Electric Heating System Problems? Professional Heating And AC Repair Services To The Rescue! | North Richland Hills, TX

Electric Heating System Problems? Professional Heating And AC Repair Services To The Rescue! | North Richland Hills, TX

Heaters are vital in homes to ensure you and your family are warm during winter. Diverse heating systems exist for homeowners to select the best that meets their needs, including furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, hybrid heaters, radiant heating systems, and baseboard heaters. The heaters can operate using electricity, gas, propane, or oil, whichever is readily available and at your disposal.

Regardless of the type of home heating unit in your North Richland Hills, TX home, they can help you save utility bills up to 30 percent and increase comfort the longest with proper maintenance, insulation, and installation.

Electric heating systems depend on electric power to warm your space and come in different kinds. They are also prone to issues or breakdowns hence the need for urgent heating and AC repair services by experts in the HVAC field. The following are some problems you may encounter when using electric heating systems.

Malfunctioning Unit

The first common problem folks experience with their heaters is when they stop functioning, leaving your home uncomfortably cold. The coldness is dangerous to health because of cold-related illnesses such as pneumonia and asthma attacks. The issue with the electric heater can either be a minor hiccup or a significant problem that requires the expertise of heating and AC repair professionals to fix. Some of the causes of a malfunctioning electrical heater include:

  • A tripped breaker: The circuit breaker of the electric furnace or boiler can trip due to overheating circuit. The tripping stops dangerous high voltage levels that might lead to an electric fire that accounts for 24,000 residential building fires.
  • Blown fuse: the reason behind a malfunctioning electric heater might be fuse-related. The heating and AC repair service provider can check the fuse to determine if they are working and replace them once they find the reason behind the heater not working.
  • Faulty electric furnace switch: another cause of a malfunctioning heating system might be the furnace switch not working. The issue might be as simple as forgetting to switch the furnace switch on or kids playing a silly prank by flicking it off without your knowledge. It is wise to check the furnace switch to ascertain if it is on or off before calling for heating and AC repair services.

How to prevent a malfunctioning heating system: The furnace experts should check the entire electrical components of the unit at least bi-annually for efficient functionality. The system also requires frequent tune-ups of loose or frayed electrical wires to prevent issues such as blown fuses and tripping circuit breakers.

Insufficient Heat From the Furnace

Homeowners in North Richland Hills, TX, can also experience issues with their electric heating units when they produce low temperatures to inadequate to warm the entire house. The low heating capacity is a problem that makes the system struggle in heating your space and leads to high energy consumption.

It is a mishap that might take you a while to notice, especially if you are the type that does not stay in your home for long hours due to a busy schedule or frequent traveling. A qualified heating and AC repair expert can diagnose the issue and connect it to the following causes.

  • Incorrect thermostat setting: When you notice the heat from your electric heater is taking too much time to produce enough heat for adequate warmth, the problem could be the thermostat. The professional can adjust the thermostat for you if you are an amateur of the entire system. But if making adjustments to the thermostat does not solve the problem, then the heating and AC repair expert can identify and diagnose another potential cause.
  • Dirty Air Filters: The performance of your heating appliance cannot be at its peak if the air filters are dirty, leading to a clog that restricts airflow to the air handlers.

How to prevent insufficient heating in your home: Keeping the air filters clean is one way of ensuring the heating system provides sufficient heat to warm your home. Checking and adjusting the thermostat also helps ensure the set temperatures are appropriate and suitable for your heating demands.


The best way is to have an effective maintenance plan from qualified and reputable heating and AC repair company for quarterly or bi-annual tune-ups and cleanup of the entire system.

Uneven Heating

People can also notice warmth in some rooms while others are icy cold for their bearing. The different temperatures in most rooms are a problem that requires immediate heating and AC repair services from competent and qualified HVAC technicians in North Richland Hills, TX. The fluctuating indoor temperatures increase discomfort in your home, making people go for the warm rooms and avoid the cold freezing ones.

Causes of the uneven heating are not limited to:

  • Leaking air ducts: The air ducts can leak due to poor installation or insulation. Spaces in the ducts allow conditioned heat to move outside, leading to drafty uneven heating of rooms that increases discomfort and energy bills, which is opposite to its intended purpose of maximizing comfort. The issue is easy to solve with professional heating and AC repair services from HVAC specialists.
  • Clogged air filters: As earlier mentioned, dirty air filtration systems restrict air flow to your system, leading to uneven warming of the rooms.
  • Failing zone controls: Forced air heating systems require zone control units to regulate the heat that warms your North Richland Hills, TX house. When you notice some rooms are warm while others are not, the problem might be faulty zone control systems that need checking by a heating and AC repair specialist. The experts have the tools and the expertise to identify and professionally fix the issue.

