Your Ultimate AC Repair Guide: What the Average Homeowner Should Know | Euless, TX

Your Ultimate AC Repair Guide: What the Average Homeowner Should Know | Euless, TX

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As of 2019, there were 120.92 million households in the United States, and among these, studies showed that over 76.1 million homes had central air conditioning.

Air conditioners serve a vital role in any residence. Most importantly, they help maintain favorable thermal conditions indoors, especially during hot weather. They also preserve the indoor air quality of your Euless, TX, home by filtering various air pollutants. Besides that, residential air conditioning systems can regulate the humidity levels in your house.

Although they’re essential to any residential property owner, AC units can’t last a lifetime. However, they can serve a household for a significant amount of time if properly maintained. Even with a regular maintenance plan in place, AC repairs may be unavoidable. Therefore, below is a guide to help homeowners learn more about air conditioner repair solutions.

What Can Go Wrong With a Residential Air Conditioning System?

At the peak of summer, most residential air conditioning systems will work around the clock to beat the high temperatures. The wear and tear resulting from the 24-hour operation can increase the likelihood of a breakdown, and consequently, the need for professional AC repair services. With that in mind, please take note of some of the common air conditioner issues, as any one of them could force you to request assistance from your local air conditioning repair technician.

A Constantly Running AC

As previously pointed out, your home’s air conditioning system may work around the clock during the hot summer weather. However, it should go off occasionally, and you should consider requesting assistance from your air conditioner repair professional near Euless, TX, if it doesn’t.

Correcting the issue without delay can help protect other vital components from sustaining damage. It can also keep your household’s energy bill from skyrocketing. Considering that more than half of all energy consumption in American homes goes to heating and cooling needs, you should prioritize finding prompt solutions for this repair problem.

An air conditioning unit may run non-stop if there’s an issue with its filters, electrical components, compressor, or thermostat. You can try switching off the thermostat to see if the AC will go off. If it can’t, get in touch with your nearest air conditioning repair professional immediately.

An AC That Won’t Turn On

An air conditioning system that won’t turn on even after you’ve lowered the thermostat setting can be frustrating. However, it’s a common AC repair issue that many homeowners experience, and it may happen due to various circumstances. Your home’s air conditioning unit may fail to power on if the circuit breaker has tripped. Loose wiring and faulty thermostats may also be to blame.

With that in mind, no matter how much you may fancy your DIY home improvement skills, you should never attempt to conduct wiring repairs by yourself. Instead, let your local HVAC professionals handle the problem. They may have specialized diagnostic tools that can help them detect electrical problems in AC units easily.

An Air Conditioner That Blows Hot Air

Essentially, all types of air conditioners work by absorbing warm air from a particular space, facilitating heat transfer with the help of the refrigerant, and releasing cool air back into that space, hence creating the cooling effect you enjoy during the hot summer weather.

Therefore, you should consider reaching out to an AC repair expert if your unit starts producing warm air instead of cold. An air conditioning system may start acting this way if the filters are dirty or due to clogged ductwork. Besides that, it may behave in this manner if there’s debris within the system that may be causing the compressor to overheat. Low refrigerant levels may also be to blame for this repair issue.

Luckily, you can prevent this problem with the help of your Euless, TX, HVAC service provider. For starters, depending on various factors, you should have your unit’s air filters professionally cleaned after every 60 to 90 days. Scheduling an annual duct cleaning service can also help clear away any obstructions occurring within the unit. Before changing the refrigerant, always ask an air conditioning service expert to check whether the current level’s alright.

An AC Unit That Won’t Produce Cool Air

This common air conditioner problem can present itself in two distinctive ways. Firstly, you may hear the sound of the AC running without any air coming out of the vents. Past that, while you may feel some air coming out of the vents, the air can’t seem to get cool.

Such issues are relatively easy to resolve in many cases, especially if you seek assistance from your nearest AC repair service professional. The problem may result from a tripped circuit breaker, a worn-out blower belt, or inadequate refrigerant levels. A regular AC tune-up service can help avoid these issues.

During the tune-ups, your technician may not only repair obvious problems but also inspect and remedy any signs of wear and tear to reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

An Air Conditioner System That Cycles On and Off Repeatedly

Many AC professionals refer to this phenomenon as short cycling, whereby instead of the unit completing an entire cooling cycle, it keeps starting up repeatedly. You should prioritize finding quick solutions for such issues as they may lead to irreversible damage to your unit’s compressor.

Your unit may start short cycling if it has clogged filters or improperly calibrated thermostats. This can also happen if the system’s too big for your Euless, TX, residence. However, worry not; a trained AC repair expert can offer appropriate solutions upon request.

For instance, they can perform a home evaluation to determine your household’s heating and cooling needs to ensure that you choose the correct size unit. This may also help you find a thermostat and an AC system that perform efficiently while maximizing your energy savings.

