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Air Conditioning Service | Fort Worth, TX

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A lot of homeowners think that they only need to worry about air conditioning service if they have an issue with their HVAC system, but actually there are a lot of benefits that come from booking regular AC service in Fort Worth, TX. In fact, spending a little bit of money on AC service can actually end up saving you hundreds of dollars down the line. Taking care of something is always better than paying for an emergency repair or replacing your entire system because it is beyond repair. If you are contemplating whether or not you should start booking a routine AC service in Fort Worth, TX, here are a few things that you may want to consider.

Increase Your HVAC System Performance

Does it often feel like you are entering an ice box when you walk into one room in your Fort Worth, TX house and then like you are walking into a heat wave when you walk into another? If your home is not evenly heating there are a lot of issues that could be at play, and almost all of them can be addressed with a simple air conditioning service. Sometimes the vents in your home might need to be readjusted, while other times this is an indication that it is time for your HVAC system to get a tune-up. One thing is for sure, if your home is not evenly heating then you are probably wasting a great deal of energy, and in turn a lot of money.

Instead of paying extra in energy bills each month it makes more sense to pay for a one time air conditioning service that can get things back on track. A lot of the time simple things like dust and/or worn down parts may be causing the HVAC system to cool unveny. Eventually if you ignore the problem something will break down and you will find yourself staring down an intense emergency AC service repair bill. Don’t pay for less air conditioning, pay for one AC service and go back to enjoying the cool air in every room of your home.

Increased Efficiency

The summer months in Fort Worth are not kind to a homeowner’s wallet. As the haet slowly creeps up outside into the unbearable triple digits so do most homwoner’s electricity bills. Believe it or not, you can help those numbers creep back down a bit if you book an air conditioning service. This is due to the fact that your AC is probably losing its ability to be efficient as the summer drains on if you aren’t offering it any help. Dust and contaminants force the system to work harder to produce the same cool temperatures, so you end up paying more just to receive the same amount of cool air. Eventually, as air tries to go around the debris cracks and leaks will pop up throughout your system increasing the costs anymore.

You can get back that lost efficiency by simply booking an annual or bi-annual air conditioning service with a local HVAC company. A tune-up is the number one way to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system and therefore decrease the amount you are spending to cool your home each month. In areas like Fort Worth, TX, your goal should be to make your home A/C as efficient as it can possibly be.

During the summer this is even more important because there is probably never a time that it is off. Keep in mind that efficiency is not tied into a warm home. You cannot measure the efficiency of your home HVAC system based on the temperature inside your home. Even if your home thermostat is set at 70 and your A/C system is able to keep your home at 70, it still may not be doing it in an energy efficient way.

A good way to determine how much you should be paying versus what you are paying is by talking to your neighbors. Chat with a neighbor who has a similarly sized home and find out how much they are paying each month to cool their home. If you are paying a lot more, chances are you need an AC service call stat. You might even ask your neighbor how often they have routine AC service. You may be surprised to learn that it is part of many people’s yearly household budgets.

Save a Great Deal of Money

This talk about money drives home the major selling point of booking regular air conditioning service, it is simply the best way to save money. There is an old saying that you have to spend money to make money, and in terms of yoru A/C system it is true. If you want to start saving money on your cooling bills, you need to be willing to spend a little bit at least once a year, and ideally twice a year. An A/C system that is properly maintained will cost you much less on a monthly basis, and those energy savings go right back into your wallet. The average home spends about 50% of their energy bill on their HVAC system, and in Fort Worth, TX that figure is probably even higher since the hot summers make it impossible to ever turn off the A/C. Keep in mind, that as discussed earlier, if your A/C is fighting harder to produce the same results because of dust or debris your energy bills are going to keep skyrocketing upwards.

Watching your energy bill and tracking it for a few years is a great way to see the proof for yourself. If you start regularly booking an annual AC service you should watch your bill start to drop slowly when you look at year on year averages, but if you don’t you will likely probably just watch your bill start to climb every year. Booking an AC service is so simple it would be ridiculous to just sit by and idly watch your energy costs go up without making a move to correct the problem.

