Potential Dangers Of Poor Air Conditioning Service | Southlake, TX

Potential Dangers Of Poor Air Conditioning Service | Southlake, TX

Some Southlake, TX homeowners are tempted to repair their heating and air conditioning systems when they break down. This can be triggered by the fact that you want rapid heating or cooling in your house without spending a fortune on specialized heating and air conditioning service. This could also be because you want to save some cash. However, there are severe expenses and risks involved in Amateur services. You can put your finances, physical safety, and proper running of your systems at risk with Do It Yourself (DIY) heating and repairing. Below are the risks associated with unprofessional HVAC repair service.

Fire Risks

Any Air conditioning unit that is not well-maintained breaks down gradually and develops defects that affect the efficiency of the entire unit. Air conditioning units build up dust over time, overheating and increasing the risks of fire outbreaks. The overheating of these units and gas leaks can be detrimental. Studies have shown that forty-eight percent of households in the United States use natural gas for heating. Inadequate ventilation of heating furnaces in households can increase fire risks. The exterior walls of the furnaces get extremely hot, so homeowners are advised to keep flammable products away from the furnaces.

Is your HVAC system gas-powered? There are many gas leaks reported per year in the US. Leakages in the gas lines could arise due to corrosion of the gas pipes or physical damage to the pipes. Damages or punctures of the gas line outdoors may result from an excavation in the area or soil erosion caused by heavy rains. This means that your air conditioner or furnace will need more fuel. Hence, your home will not be cooled or heated sufficiently.

Additionally, this places your home at a huge risk of fire and other health impacts of inhaling gas fumes. If you detect a gas leak, evacuate people and pets from the house and contact a heating and air conditioning service provider to assess and deal with the problem.

Electric Issues

Electric heating and air conditioning units are potent and have much electrical power. If you decide to repair these units yourself when they get damaged, one wrong move can cause significant damage to the unit. In addition, you may be at significant risk of being electrocuted or suffering from life-threatening injuries. Therefore, you should call a local heating and air conditioning service provider to address the issue and avoid risking your life.

Gas Leaks and Blocked Gas Lines

Air conditioners can be powered using electricity, propane, or natural gas. If you have a gas-powered HVAC system, you must take all the precautions to ensure that your Southlake, TX home is safe from gas leaks. If the gas lines connecting to the furnace or air conditioner get punctured, your home could be at risk of a fire. One of the things that could cause this is a subpar air conditioning service. Hence, rather than do any furnace repairs yourself. Rather enlist a professional.

Another problem that could arise from poor air conditioning service is if the technician blocks the gas lines. Yes, blocked gas lines are not common, but they do happen. When this happens, your furnace will not have the required gas pressure, which will take longer to heat your home. Hence, it is advised that homeowners research and hire only licensed, experienced AC repair technicians with a reputation to uphold.

Poisoning from the Air Conditioning Units

Another problem associated with amateur heating and air conditioning service is the leaking of the coolant. Many of the coolants used in the AC units have detrimental health implications, which might be even fatal if mishandled. If you tamper with your coolant system, the coolant will likely start leaking. The coolant evaporates and is pumped to your house by the AC unit. This gas is dangerous, and it causes victims to feel nauseated, have severe headaches, cough, and even vomit.

They Don’t Have the Right Tools

As a homeowner, your toolbox might lack special tools for repairing air conditioning units. Some of these tools can be very expensive and require special training to use safely. The same can be said for inexperienced AC repair technicians. These tools are constantly changing to make the work of heating and air conditioning service providers easy and effective. Hence, ensure that you only hire reputable, well-equipped, licensed AC repair technicians.

They Don’t Have Access to the Right Parts

Many homeowners need help to go to a store dealing with air conditioner spare parts and purchase them. These dealers are instructed to sell some of these parts to licensed heating and air conditioning providers. Some of these parts are dangerous, which is why the sale of these parts is regulated to keep these parts in the right and safe hands. In addition, when hiring a professional heating and air conditioning service provider in Southlake, TX, you buy the parts and get professional services. In repairing the damaged unit, the technician will offer professional diagnostic services on your unit and advise you accordingly.

Voiding Warranty

If your unit is new, there is a likelihood that it is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Being under warranty is a safe thing for the homeowner. If your unit develops problems, the manufacturer can cover the repair expenses or replace the entire unit. However, if you decide to repair these units on your own or hire an unlicensed individual, you will likely void the warranty. You will be responsible for all expenses incurred when repairing or replacing the unit. Therefore, when your unit develops a problem, consult a local licensed heating and air conditioning service provider for professional services.

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