Air Conditioning Service: What Is Air Conditioning And How Does It Work | Azle, TX

Air Conditioning Service: What Is Air Conditioning And How Does It Work | Azle, TX

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Air Conditioning is the process of removing warm air and replacing it with cooler air for a more comfortable temperature in an enclosed space. Homeowners use air conditioning services to cool their homes, especially in the summer months. Read on to find out how this appliance actually works.

The Air Conditioner

Phase conversion is when liquid gets converted to gas. Heat is absorbed when this happens. Air conditioners – that use refrigeration when cooling a space, contain chemical compounds to take good advantage of this phase conversion. These compounds which are called refrigerants evaporate and condense in a coil system. Refrigerants contain properties that enable them to change at significantly low temperatures. The fans in the air conditioner can also move warm air over the refrigerants.

Four processes are involved in air conditioning: You have the liquid refrigerant, Conversion, Compression and Transition back to its liquid state. The refrigerant chills the air and the gas resulting from it is compressed and also cooled back to liquid conversion again.

What Is Inside an Air Conditioner?

The ultimate goal of the Air Conditioner is to cool the air indoors. Air Conditioning Service technicians at Azle, TX can assist you in installing AC units into your homes or offices.

If you have a thermostat, the AC also regulates its temperature. An onboard filter to remove air particles is also inside. In addition, the air conditioner is also a dehumidifier. The reason why you see a water discharge in the AC is that it releases its moisture (in the form of water) when temperature is reduced.

When you have Conditioning Service at home, you should know about the main components of your air conditioner. These are the four main parts:

Evaporator – where the liquid refrigerant is received

Condenser – facilitates the AC’s heat transfer

Expansion valve – where the refrigerant is regulated into the evaporator

Compressor – a pump

The evaporator and the fan which blows air into the room via the chilled coils are the cold side of the air conditioner. Compressors, condensers and a new set of fans are the hot side of the air conditioner. The latter vents out the hot air that’s coming from the compressed refrigerant. Between the coils is the expansion valve that regulates the liquid moving into the evaporator. When the compressed liquid is inside the evaporator, there is a pressure drop in the refrigerant and it converts back to gas. It’s the compressor’s job to put pressure on the refrigerant gas. Although other sensors and valves are involved, the four parts are basically the major components of an AC.

The process above is for a window-type conditioner. Central Air Conditioners work a little differently as it has a thermostat that controls everything.

Split Systems and Window Types Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning technicians work with two AC system units such as the Window type and the split system.

The window type air conditioner can typically fit in a window frame and works well in smaller spaces. To operate a window type air conditioner, you just plug it in and turn it on and you get cooler air. The inside of a window type air conditioner includes a compressor, hot and chilled coils, two fans, an expansion valve and a control unit.

The Split Systems, on the other hand, are the larger units. The hot and cold side of this system is also split – hence the name. The former is placed outside the building, while the cold side contains the cold coil and the expansion valve. These two should be in the furnace. Talk to your Air Conditioning Service technicians if you have questions about how the Split Systems work. They can very much explain everything to you.

One advantage of having the split systems is the reduced noise as opposed to the noise that comes from a window type. In a split system, the hot and cold sides are just split, and that is the only difference between a split type and a window type air conditioner.

If you do not know whether you should get a window type or a split type system for your home, you can always call your Air Conditioning Service technicians at Azle, TX. The service tech should be able to give you advice on what unit to get for your home and what is right for you. If you live in a small studio apartment, the Air Conditioning Service tech may advise you to just get the Window type. If you have a bigger space, the split system may be a lot better for you.

Cooling Tower Air Conditioner Units and the Chilled- Water

When Air Conditioning Service technicians install ACs in commercial spaces, the conditioning and handling of air are rather different. There are systems that use water in the cooling process, and two of the most popular are the cooling tower and the chilled water systems.

Cooling Tower Technology – In a window type, air is used in the compressor coils, but in this system, a cooling tower is instead used. There is a cold water involved and it passes through the heat exchanger which is in charge of cooling the condenser coils. One disadvantage when Air Conditioning Service tech installs this system is — there should be water added to it regularly. The water is for making up the lost liquid.

