Air Conditioning Service: All About AC Noises | Fort Worth, TX

Air Conditioning Service: All About AC Noises | Fort Worth, TX

An AC unit is necessary during summer for any Fort Worth, TX home because it is scorching and humid. You need the cooling relief brought by an air conditioner whenever summer arrives. If the air conditioner functions correctly, it needs regular maintenance and servicing, preferably per annum. When functioning properly, an air conditioner doesn’t produce lots of noise.

So, what noises should be alarming? There are, in fact, various noises that all point to different issues within your air conditioner. However, a properly functioning AC produces minimal noise, allowing you to sleep. Those funky noises are a sign of nothing good. This article will explain the various noises your air conditioner might produce and what they mean. But before that, what does an air conditioning service entail?

What Does an AC Service Involve?

Whenever your car’s dashboard or lights pop up, you’ll most likely take it to a mechanic for servicing. Some people don’t have any idea what goes on during the service. Does a similar thing happen during an air conditioning service? Some homeowners only know that they need an AC service every year. Unfortunately, they don’t have any idea of what servicing entails.

There are several things that a technician can do during the AC service. First, the professional might check for refrigerant leaks and patch them, if any. Additionally, the technician will refill the refrigerant coils to ensure the efficient functioning of the air conditioner. The air conditioning repair technician will also repair compressor issues. This ensures that air can be pumped into the air ducts properly, meaning that the air conditioner will function efficiently.

The other thing that the professional might do is to clean the molds and dust off the evaporator and condenser fan blades. The filters and fins might also have collected a lot of dust, preventing sufficient airflow into your Fort Worth, TX, home. The technician will replace or clean them to ensure that air is properly filtered before entering your home. The dirty air filters cause issues such as ice formation and improper cooling. The technician also rinses the condenser fins and cleans them for any buildup of dust or molds.

Further, the AC repair technician will check if the condensate is pooling or dripping anywhere within the unit during the air conditioning service. They’ll also check for leaks from the condensate drains and tubes. If any, the professional will patch them to prevent mold formation. The technician also might clean the condensate drains to remove algae, debris, and dirt to avert the water leakage issue from the air conditioner. However, before the air conditioner runs into a problem, it first throws some signs, including uncharacteristic sounds.

What Are the Main Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Noisy?

A noisy air conditioning unit can prove to be annoying and frustrating. However, there are several reasons why your air conditioner might be producing those uncharacteristic sounds. Regardless, any noise away from what you are used to when the unit is new is an indication of trouble. Hence, you ought to address the issue immediately. This is because

ignoring the warning sign from your air conditioner might make the underlying problem worse, and this might reach a point where you have to replace the unit. So, why is your air conditioner producing those noises?

A Worn-Out Compressor

The air conditioner compressor will almost always be noisy. However, whenever it starts producing an uncharacteristic sound or noise, that is a sign that the compressor might be worn out or about to. Hence, call an air conditioning service whenever you notice that the compressor is producing an uncharacteristic noise.

Faulty Fan

In any air conditioner, there are two fans, one at the front and another at the rear. For the fan to work efficiently or properly, it should be regularly maintained and kept clean. Otherwise, some uncharacteristic sounds will start being produced by the fan blades. Because of the nature of their work, the fans collect dust and debris. Their blades also might become loose.

Other times, insulation or other materials might fall into your unit producing the noise because of the blade movements. The air conditioning service provider in Fort Worth, TX, will inspect the fans, clean them or even tighten any loose blades. If the blades are bent, the technician will straighten them.

Faulty Drive or Fan Motors

Does your air conditioner produce an uncharacteristic noise? Then the fan motor otherwise referred to as the dual shaft fan motor may be the culprit. There are bearings on the fan motors that require lubrication. The motor will become noisy and loud if it goes without being lubricated. Unfortunately, fan motors aren’t usually repairable. Hence, take a preventative measure and enlist an air conditioning service provider to lubricate the fans and ensure they run efficiently.

Defective Motor Bearing or Belt

The other reason you might hear the uncharacteristic sounds from your air conditioner is if the motor belt or fan is defective. The motors aren’t expensive to repair by an air conditioning service provider in Fort Worth, TX. However, a defective motor is a common culprit for the uncharacteristic noises from your air conditioner in most cases.

Having looked at the common causes for the uncharacteristic sounds from your air conditioning unit, what are the sounds produced by these components?

Sounds of AC Trouble

Buzzing Noise

Do you hear a buzzing sound from your air conditioning service? That is a sign that the air conditioner is frozen. This mostly happens whenever the filters haven’t been replaced for a while, making the interiors of your HVAC unit freeze. For this reason, it is recommended that homeowners have an AC service done at least once every year.

Part of this tune-up involves cleaning or changing the air filters. Unfortunately, if you don’t change your AC unit’s air filters, the grime, dust, and debris will solidify/cake within the air filter, blocking the airflow within your air conditioner.

The condensate from humidity freezes on the AC unit’s coils whenever this happens, causing a thick layer of ice. As a result, a buzzing noise that you hear is produced. So, what is the impact of this? It increases the energy utility bills and results in water/condensate leaks. Hence, whenever you hear the buzzing noise coming from the air conditioner, you should call for an air conditioning service to fix the issue.

