Air Conditioning Service: What Are The Types Of Fans You Can Install In Your Home? | Fort Worth, TX

Air Conditioning Service: What Are The Types Of Fans You Can Install In Your Home? | Fort Worth, TX

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When the temperature starts rising this next spring, you have two options to keep your home cooler: get an air conditioning installation by your trusted air conditioning service or buy a fan. You may also purchase both appliances, and running an air conditioner together with a fan can save you more energy.

This article will talk about the different types of fans available in the market and which one is suitable for your home. There are about five different fans to choose from and each of them comes with its pros and cons. Carefully weigh the pros with the cons to help you make an informed decision on what to purchase. For more cooling options, consider getting an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

Do Fans Consume a Lot of Energy?

Compared to the air conditioner, it takes a lot less energy to run a fan. You can even run a fan with only 15 watts of power. Fans are excellent options for homeowners that want to save money on their utility bills — energy-efficient ceiling fans, tower, whole-house fans, and window fans only use a fraction of the energy used by your air conditioner. However, the only difference is that you won’t be able to regulate the temperature in your home with just a fan. We recommend that you get air conditioner installation, especially if you want a cooler home in the summer. To save energy, consider getting energy-efficient ACs and try to run your fans as well.

Types of Fans You Can Install

You can choose from five different fans that you can install in your home. Some of them require professional installation, while others don’t need any.

Smart Fans

You can save up to 11 percent energy by installing smart fans in your home. Compared to the other types of fans, smart fans are highly energy efficient. You can also connect them to your phone or program them so that they fit best in your home’s cooling needs.

One of its disadvantages is that they are more expensive than ceiling fans and may need a lot of time for installation. To avoid mistakes, consider calling a professional to help you install this device.

Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are attached to your ceiling and they help circulate the air in your living spaces. It works by creating a “wind chill” effect that provides relief through evaporative cooling. These fans are permanently installed in the ceiling and only provide relief in living spaces where they are installed.

Most ceiling fans and how much energy they use depend on their size. A ceiling fan with a 36-inch blade uses about 55 watts, while a fan with a 52-inch blade uses about 90 watts. Energy-efficient fans are effective in helping you save more money every month. They can make you comfortable in your homes during summer, although it would still be best to get an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. You can control your home’s temperature with an AC. You can turn it down if you prefer to have a cooler home, and this option isn’t possible with just installing a ceiling fan. If you want to maximize your savings, though, consider having a ceiling fan, and an AC installed — you can both run them together on lower settings, which can translate to lower energy bills every month. For the AC, make sure that you get professional air conditioning service to avoid having issues with your unit.

Advantages of Ceiling Fans

Do you know that an ENERGY STAR ceiling fan lets you save about 60 percent more energy compared to non-certified ceiling fans? It’s an excellent choice for homeowners thinking about lowering their energy bills every month.

The pros:

  • A lot less expensive compared to whole-house fans or getting an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX
  • Easily installed
  • Can provide both heat relief and lighting in your living spaces
  • Available in different sizes and styles
  • Consume less energy, especially ENERGY STAR certified ceiling fans

Ceiling fans have more pros than cons. It may not be a good option if you’re trying to cool a room. It’s better to get an air conditioning installation for this. Ceiling fans can only provide heat relief to the people inside the room but not the room itself.

Energy-efficient Window Fans

Windows fans are installed in open windows to help move air in and out of your home. They are also used to cool an entire house by pulling cool air in. Compared to air conditioners, they use less power, approximately between 35 to 100 watts, depending on the make and model of the window. While they can help cool your home, we recommend that you also consider getting an air conditioning service to freely control how much cooler you want your home to be.

The pros:

Compared to ceiling fans, window fans are more affordable. They can also draw fresher air from outside and are easy to install. And, of course, you can install multiple fans for your home.

The cons:

It’s better to get an air conditioning service so you can better control the temperature in your home. With windows fans, you’ll need to buy multiple units to cool your home. You may still install these so you can switch from your AC to window fans and save more energy. Just don’t expect your home to look very attractive when installing window fans. For fan and air conditioning service, please contact a licensed technician in your area.