Chilled Water Systems – Air Conditioning Service technicians in Azle, TX install this system either on the roof or at the back of a building. This system is then connected to the air handlers and it can cool water up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This system is very versatile.

Talk to your Air Conditioning Service technicians if you want to know more about the different cooling methods used. An off-peak cooling system and Geo-thermal cooling are also being explored.

Alternative Cooling Systems that are Energy Efficient

There is another system called the Ice cooling system which can save businesses a lot of money. Talk to your Air Conditioning Service technicians in Azle, TX about this or if they can give you more options about what to have in your office space. The ice cooling system involves having a frozen large tank of water which is used to pump cool air in the office the next day. It’s cost-effective but the installation may be expensive. Contact your Air Conditioning Service tech in Azle, TX to get more information about this.

For businesses, this is an ultimate money saver as they conserve more energy. This type of cooling system may not be available for homes as it has a space requirement. It can only be installed in larger buildings. If you are a homeowner, contact your Air Conditioning Service tech in Azle, TX for other options you may want to consider. Geo-thermal air conditioning units are also being used and are considered as the most energy-efficient by The Environmental Protection Agency. They are also very environment-friendly.

The basic principle in a geo-thermal cooling is to use the underground temperature of 45 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit as the constant temperature as opposed to generating more heat through electricity. A closed-loop system is a type of geo-thermal cooling. This is when pipes are installed under the ground either horizontally or vertically. In the winter, heat is collected from the earth and into the system. If you currently have the HVAC system, you may want to replace it with heat pumps buried under the ground. It’s more energy-efficient. You can save up to 50% of your utility bills with this option. Talk to your Air Conditioning Service tech about this option.

How to Maintain an Air Conditioner

Other than routine cleaning, you should call for an Air Conditioning technician to assist you in maintaining your air conditioner. However, there are a few things that you can do at home to help your system keep its full capacity operation.

Replace the Filters

If you have the window type air conditioner, do make sure that everything is unplugged before you make any routine cleaning or maintenance to your unit. Also, for maintaining the compressors and the coils, always call an Air Conditioning Service technician as these are sealed components. You cannot do this on your own. For the filters, try replacing them every 2 or 3 months. If your place is really dusty, you should change the filters more often as it can damage the system eventually and reduce the amount of cool air. Also, it will affect your utility bills.

Check the Wiring

If the power cord is damaged or worn, your air conditioner may not work at all. Call an Air Conditioning Service technician right away. For the switch, if the air conditioner doesn’t turn on, it could be damaged. Talk to your technician right away.

Clean the Condenser

When you have the Central Air Conditioning, the condenser will be outside the house. Since it’s outside, it will most likely accumulate a lot of debris, dirt and dust. You will find a fan just across the condenser coil — clean that. Do make sure that you cut down weeds or grass that may be blocking the airflow from the condenser unit. There are instructions from the manufacturer on how to clean the condenser. Use that at all times. If not, you can always hire a technician to help you maintain your air conditioning unit regularly including routine cleaning.

Clean the Evaporator

Directly above the furnace is where you’ll see the evaporator. However, in some units, this may not be accessible to you. In this case, you should call for a technician. Otherwise, you will need to clean it at least once a year for maintenance. However, clean it only when you see the plenum has insulation wrapped in foil. If it’s sealed, never open it yourself.

Take Care of the Refrigerant

You will need to inspect the coolant lines from the condenser. If you see that it’s worn or damaged, try to replace it using the manufacturer’s instructions in the manual. Otherwise, always call for help. Just a reminder: If you notice that it’s not cooling, there must not be enough Freon or Refrigerant in the system. Always call for help when this happens. You cannot, at any point, charge your own lines. It will be dangerous.

Clean the Drain Ports

Clean these if it’s clogged with a lot of dirt. You’ll know it needs cleaning when you notice water leaking from the air conditioner. The fans, compressor and motor also need maintenance. If you do not know how to, you can always contact your Air Conditioning Service tech to find out how. They can also just do the routine maintenance for you.

Do You Need Air Conditioning Service?

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