Bubbling Sounds

Have you noticed a bubbling sound from your air conditioner, especially when it is running? That is usually because of a buildup of excessive moisture. An obstruction, a crack causes this issue, or even a hole in the AC condensate drains. Though you might feel like you can easily disassemble the air conditioner and inspect the condensate drains yourself, this is a terrible idea. Rather, have an air conditioning service provider inspect the unit and perform the necessary repairs.

Banging Sounds

Do you hear a banging sound from your air conditioner whenever you turn it on? That means that the compressor has developed a problem. There may be a loose fan blade that is hitting other components of your HVAC system. Whenever you hear these banging sounds coming from your HVAC system, ensure that you immediately enlist the help of an air conditioning service technician in Fort Worth, TX, to inspect the air conditioning system.

These professionals have the training and experience to diagnose the issue and take measures to resolve it promptly before the issue worsens. For instance, if a fan blade causes a problem, the air conditioning technician will replace the damaged part of the blade before they cause real damage to other parts within your system.

Clicking Sounds

Although hearing a clicking sound at the beginning or the end of a cooling cycle, it isn’t normal to continuously hear these sounds. If you persistently hear the clicking sound, that is a sign that the thermostat is malfunctioning. Ensure that you enlist an air conditioning service provider to inspect the thermostat, repair it, or even replace it. Remember, a thermostat is an electrical component, meaning that by trying to fix its issues yourself, you will be exposing yourself to risks of electrocution, electrical shops, or even fires.

Persistent Squealing or Screeching

The other serious issue that your reputable air conditioning service provider in Fort Worth, TX, is the screeching or persistent squealing. The air conditioner’s moving parts usually cause this issue, and there are many. You will commonly hear these noises outside or from the vents in your condenser unit. This sound might be persistent whenever the air conditioner is in operation or might only be produced when the AC unit is running.

This sound indicates you’re dealing with a serious issue; it might be that the condenser fan’s bearing is worn out or damaged. Additionally, you might also be dealing with an air handler issue. Further, whenever you only hear a squealing or a screeching sound when the AC fan turns on, you’re most likely dealing with an air handler belt that is short. Regardless, you should turn off the air conditioning system whenever you hear these sounds.

Whistling Noises

A whistling noise from your HVAC system means an issue with its seals. This issue can be easily fixed. Your nearby, reliable air conditioning service examines the seams to check for loose connections. If any seam is loose, the professional will tighten them up, including screws and bolts. This issue typically arises along the ducts and seams within your air conditioning system’s vents where the cooled air enters your home.

Though not too serious, this problem should be addressed by an AC service provider. DIY AC fixes might do you more harm than good by either worsening the problem, electrocution, electrical shocks, personal injuries, or even electrical fires.

Rattling Sounds

Do you hear a rattling sound whenever you turn on the air conditioner? Then the main culprit, in this case, is usually a loose air conditioning unit’s fastener. However, this isn’t the only reason for this issue. Your HVAC unit’s internal components might also become loose, resulting in the same sounds. In all senses, this isn’t an issue to let slide.

This is because the loose internal parts might break the unit easily, resulting in an expensive repair. Whenever you hear these rattling sounds, don’t try to resolve the issue yourself by guessing the reason. Rather, have an air conditioning service provider inspect the HVAC system and make the necessary repairs.

Humming Noises

Your air conditioner might produce a humming noise because the contractor relay switch is defective. This component is responsible for starting the outdoor condenser when the thermostat issues the signal. If it is malfunctioning, then it will not start the outdoor condenser. Hence, whenever you hear the humming noises, seek assistance from an air conditioning service provider nearby. Otherwise, this might damage the central AC system, followed by costly repairs.

Grinding Noise

Do you hear any grinding noises coming from your air conditioner? That is a sign that the unit has issues with the compressor or the fan belt. If the air conditioner’s compressor is malfunctioning, it might produce a grinding noise when its components work towards compressing the refrigerant.

If the issue is the compressor, it might be time to replace it. However, if the grinding noise emanates from the fan, that is a sign that the fan belt is loose. Your reliable air conditioning service provider in Fort Worth, TX, can easily fix the issue. However, this isn’t an issue to ignore as it could damage the other parts of your HVAC system.

The Air Conditioner Is Too Loud

If the air conditioner isn’t making the uncharacteristic sounds, but its decibel levels have dramatically increased, the culprit might be the dirty condenser films or dirty air ducts. The loud noise you hear might also arise if the air conditioner is approaching the end of its service life and requires a replacement. Whenever an air conditioner produces a lot of noise, it is time to have an air conditioning service come and inspect it. They should also perform some inspections and tune-ups if you are yet to. Otherwise, the issue will worsen and cause carbon monoxide poisoning and electrical fires.

An air conditioner is a critical appliance in various homes, especially during summer. Hence, they should be operating optimally and have routine servicing and maintenance. If you need an air conditioning service in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth. Our technicians are properly trained to ensure your AC unit is running efficiently.

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