if you live in a 2-story house. It is always warmer on the second floor. If you don’t want to use your air conditioner, stay downstairs as the air will definitely be cooler. Also, it pays to have all the curtains down so you don’t get more heat into your homes.

Take Vitamin C Supplements

Some studies show that Vitamin C can increase your heat tolerance. Also, it may keep your temperature from rising when exposed to the heat. If you don’t like taking a pill, you can always take Vitamin C naturally. Eat citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Tips For Improving Air Quality at Home

Indoor air pollution cannot only cause discomfort but can make you sick as well. Make sure your filters and ducts are clean before using your Air Conditioning Service. Here are a few of the things that you can do at home:

  • Get yearly maintenance of your Air Conditioning Service at home. Contact a technician for this.


  • Ensure adequate ventilation in your homes. This will help you get fresher air indoors and avoid contaminants. From time to time, turn off the air conditioner and try opening the windows for good air circulation.


  • Do not use your air conditioner if no one is at home.


  • Get an air cleaner installed in your system or air conditioning.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Like everything else, moderation is always the key. It is highly convenient and comfortable when you have an Air Conditioning Service at home, but it’s also not good to overuse it. Turn on the air conditioner only when it’s needed – like when the temperature is really high and there is no other way to get cooler air at home.

What you can do to minimize the use of your Air Conditioning Service is to prepare for summer. Start with your roof. If you have darker roofs, you may want to consider getting a lighter colored one so you don’t absorb more heat into your homes. Also, try planting more trees that will provide shade to your homes. Most importantly, get some thick drapes and use them when it’s really hot outside. You’ll notice that they can significantly improve the temperature in your homes.

Talk to your family members about using the Air Conditioning Service. Ask them to dress in their summer clothes so they don’t feel very hot during the summer. Prepare cold drinks for the entire family and avoid using the oven when cooking. Using the grill outside instead.

Should you decide to really use your air conditioner, make sure they are clean so you have good air quality. Also, you may want to turn it up when it’s already comfortable. Better yet, turn it off. Turn it on again when you need it.

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