Whole-house Fans

Compared to ceiling fans, house fans consume more power, between 120 to 600 watts. It’s still lesser compared to air conditioners, though. But you won’t be able to control the temperature, and it can’t provide the kind of cooled air that only ACs can give out. So if you want to be able to control the temperature in your home during summer, consider getting house fans and an air conditioning service too. Contact a technician in Fort Worth, TX, if you want to know your options.

The pros:

They use less energy compared to air conditioners and have the ability to provide heat relief to your entire home. In addition, they also provide ventilation to the attic.

The cons:

Whole house fans require professional installation and will need tight-fitting vent covers, especially in the winter. They can be noisy and won’t help with your air conditioner. If you’re thinking of getting whole-house fans in addition to getting an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, ensure you have proper ventilation in your home. House fans can pull carbon monoxide from furnaces and other gas-powered appliances without proper ventilation.

Energy-efficient Tower Fans

Tower fans rely on wind chill to provide heat relief inside their homes. You can have at least three-speed settings with tower fans, and they use between 48 to 100 watts to run. For a cooler home, consider getting an air conditioning service.

The pros:

You don’t need permanent installation for tower fans as you can quickly move them to your other rooms. They are affordable and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Some of them don’t have blades.

The cons:

These types of fans can trap dust and take up a lot of space in a room. They also have a limited range for their movement.

If you want a cooler home, consider getting an air conditioning service today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fans

Below are some commonly asked questions about ceiling fans:

Should I turn my ceiling fan on all the time?

Ceiling fans may provide you with heat relief but remember that they won’t cool a room. Leaving them on would only waste energy and money. If the room is not occupied, please make sure that you turn off the ceiling fan. If you want also to cool your room, then consider combining ceiling fans with air conditioners. For installation, make sure that you contact a licensed technician.

Ceiling fans are beneficial, and they don’t use a lot of energy, but they may not be able to make you feel a lot cooler. If you want to control your room’s temperature, consider getting an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

What direction should my ceiling fan go in the summer?

Knowing how to use the ceiling fans properly can make you cooler in the summer. Try rotating that clockwise in the summer, and it won’t provide you with the needed heat relief. Make sure that it’s rotating counterclockwise so that that fan blows straight down.

For more cooling options in the summer, consider getting an air conditioning service.

What about in the winter?

Because warm air rises, you want your ceiling fan rotating clockwise so that it can push warm air from the ceiling back to your floor.

You’ll know the fan is turning clockwise when the blades turn to the right and counterclockwise when it turns to the left. If you want to stay a lot cooler in the summer without a ceiling fan, consider getting an air conditioning installation.

Can I change the direction of my fan?

There are ceiling fan models with a pull cord or a small switch that allows you to change the fan’s rotation. In other models, it comes with a remote control, or you can also change it using the app. For more cooling options, consider getting an air conditioning service. You can have a cooler home that a ceiling fan can’t provide. The only downside is the AC consumes a lot of energy compared to the ceiling fan. Get an energy-efficient AC to save more money or run the appliance together with lower power, so it doesn’t use too much energy.

Is it better to use my ceiling fan with my air conditioner?

If you want to reduce the strain on your AC, we recommend running the appliance together. The ceiling fan can help circulate air, which means you can lower the temperature of your air conditioner. If you don’t have an AC yet, contact our technicians for an air conditioning service.

How is a four-blade fan different from a five-blade ceiling?

Apart from their appearance, the four-blade ceiling fan delivers little more air than the five-blade. Because the four-blade fan is lighter, its motor spins faster. Do you want to better regulate the temperature in your home? Then consider getting an air conditioning service. Contact us anytime, and we’ll quickly dispatch our technicians to help assist you. If you can’t decide which one to purchase for your home, we can also help. We can help you determine the best size of AC that’s suitable for your home and what energy-efficient models you might want to consider buying. ENERGY STAR models are certified to use less energy compared to their counterparts. You may also be able to get a rebate, depending on your location. Get an air conditioning service if you have further questions.

Can I install a ceiling fan on my own?

While the manufacturer’s manual has information on installing a ceiling fan, we highly recommend that you hire a qualified technician for this. It can be difficult to install one for your home, and it can also be dangerous since it’s installed on your ceiling. To avoid problems and accidents, contact a professional near you.

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