Signs That You Need Heating And AC Repairs | Fort Worth, TX

Signs That You Need Heating And AC Repairs | Fort Worth, TX

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It is important that your heating and air conditioning system works all year round so that your house can stay at a comfortable temperature during the hot summer months or the freezing winter. If your heating and air conditioning system is not working properly then it will put extra strain on your system to keep the temperature of your house at your preferred degree. If your heating or air conditioning system fails when it is freezing or scorching then it can make your life very unpleasant. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in Fort Worth, TX would like to inform you of some signs that you can look out for to determine whether or not you require heating and AC repair. The sooner you are able to recognize these problems, the sooner your technician can come out and inspect the causes of these problems.

It’s Not Functioning

This is something that shouldn’t have to be said but it still remains relevant. If your system will not turn on then call a heating and AC repair service provider as soon as possible. You can never be certain when that extremely hot day or extremely cold day will arrive. If you see that your system is not producing as much air as it used to or the air is not the correct temperature then you should also get into contact with your technician. It is better to have your heating and air conditioning system inspected when the problems are still minor so that your system does not completely break down when you need it the most. There are a multitude of reasons that can lead to your heating and air conditioning system to work slower or less effectively than usual. It can be difficult for the average homeowner to determine what exactly is causing the system to not work properly. A professional heating and AC repair man will be able to identify the exact cause as well as inform you about a game plan to restore the system to a working condition.

Strange Sounds

Your heating and air conditioning system should be quiet all the time so if you start hearing a noise when your system is running then that could be a sign that something is amiss. There might be a soft noise when the system starts up or powers down but it should not be consistent. There are various unpleasant sounds that can come from your heating or air conditioning system. If you hear any squeaking, grinding, or squealing sound then you should turn off the system and contact your technician to access the noise. it is best not to turn your system on until the heating and Ac repairs have been completed. This will prevent you from causing extra damage to your system. There are a variety of faults that can cause the system to make a noise hence why it is best to leave heating and AC repairs to the professionals so that you do not damage anything else in the process of fixing the problem. The sooner you call the less severe the damages will be.

Air Flow Problems

The main point of a heating and air conditioning system is to transport the treated air to the various rooms in the house but if there is a problem with the airflow then it can render the system ineffective. It is important for the airflow to be consistent and present in order to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. If the airflow is not what it is meant to be then you can run into some additional problems throughout your home. There can be hot or cold spots in your home and some rooms may be hotter or colder than others. You might feel a draft passing through your house more frequently. You might even hear a whistling sound because there are dispensaries in air pressure. If the airflow is not as it is supposed to be then your system is also working much harder to try and maintain the temperature that you have set. The added stress can lead to different components failing and if the compressor fails then you will likely have to replace the heating and air conditioning system. It is difficult to determine the specific reason for airflow problems. A Fort Worth, TX professional needs to have a look at the system to determine what is causing the poor airflow and advise you that the homework which requires heating and AC repairs should be conducted to resolve the problem.

Foul Odors

You want your house to smell fresh and clean especially when you have guests over but sometimes that fresh smell is more challenging to achieve than you would think. It is normal for your home to smell a bit like dust when you turn on your air conditioner after not using it for a while. You might get a whiff of burnt dust when you turn your heater on for the first time since winter. These are very common and should not be any cause for concern. especially if the smell disappears after a few minutes. If you start to smell something that is fouler than dust then you should consider heating and AC repairs. If you smell something out of the ordinary then it might be some mold that is growing in your vents. It is generally better to use duct cleaning methods to remove all the dust or mold from the vents. There might also be an animal that died in one of the ducts and now it is allowing the fumes of the decomposing rat to fill your house. It is best to hire a professional to carry out the heating and AC repairs like the technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in Fort Worth, TX to make sure that all the odors will be removed.

The System Is Cycling On and Off Frequently

Your heating and air conditioning system will turn on and off as it is required to produce more or less of the treated air. Your system will turn off once it has generated enough treated air to keep your home at your preferred temperature. It will turn back on again when the temperature in the house drops or rises past the preferred temperature. You should monitor how frequently the heating and air conditioning system turns on and off because this could be some valuable information that you could give your heating and Ac repair technician. Some of the common things that can cause your system to turn off and on too frequently are low refrigerant levels, clogged filters or the evaporator coil is dirty. If the air filter is the main cause of this problem then you can easily clean out or replace the air filters so that the system can function properly. There might be more serious problems that are causing the system to turn off and on again such as failing components that need to be replaced or heating and AC repairs that need to be conducted hence why it is important to have a trustworthy and reliable technician.

Ice Build-Up

Your air conditioning unit’s main purpose is to cool down your house when it gets too hot. It is important for the system to not have any ice build-up because this ice will melt and it can damage various components in your system. A professional heating and AC repair service provider should be called as soon as possible to remove the ice. It is not to attempt to remove the iced as it can damage the coil that makes the air colder, Sometimes the hose is clogged which causes water to mess and if the water cools down then it will start to build up around the condenser coil. If you decide to chip away at the ice surrounding the coil then you run the risk of puncturing the coil. If you puncture the coil then you should have it replaced. It is so much easier to leave the heating and AC repairs to those who are trained to conduct them.


Your air conditioner cools down the air within your home but it also removes the moisture from the air so that you breathe in clean air instead of humid stale air. This also makes the house cooler as well less clammy and sticky. if you have turned on your air conditioner and the house is still humid after an hour or so then it is time to call a professional who can conduct heating and AC repairs. The repairs might entail something as simple as recalibrating the system especially if the humidity is a new occurrence. If the humidity persists for an extended period of time then there might be a problem within the unit of the system. Sometimes the house is too big for the current heating and air conditioning system that was installed which will cause an increase in humidity in certain areas. The technicians might have to install a dehumidifier to decrease the humidity within the home or the system should be upgraded to ensure that frequent heating and Ac repair are not required as often anymore. It is best to consult with professionals to see what they suggest you should do. You should never attempt these repairs yourself because you can cause a lot more damage or not resolve the problem.

Your Energy Bills Are Higher Than Usual

You should always monitor your utility bills carefully because a spike in your energy bill could indicate that you are in need of getting and AC repairs. there are a few things that cause your system to work harder to produce the same results and when your system works harder, it uses more fuel. Here are some common things that can cause your system to work harder like dirty air filters, duct leaks, and faulty parts. The heating and AC repairs might seem like a lot of money that you have to pay but when you compare it to the accumulation of extra expenses due to a high energy bill then you will see it is worth the upfront costs. This will also improve the lifespan of your heating system which means that your system will not fail on you when you need it the most. You should always let a professional do work on your heating and AC system so that the warranty can hold up and so that mistakes can be avoided.

Your System Is Old

Nothing lasts forever and your heating and air conditioning system will decrease in productivity with age. Generally, a heating and air conditioning system can last for 15 to 20 years but towards the end of its life expectancy, it will require heating and Ac repairs more often. If your system is old then it might be a good idea to look into how you can replace your system while staying within your budget. It is a very bad idea to try and install a whole new HVAC by yourself.

Now that you have more information about when heating and AC repairs are required, you can make the informed decision to hire a professional and not attempt to conduct the repairs yourself. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in Fort Worth, TX has excellent technicians that will carry out the heating and AC repairs that you require. Their friendly staff will also answer any questions that you may have regarding the job. They also provide other air conditioning-related services from installation, to repairs and to duct cleaning. You will be able to find everything that you are looking for in one place.

If you are in need of heating and AC repairs then contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating and schedule your appointment.