Save on Repairs

Along that same line of thought, regular air conditioning service can save you from costly repair bills that jump out of nowhere. In Fort Worth, TX you cannot live during the summer months without A/C, so if your system breaks down you will be forced to pay the extra costs associated with air conditioning service. Then, if the parts are not available or on backorder you may be forced to pay for a hotel until you can get the A/C back up and running within your home. The expenses can add up quickly.

Regular air conditioning service can help prevent you from ever dealing with this situation. The simple fact of the matter is that having a technician look at your A/C system on a regular basis gives them the opportunity to locate and change parts that are wearing down in a timely manner. If the HVAC technician notices that the motor is not functioning fully or the fan is starting to decrease in power they can order the parts and get them in while your HVAC system is still functional. Therefore, you can safely and easily fix a problem before it actually ever becomes one which is always the way to approach dealing with your HVAC system.

In addition, solving a small problem is always cheaper than solving a larger one. A lot of people notice small signs like knocking, warming rooms, or frequent cycling but ignore booking an AC service because for the time being their A/C is still functioning. This is the wrong move because it usually turns a small problem into a much larger problem. WHen one piece breaks down it messes up the entire system until finally the overworked system simply dies altogether as more and more pieces wear out and break down. This is all avoidable by calling for AC service. Fixing a small problem when it arises is always cheaper than paying for a new HVAC system, so keep this in the back of your mind the next time you are tempted to ignore an obvious issue.

Keep Your Warranty Valid

In addition, regular air conditioning service is usually required if you want to keep your warranty agreement valid. Most manufacturers require that the HVAC system has to be looked at by a certified technician on a yearly basis otherwise the warranty is void and the buyer is responsible for all repairs. An HVAC system is not a cheap purchase, and if it breaks down through no fault of your own you will still be stuck footing the entire bill for repair or replacement if you did not book at least a yearly air conditioning service.

Imagine paying the costs of a new HVAC system just years after you purchased the first one because you were too stubborn to pay for an air conditioning service. Sadly it happens to people because they don’t realize just how important regular servicing is. With this in mind, if you haven’t had your air conditioning serviced in awhile it may be a good time to get on the phone and get that appointment scheduled. Some homeowners find it is useful to book their regular service around a birthday so they have a yearly reminder that it needs done.

Maximum the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

In addition, regular air conditioning service is also the best way to extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. An HVAC system is not cheap, so it is in your best interests to keep the one you have working at top levels for as long as possible Regular air conditioning service is a great way to do so. Almost 80% of all repairs can be avoided if an HVAC system is properly maintained. That means a lot of breakdowns won’t occur, which means your system will be more effective and healthier than ever. If something is not quite right when an HVAC professional looks at your unit during an air conditioning service they will simply fix it.

The smoother an A/C system is able to run consistently the longer it is likely to last. HVAC systems that are well-maintained have been known to last for as long as two decades, those that do not sometimes die within the first decade of life. Imagine paying thousands of dollars to replace your HVAC system twice over the coming years just because you didn’t have time to schedule air conditioning service. It’s simply not worth it. This is one thing that you should always make time for.

What Should I Expect?

An air conditioning service is a very simple process. It generally only takes an hour or two to finish and can be scheduled at your convenience in most cases. An HVAC technician will simply come into your home and clean out the fan and motor. While there they will look at all of the machinery, teh ducts, and ask you some basic questions about function to ensure that nothing obvious is going wrong. At the end of the visit they will probably schedule your next annual visit. This one to two hour visit can increase efficiency and save you money, so it’s well worth it to call and schedule.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, TX regularly books air conditioning service for our customers. If you need an HVAC technician to come take a look at your home so that you can increase the efficiency of your A/C and save some money give us a call. We would be glad to schedule a visit.