Air Duct Cleaning For Newbies: The Basics Of Air Duct Cleaning Service | Fort Worth, TX

Air Duct Cleaning For Newbies: The Basics Of Air Duct Cleaning Service | Fort Worth, TX

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In the world of homeownership, one of the most popular new services is duct cleaning service. However, if you have owned a home and scheduled regular maintenance on your HVAC system over the years the emergence of an air duct cleaning will probably not take you by surprise. Fort Worth, TX companies have offered duct cleaning for years because it is a very effective way to clean the dust out of your ducts and make your HVAC system more efficient. Any air quality perks simply were an added benefit.

Today, however duct cleaning service has become a buzzword of the industry-leading many people to wonder if duct cleaning is worth it. A simple browse of Facebook will tell you there are a lot of cleaning agencies out there willing to come to your home for duct cleaning service, which can make people more apprehensive about how beneficial it really is. It is good to be a little skeptical because while duct cleaning in Fort Worth, TX is certainly worth it, it’s only worth it if you hire a professional HVAC company to come out and take care of the task.

The following is a brief overview of what you can expect if you hire someone to come out to your Fort Worth, TX home for a duct cleaning service, who you should hire, and the benefits of choosing to have your home air ducts clean. If you hire the right company and have a high traffic home then duct cleaning service is an excellent way to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and improve the air quality so that everyone in your home can breathe easily. Keep reading to find out why you should have someone come inspect your ductwork if you haven’t done so yet.

What Is Duct Cleaning?

A duct cleaning service aims to do exactly what it sounds like: clean out your air ducts. The goal of duct cleaning service is to ensure that all dust, debris, and bacteria are removed from your air ducts so that they cannot be pushed out into the air you breathe. There are several issues with clouded air ducts that include reduced air quality, reduced HVAC efficiency, and potentially fire hazards.

Even if your home is not visibly dusty if the air ducts have never been cleaned since you moved in there is a good chance that there is a nice layer of dirt over them. During an air duct cleaning an HVAC technician will not only remove the dust from your air ducts, but he or she will also clean the connecting point to the HVAC system and the HVAC system itself. By the time they leave your heating and cooling system should be dust-free which will help ensure that your home stays that way as well.

What to Expect During a Duct Cleaning Service?

If this is the first time you are hiring a duct cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX, you may be curious about the process and what to expect. Given the current pandemic, you can expect any HVAC professional who comes into your home to take all safety procedures to ensure that your family stays safe while they are in your home. This should include a face covering at all times as well as cleaning equipment to wipe down any areas they touch within your home.

You can help prepare for their visit by ensuring that they have a clear pathway to your HVAC and any exposed air ducts in your home. A lot of people have their HVAC system hidden away in a closet or a basement along with other stored goods. It can be helpful to move stored items away so that there is plenty of clearance for the HVAC professional to reach the system and ductwork during their visit. You also need to look at the registers around your home and ensure any furniture that may be blocking the edges of the grate is moved away to ensure easy access. Most professionals will need to work from the bottom and the top of the system to ensure that all dust is removed. For the most thorough job ensure that the duct cleaning service can easily access all of your ductwork.

Once your home space is prepared for the duct cleaning service, the best thing you can do is stay out of the way. The process is a bit invasive and requires skill, so it is best to just allow the technician to do his or her thing. Of course, if you have any questions along the way you should feel free to ask, but the process of duct cleaning can take up to four hours. Therefore, it may be best to plan to spend time outdoors or away from the basement.

The HVAC technician will begin with the HVAC system ensuring that it is clean and free of dust and then will create a small access port in the plenum (the box that is situated on top of the HVAC system that pushes air from the system to your ductwork). Once this point is accessible, the technician will take a long rubber-like brush and insert it into the hole and up through the first-floor ductwork aiming it in different directions and locations. The brush is usually electronic or attached to an electronic piece that allows it to whip around and knock the dust and hardened debris loose from the ducts.

In addition, a vacuum attachment is used that will suck up any dirt or dust that is knocked loose during the process. The equipment is designed to reach deep into your ductwork so that all the dust and debris can be reached from either the access point or from the registers in your home. A proper duct cleaning will include cleaning from all directions to ensure that not one inch is missed.

