Air Conditioning Service Signs to Look Out For | Azle, TX

Air Conditioning Service Signs to Look Out For | Azle, TX

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Our ACs are some of the most burdened appliances. They have to operate 24/7 during the peak summer heat to maintain stable temperatures. You can’t imagine living without them especially with rising temperatures.

This overuse taxes the ability and mechanisms of an AC. Your AC needs regular air conditioning service in the Azle, TX area for proper functioning. Neglecting this will mean several signs might show up. These signs are the ACs own way of telling you it needs help. But what are the signs which signal that your AC needs help? Read on to find out.

1.  Low Cooling

This is the most obvious telltale sign that your AC needs air conditioning service. You will notice that your AC is not cooling up to the same standard as before.

It may be putting out air at great blast but there is no cooling to it. There can be several reasons for this sign. One of the most common is the leakage of gas. ACs need a coolant gas which is responsible for creating the chilled air. Once it depletes, they stop functioning. It needs to be added to the AC time to time in order to ensure that it continues working at optimum efficiency.

Alternatively, your AC could have choked dust filters. These are responsible for catching dust and other particles. They ensure that your AC outputs clean air. Cooling is impacted if they are not cleaned. Contact air conditioning service to solve these issues.

2.  Odors

If you notice a bad smell emanating from your AC then it means the gas has leaked. This gas is the coolant responsible for putting out cold air. It leaks sometimes when ACs go a long time without maintenance. Contact your air conditioning service to come and inspect it.

They will patch the leak and plug it up so it doesn’t reoccur. They will also refill the gas so your AC continues to perform as normal.

3.  Pooling Water

Your AC can also cause water damage and issues if it is not serviced. Water leaks happen due to buildup of ice or some leak in the AC. ACs have a pipe which drips moisture from the room.

If a tear occurs in this pipe, the water can instead drip in the room. It will soak the wall on which you mount your AC. This water might start to pool at the floor. All this can cause water inundation and damage.

You will have bigger problems on your hands if you don’t fix this immediately. Contact your air conditioning service to stop these leaks.

4.  Loud Noise

You might hear strange noises and sounds from your AC if it has gone a long time without service. These noises can occur due to a number of reasons.

They might be from the overburdened internal mechanisms of the AC. Operating months on end without maintenance will wear them out.

You might hear small sudden sounds like something being cracked or chewed. This is ice jamming the internal mechanisms. It breaks and that makes noises. This indicates a gas leak has occurred and ice is building up in your AC.

You should immediately call your air conditioning. Neglect can irreversibly damage the AC.

5.  Quality of Air

If you don’t service your AC even once then very soon the air itself will start showing you the signs. Air quality begins to get impacted by not servicing ACs. You will begin to notice it becomes dustier and starts cloying.

You will feel suffocation or troubled breathing. This will be because dust and particles will be flowing out of the AC since it was not cleaned as frequently or as properly as it should’ve been. Normally, the filters block these substances but they can get choked over time. Without service, they won’t trap dust effectively and will instead start to shed it in the AC’s blast. Call your air conditioning service because this can lead to health issues and respiratory diseases.

6.  Power Costs

If all else fails, your eyes will surely wake when you see the electricity bill. That is the last sign you need to tell you that air conditioning serviceis due.

Without servicing, your AC will be taxed. It will need to operate for longer at lower temperatures to cool the room as before. It will thus consume more electricity. If a gas leak has occurred or filters are choked, the AC will continue using electricity without cooling the room.

You will be paying unnecessarily in high costs without availing any benefit. Have mercy on your wallet and go for service.

7.  Display Issues

Display issues are not signs your AC needs service, but indicate that your AC needs to be repaired altogether. Issues in the display panel can arise due to any number of reasons. Faults in the wiring and LED panel will create display issues. They can also arise from water leaking and damaging any electrical components. This becomes a nuisance as you can’t operate the AC or check which settings it is at. Contact air conditioning service in the Azle, TX area for repair services.


It is recommended to call for air conditioning service in the Azle, TX area if you spot any of these signs. These are not just a cry for help from your AC; problems with your air conditioner can also impact your family’s health. Neglecting to do so might cost you in medical bills or repair costs.

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