Air Conditioning Service: Helping Yourself with Its Many Benefits | Plano, TX

Air Conditioning Service: Helping Yourself with Its Many Benefits | Plano, TX

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Life in Texas is impossible without a good working AC.

People once used to be content without an air conditioner, but they are now a necessity. This is in part because of globally rising temperatures. Bearing the Texas heat is impossible without a respite for some part of the day.

What most people fail to realize, however, is that by working 24/7, our air conditioners are burdened beyond measure. Such long operation hours coupled with the heat can cause immense wear and tear to your AC.

An AC is an expensive appliance. You will want for its life to be as long as possible. But how can you ensure that? With air conditioning service in the Plano, TX area! As your car needs regular maintenance, so does your AC. You and your AC will benefit a lot from spending a small cost.

Here are some of the many advantages that air conditioning service in the Plano, TX area offers:

1.  Long Life

Regularly contacting an air conditioning service for the maintenance of your air conditioner is akin to your medical checkup. As your doctor inspects you for signs of any illnesses, so too does the AC technician.

Prevention is better than cure as they say. With regular servicing, many problems will be caught ahead of time. This will ensure any developing problems in your AC are solved. This will prevent them from causing greater damage. Combined together, this will ensure your AC has a long life and remains working optimally.

2.  Save on Cost

Believe it or not, air conditioning service can actually save your money. You might be thinking how spending money can lead to saving money. The logic is simpler than you might think.

By spending a little on regular AC service, you prevent greater problems down the road. This saves you on massive repair costs. These costs can often turn out to be greater than service and maintenance fees.

This also considers the cost of replacing a dead AC. With regular maintenance any potential problems which can kill your AC will be caught.

3.  Low Electricity Bills

Savings on electricity costs are also a boon from consistent service. When your AC is more often serviced, it remains working optimally.

This allows it to cool your room faster. This means it does not need to stay on at lower temperatures for long periods of time. This consumes less electricity than an AC which takes longer to cool the room. You are sure to find a nice surprise when you check your electricity bills after air conditioning service.

4.  Health Protection

Regular air conditioning serviceis not only a way to maintain your AC’s health but also your families.

Well serviced ACs will output fresh and cool air devoid of dust and particles. This will protect your family from any respiratory disturbances. This is important after returning from a day in the sun and pollution. Our bodies need respite from the day’s rigors.

Coming home to the cool and clean air will de-stress and relax you. That does wonders for your mental health which in turn impacts your physical health. Optimal AC temperatures can therefore add to and increase your health.

5.  Enjoy Sleep

What is sleeping without the chilly breezes of the AC embracing you?

Try sleeping in the Texas heat with a fan to cool and you will very soon realize an AC’s value. With an AC which gets regular maintenanceyour sleep will never be impeded.

Good sleep is very important for your physical and mental health. It affects your ability to perform and function. An AC is far from being a luxury; it is a restorative tool.

You children will need proper sleep to develop and grow without the heat disturbing them.

6.  Savoring Food

Ever wanted to have warm soup but find it too hot?

With an AC blasting you with cold air, you can have it. A well functioning AC will allow you to savor and enjoy all the hot foods in the world. No matter the heat outside, it will not matter as you eat that piping hot pasta fresh from the oven.

No ones like eating food with sweat running down their forehead or with the heat making everyone irritable. With air conditioning serviceyou can enjoy family mealtimes.

7.  Lower Carbon Footprint

The world is reaching the stages of a climate catastrophe. As responsible inhabitants of this earth, we should try all we can in mitigating climate change.

Regular air conditioning servicehas a great role to play in that. Less electricity consumed will mean a lower carbon footprint. Your AC will tax the power grid much less and this leads to overall energy savings.

8.  Ventilation

A proper working AC will ensure that fresh and clean air flows through your rooms. This will reduce humidity and stickiness. Ventilation will be ensured and this results in a relaxing atmosphere and environment.


In light of the above, a little bit in AC service can go a long way. It will benefit not only your AC, but you, your family, and even your house.

If you require professional help for air conditioning servicein the Plano, TX area then contact One Hour Heating and Air. Visit our website and give us a call on 817-283-6911. Quality is our priority and you will not go disappointed. We are the one stop shop for all your AC needs and concerns.