Air Conditioning Services That Could Raise Your Home’ Resale Value | Fort Worth, TX

Air Conditioning Services That Could Raise Your Home’ Resale Value | Fort Worth, TX

Are you planning to resell your home soon? Or are you a realtor looking to boost your sales and profits? There are many ways of achieving this, from renovations to plumbing upgrades. However, there is an even better strategy that could be overlooked, and that is improving the air conditioning system. With the extreme temperatures experienced in Fort Worth, TX, prospective homebuyers sometimes prefer purchasing a home with an HVAC system to ensure that they don’t waste much time installing or shopping for one. However, this doesn’t mean that you install any air conditioning system. The unit you install must be up to the task and accurately sized for that specific area’s heating and cooling needs. Otherwise, this might be an exercise in futility when the buyer’s inspectors determine that the HVAC system is too small for the load. Additionally, if the AC is some years old, you should have documents that indicate it has had routine air conditioning services. So, what HVAC upgrades can surely increase your home’s equity?

Installing Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

As the name suggests, these air conditioners do not require air ducts to distribute the air into your home. With this alone, a significant number of issues and expenses are removed. For instance, you will never have to pay for a duct cleaning service if you have these units. Additionally, it eliminates the problems related to your air ducts, including air losses through perforations in the air ducts, energy loss when the ducts are leaky, and contamination of air when the ducts are dirty. Therefore, ductless mini-split systems require less air conditioning service.

Installing these systems means the homeowner can enjoy their comfortable life in a quiet, serene environment. This is because ductless mini-split air conditioners don’t produce disturbing sounds when running, unlike central air conditioning systems. They run silently. This allows you to concentrate on your movie or read your novel, and your kids do their homework peacefully. Additionally, they preserve the interior aesthetics of your home as you can buy a unit that matches the indoor paint color. Therefore, if you aim to increase your home’s equity and make a significant profit on resale, having an air conditioning service provider install a ductless mini-split will ensure that.

Incorporating a Zoning System

One of the most prevalent problems with most homes that use central air conditioning systems is uneven cooling or heating and thermostat wars. How many rooms are in your home? Are all of them cooled or heated sufficiently? Any prospective homebuyer prefers that their home be heated or cooled evenly. One of the things the HVAC inspector will check for is even heating or cooling. Hence, you should ensure an air conditioning service incorporating a zoning system if you resell your Fort Worth, TX home.

This solution ensures that every section of your home is cooled or heated individually to the required settings. For instance, if the children are doing their homework in the study area and you are enjoying your movie in the living room, you might require different cooling or heating levels. A Zoned HVAC system ensures that. As a result, it prevents thermostat wars as everyone can enjoy a perfectly heated space regardless of the room they are in. Hence, talk to your heating and air conditioning service provider about installing this system. It is the additional comfort that it brings that will make your home equity increase, earning you a considerable profit.

Installing Smart Thermostats and Automating Your HVAC System

Who doesn’t like comfort and convenience? Well, advanced technologies deliver just that. Installing a smart thermostat and automating your HVAC system means you can control indoor temperatures and humidity from just about anywhere. With a smart thermostat, many exciting features, such as geofencing, control your home’s cooling or heating depending on your location. This means you can return to a perfectly heated or cooled home after a long day at work. Additionally, these thermostats have a self-diagnosing feature that catches any problems with your HVAC system and alerts you in case of a problem. Better yet, you can configure them to alert the air conditioning service provider when they are due for maintenance.

Additionally, pairing your HVAC system with a smart controller could make your home’s value skyrocket. Smart controllers ensure you can pair your HVAC system with other smart home systems like voice controls. Imagine that level of convenience. Wouldn’t you pay your last penny to enjoy it? The same case applies to your prospective homebuyers. Thus, have your trusted air conditioning service provider install a smart controller on your HVAC system and pair it with IFTTT for increased home equity.

Whole-Home Dehumidifiers

You might be asking yourself, why should I install a dehumidifier while the HVAC system can regulate humidity? Well, if you live in a highly humid area, your air conditioning system cannot do much to control the humidity. Unfortunately, high indoor humidity has a significant negative impact on your furniture, upholstery, your health, and your HVAC system. For instance, mold combined with warmth creates the perfect conditions for mold growth on the air filters and other parts of your HVAC system or home. You’ll need an air conditioning service to clean the ducts and replace the filters.

However, things need not be this way. Having an air conditioning service provider install a dehumidifier at your Fort Worth, TX home prevents mold growth, as the appliance can remove as much moisture as possible. Knowing that they won’t fall sick from mold inhalation or develop sinus infections, prospective home buyers will be willing to pay a fortune for your home. A dehumidifier assures your prospective customers that their expensive furniture will not be prone to rotting.

Improving indoor air conditions can be as good as upgrading your plumbing or even better when increasing home equity. Are you planning to resell your home soon and want to increase the profits? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for any of the above services.

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