How to prevent uneven heating: The HVAC or furnace experts can clean the ductwork and air filters to ensure they are spotless and dirt free to avert the possibility of air restriction that leads to uneven heating. They can also inspect the zoning controls to ensure they are running smoothly.

When the zone regulators are at their peak, they can effectively regulate heat from the heating systems. The technicians should also check the ducts to ensure no gaps that can allow air to leak out. If they find cracks or openings, the contractors have the skills and tools to insulate the ductwork.

Short-Cycling Heating System

The furnace, boiler, or heat pumps can start shutting on and off frequently before completing a heating cycle, increasing the discomfort in your rooms. Regular short cycling within short bursts of time can be irritating as the house becomes more icy than usual, driving up the risk of cold-related illnesses in your home.

It is not an issue you can afford to overlook by not calling for heating and AC repair professionals to inspect, evaluate and diagnose for prompt fixing. The silver lining of the short heating cycles is that it prevents your system from more severe problems like a fire that can cause serious electrical accidents or the destruction of property.

The cause of the furnace short-cycles include:

  • Clogged air filters: Filthy and blocked filters are the most notorious reason behind a furnace’s short cycling. The accumulated dirt in the filters limits air flowing to the heat exchanger, leading to low heat production or uneven heating in North Richland Hills, TX homes. The filthy air filtration system issue is easy to resolve as the HVAC repair service provider has to clean or replace the filters to restore the heating system’s efficiency.
  • Thermostat problems: another cause of the short cycles in the heating unit might be a faulty or malfunctioning thermostat. When the thermostat in your furnace or boiler fails, your heater might shut off before it finishes its heating cycle, leaving your home feeling icy in the wintry season.
  • Air leakages: heating and AC repair experts can also link your short-cycling heating units to air leaks. The conditioned air from your heaters or coolers can move to the outside of your windows or doors are not energy-efficient, allowing air to leak out.
  • Failed flame sensor: the flue or flame sensor is susceptible to shut off immediately if the heat exchanger is too hot. The sensor detects the overheating exchanger and sends a signal for the unit to shut down. When it fails to operate efficiently, the heat exchanger is susceptible to overheat, posing a fire breakout threat to your appliance and home, hence the short-cycling that prevents the extreme heat from starting a fire by frequently shutting on and off. A qualified and experienced heating and AC repair technician is in a better position to identify and diagnose the failed sensor for repairs or replacements.
  • Extensive HVAC system: When the furnace or heat pump in your North Richland Hills, TX, the home turns on and off frequently, there is a possibility that the unit is too large. The oversized equipment can lead to high energy bills, thus not suitable for your house.

How to prevent the heater short-cycling: The professionals should clean the air filters every three to four months for efficiency. The heating and AC repair technicians should check your windows before installing heating or cooling units in your house to ascertain no gaps or spacing that can allow heated air to move out of your rooms, causing uneven heating.

They might recommend three or four paned energy-efficient windows for better insulation and thermal resistance that prevents air from escaping outside. The heating and AC repair and installation experts can avoid the short cycles in the operation of your system by helping you get the correctly-sized heating system to meet the heating demands in your home.

High Energy Bills

You can also notice skyrocketing utility bills due to a faulty or failing electric furnace, boiler, or heat pump. Your heater can consume high energy levels when not operating efficiently. The causes of the rising energy bills are not limited to:

  • Uneven heating: When the heating system is not evenly warming your house, it uses more electricity to produce sufficient heat, thus enormously increasing your utility bills.
  • Clogged air filters: If the air filtration system in your home is dirty due to a lack of regular cleaning by skilled heating and AC repair and maintenance professionals, you are prone to have numerous issues. The heaters and coolers with the blocked air filters make the unit struggle to run smoothly, using excess electric power to heat your space.
  • Short-cycling heating units: when the heaters are running and shutting down almost immediately, they increase the energy they use to provide warmth and comfort in your North Richland Hills, TX homes.

How to prevent the skyrocketing energy costs: The first and foremost way to avoid having high energy bills due to heating systems is to invest in frequent maintenance processes for the entire heating unit.

The tune-up procedures ensure the heating and AC repair and maintenance professionals inspect and evaluate every component of the equipment to ascertain they are running smoothly. They also clean the air ducts and air filters that are the primary culprits of increasing energy bills in your household.

Do You Need Professional HVAC Services?

Homes in cold places cannot do without heating systems to provide the heat that adequately warms them for maximum comfort. Similar to other mechanical, electrical, and technological appliances, they are prone to breakdown and need urgent heating and AC repair services for peak performance.

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Our qualified and competent technicians provide exceptional heating and AC repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services. They are also available for emergency services round the clock, so don’t endure the coldness when you can make a simple call.

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