As mentioned, the general duct cleaning service will take about four hours to complete, but the timeline will vary based on the size of your home. Larger homes will have more ductwork to access and clean while smaller one-story homes in Fort Worth, TX will have less. If you are concerned about the length of the visit ask your HVAC technician for an estimate before they begin or talk to the agent before scheduling your appointment.

Outside of needing access to your registers and the HVAC system, the entire process is not too disruptive. Due to the noise of the vacuum, it can be loud for homes with pets and small children that are usually disturbed by vacuuming. Homes with these occupants may find it is better to stay outside or leave the home during air duct cleaning. Some companies use their trucks to run the air compressors so it can be a bit loud outdoors, but most people would not say it is any louder than having their carpets steam cleaned.

When Will I Notice the Difference?

How much of a difference you notice will depend on how sensitive you are to air quality. Those with allergies will likely notice an immediate change and that their symptoms subside compared to before the cleaning. For others, the change may be subtle, but your body will thank you even if you can’t immediately measure the difference in your air. Air duct cleaning is an excellent tool for those who are trying to rid their home of smoking residue, as a great deal of unnoticed smoke settles in the ductwork. In addition, if you had bad odors drifting out of your grates because of mold, mildew, or pests you should notice the difference almost immediately.

Who Should You Hire for Duct Cleaning Service in Fort Worth, TX?

If you are thinking about cleaning your air ducts you should always choose a professional and certified HVAC professional to handle the job. Proper air duct cleaning service will include both the ductwork and the HVAC system. In addition, you don’t want someone who is not properly certified and trained to be dealing with any aspect of your HVAC system. Your HVAC system is an expensive home appliance and investment, and it is not one that you want just anyone to touch unless they are trained to do so. Saving a few dollars is not worth harming the lifespan of your unit.

How Often Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

How often you should book an air duct cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX depends heavily on the amount of traffic and dust that accumulates in your home. If your house tends to stay immaculate you can probably go five to seven years between cleanings. However, if your home features smokers, children, dogs, or regular rodent guests it is a better idea to have your air ducts cleaned on an annual basis. You might consider booking your air duct cleaning service at the same time you book your HVAC maintenance check. In addition, any home with occupants that suffer from allergies or asthma would probably benefit from an annual air duct cleaning.

Benefits of Booking a Duct Cleaning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Regular air duct cleaning has a lot of benefits for all occupants of a home. The EPA suggests that it may help people with asthma and allergies as well as benefit homeowners that live in dusty or polluted areas. Remember, the job of your HVAC system is to clean your air and cool your Fort Worth, TX home, but if your ducts are dirty you are not allowing it to properly do so.

Enhanced Air Quality

There is no question that air duct cleaning can help improve the quality of air within your home. Anything that is sitting or growing in your ducts can disturb the quality of air that blows past it. If you have mold, bacteria, mildew, or dust in your air ducts then the air will pick up spores and particles and distribute them all over your home. If you could see mold sitting in your home you wouldn’t just ignore it, so don’t ignore its presence in your air ducts.

Strengthen HVAC Performance

Large amounts of dust and debris can make your HVAC system work much harder to provide the same results. Pushing air past clogged air ducts is much harder than pushing air through clear air ducts. Removing the dust and debris will allow your HVAC to perform at its peak and help to reduce the amount of wear and tear on your system. This can help lengthen its lifespan or at the very least help ward off repairs.

Lower Energy Costs

As a bonus, if your HVAC system is performing at its peak you will pay less in energy costs. The less work your system has to do to cool your home the lower your energy bills will be. Spending a little more upfront to save some down the road is always a smart choice.

Clean-Up Rodent Debris

Finally, if you know that you have a pest problem or have recently had a pest service out to your home it is a good idea to consider a duct cleaning service. Rodents frequently travel throughout homes via the ductwork leaving behind their bedding, droppings, and sometimes even dead bodies if they become trapped. Not only do these leave behind odors that may then circulate around your house, but they also present unique bacteria that circulate throughout your home. Duct cleaning can take care of all rodent debris.

If you are ready to hire someone to clean out your home ductwork, give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth a call. We will be happy to talk to you about your duct cleaning service and can set up a time to clean your home up.