Frozen Condenser Coils

If you notice ice forming around the coils of your home’s air conditioning system, it implies that the unit could be straining to keep your indoors comfortable during hot weather. Finding professional solutions for this AC repair problem can help save some cash from your monthly energy utility bill. While the unit may naturally work harder during the summer than any other time of the year, ice formation on the coils isn’t normal.

If the unit’s air filters and condenser units are dirty, your residential AC unit may strain to keep your indoors cozy. You should consider requesting your local air conditioner service technician check the ducts, condenser, and blower fans for obstructions.

AC Repair and Warranties Explained

Before investing in an air conditioner for your home, you should consider the types of warranty available. Warranties can cover your repair expenses if the cause of the damage is within the constraints of the terms and conditions.

However, many people often fail to read and understand these terms and conditions, which is why they may end up missing out on their warranty benefits without even knowing it. With that in mind, read on to learn more about air conditioner warranties and how they can help with your AC repair needs.

The Various Types of Warranties and Their Coverage

Essentially, all air conditioning systems should come with a manufacturer’s warranty, covering the expenses of AC repairs needed due to substandard manufacturer components. For instance, the manufacturer’s warranty may be beneficial if your purchased AC unit comes with a damaged compressor or broken condenser coils. Under such circumstances, the manufacturer should cover the repair or replacement service costs.

Past that, AC manufacturers also offer part warranty programs, which often focus on components with a higher susceptibility to wear and tear. For example, your residential air conditioning unit may have a 10-year warranty while its heat exchanger carries a 20-year warranty.

Additionally, your preferred air conditioning service contractor near Euless, TX, should offer a warranty for the repair or installation solutions they provide. A properly documented money-back guarantee may help you avoid having to pay for repairs resulting from errors committed during the installation or tune-up process.

What Happens When You Void Your Warranty?

A standard warranty contract contains particulars concerning the length of the coverage, terms and conditions, and the applicable limitations. Your manufacturer reserves the right to void your warranty coverage if you go against the predetermined terms and conditions.

These terms, along with situations that could cancel your coverage, may differ between different air conditioner manufacturers. However, misuse, deliberate damage, and neglect are the most common reasons why you may end up missing out on your warranty benefits. With your warranty voided, you will be expected to pay your AC repair bill out of your pocket.

Mistakes That Can Make You Miss Out on Your Warranty Benefits

As you may already know, warranties can save you a significant amount of cash in AC repair and replacement costs. Therefore, it’s only suitable that you know the various mistakes that could void your warranty coverage, and they’ve been detailed below.

Failing to Register Your AC Unit’s Warranty

Once you’ve purchased your home’s air conditioning unit and have had it installed by your Euless, TX, AC installation service professional, you should ensure that you register it to activate its warranty.

You will need to provide your name and address along with a few details about the unit, including the name of the contractor you bought it from, its serial number, and the installation date. In many cases, the manufacturer provides a timeline for the registration process, for instance, within 60 days of installing the unit. If you fail to register the unit on time, the warranty coverage may be voided or shortened.

Third-Party Replacement Parts

If a component inside your home’s AC unit wears out, make sure you find a trustworthy AC repair technician who won’t use substandard replacement parts to cut costs. Authorized spare parts guarantee compatibility and help ensure that the system’s running smoothly.

Although third-party AC replacement parts may operate just fine, it can be hard to determine if they may be to blame for your unit’s problems in the first place. In that regard, before choosing your AC repair provider, always confirm if they carry manufacturer-approved spare parts.

DIY AC Repair

Each air conditioner manufacturer offers specific guidelines and processes that should be followed during AC installation and repair. While you may consider taking the DIY route when dealing with your air conditioner’s repair needs to cut costs, you run a high risk of further damaging the unit.

It would help if you always left your air conditioner servicing to licensed and trained AC installation and repair experts. Besides the licensing and certification, air conditioning service professionals also carry insurance to cover damages that may happen while they’re on your property.

Improper AC Maintenance

Besides ensuring that your home’s AC remains in tip-top shape all year round, regular maintenance can also help preserve your warranty benefits. Many air conditioner manufacturers require homeowners to inspect their units by a trained AC repair professional at least once yearly.

If you neglect your system’s annual maintenance needs, your manufacturer could deny your warranty claims because the damage may have resulted from negligence.

Poor AC Installation Practices

If the air conditioning system in your home wasn’t installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions, the integrity of its components might have been compromised. AC repair problems resulting from improper air conditioner installation may keep you from enjoying warranty benefits.

This is particularly the case if your installation service contractor was unqualified. That’s why you’re always advised to do your due diligence before hiring an AC repair or installation service provider to ensure that they’re licensed and insured.

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