Air Duct Cleaning Service: What You Need To Know | Fort Worth, TX

Air Duct Cleaning Service: What You Need To Know | Fort Worth, TX

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Most Americans spend over 90% of their day inside. Due to the current pandemic, that percentage is probably much higher than it has ever been. It also probably means that you are spending more time inside your own house than ever before. With that in mind, it may be time to think about hiring an air duct cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX. Air pollution is a real issue both inside and outside, and you want to make sure that your living space is as clean as possible if you are going to be spending the bulk of your time there.

If you are like most people in Fort Worth, TX, your windows are probably rarely open because your AC is running full-force attempting to block out the warm summer heat. This can mean the air quality indoors is even more stuffy and loaded with pollution compared to outdoors because it never cycles. The good news is there is something you can do about it. Taking proper care of your HVAC system is the first step, and that is where an air duct cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX can really start to make sense.

Some of the best ways to improve the air quality in your home include changing the furnace filters at least once every three months, maintaining your HVAC system with annual service visits, and finally hiring an HVAC technician for an annual air duct cleaning. Just these few steps can ensure that the air quality inside of your home is as healthy as possible to keep you and your family as safe and healthy as possible.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

A lot of people have seen air duct cleaning service advertisements in Fort Worth, TX, but are unsure of what air duct cleaning really entails. At its most basic, air duct cleaning service includes removing all debris and dust from the HVAC system, air ducts throughout our home, and gravity heaters. It is very logical that if your ducts and HVAC system are filled with settled dust they will blow the dust out of the vents and into the air in your home every time the system runs.

While scientific research has not yet proved that routine air duct cleaning service can change the quality of air, the EPA and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association are able to agree that for homes with people with breathing conditions the service does have many benefits. Removing the dust from your home is always a good way to help improve air quality if you suffer from health issues, and it can actually make your HVAC system run better which will result in energy savings each month. According to the EPA, you should hire an air duct cleaning service anytime you notice the presence of pests, mold, or debris in your HVAC system.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning Service

As briefly highlighted, there are a varied amount of benefits that come from hiring an air duct cleaning service. In addition to improving air quality and reducing the amount you spend on heating and cooling, regular air duct cleaning service can help improve the safety in your home. Keep reading to learn some of the biggest benefits of air duct cleaning. However, to get the most of your air duct cleaning experience, make sure you only book a cleaning service from a qualified and certified HVAC technician in Fort Worth, TX.

Improved Air Quality in Your Home

No matter which way you look at it, regular air duct cleaning service will help you improve the air quality in your home. If it seems like there is always dust in your home no matter how often you vacuum or sweep the floors and dust the picture frames then it is time to clean out your air ducts. If there is always dust in your air ducts then there will always be dust getting recirculated every time the HVAC system kicks in. You are probably fighting a battle that has no end. However, you can change that by simply cleaning out your air ducts and putting an end to the dust bowl that has become your home.

How often you need to book an air duct cleaning service to keep your home relatively dust-free depends on your lifestyle. While people with allergies and significant breathing issues may want to consider having their ducts cleaned on a yearly basis, other people may find that once every five to seven years is enough. You need to consider who is in your home and how much dust and debris is carried into your home.

A home with retired occupants who rarely are active outdoors will need less attention than a home that has kids, dogs, and cats. Use your own logic to figure out how often you should have your ducts cleaned, or talk to the company providing the air duct cleaning. They can likely give you a good idea of a service schedule that will fit the needs of your individual Fort Worth, TX home.

Improve the Performance of Your HVAC System

Air duct cleaning can help to improve the overall air circulation in your home which in turn will enhance the performance of your HVAC system. A system that is bogged down with dirt will have to work harder to cool or warm your home, which means you will end up paying a higher energy bill each month. Many times cleaning your air ducts can help improve the performance of your HVAC system and save you money.

You won’t know for sure until talking to an HVAC technician, but it is never a bad idea to consider if you want to keep your HVAC system in good shape for years to come. Dust is, unfortunately, a natural part of life, and over time dust will build up inside of your system. Without complete cleaning, it will continue to sit inside the system and become thicker and thicker. If you have an excessive amount of dust inside of your system then it will reduce air circulation. Improving your filters on a regular basis can help reduce the amount of dust build-up, but eventually, you may still need to have your air ducts cleaned.

Save On Your Monthly Energy Bills

Everyone likes the idea of saving money on their monthly energy bills, and you can easily help cut down some of your bills by hiring an air duct cleaning service to come to remove the stubborn dust that may be impairing the airflow in your home. Your HVAC system is easily one of the largest energy consumers in your home, especially in Fort Worth, TX where air conditioning is a requirement for a large portion of the year.

Several research studies have found that on average after an air duct cleaning service customers can expect to see their energy costs reduce by about 11%. Of course, if you have your ducts cleaned regularly the savings might not be as pronounced since the ducts should be cleaner, but you will still maintain your savings which is the important part of cleaning. The same studies suggest that regularly servicing your HVAC system and cleaning air ducts can help reduce overall energy consumption in a home by 25% to 40%. If those savings sound good, it may be time to call your HVAC technician and schedule an air duct cleaning service with your next maintenance visit.

In addition, the contaminants that sit in your ductwork can also infiltrate an HVAC system, and over time that will cause it to work much harder than it should. When a system is overworked it tires quickly and parts and components start to break. The end result is that you will end up paying more for repairs and eventually have to replace your HVAC system before the end of its projected lifespan. A clean system does not have to work as hard which results in less energy and less wear and tear. When you look at the costs of a new HVAC system, the costs of an air duct cleaning look a lot better.

What to Expect From an Air Duct Cleaning Service

If you have decided to go ahead and book an air duct cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX, you may be wondering what to expect when they come to your house. The good news is the process is fairly noninvasive so you shouldn’t have to do too much to prepare for them. After you make the phone call and book an air duct cleaning service here is what you should expect.

The best thing you can do to prepare for an air duct cleaning is by ensuring that there is clear space around all registers and your actual HVAC system. A lot of people have storage and other items in their basement around the HVAC system. Move some of this to the side to give the HVAC technician plenty of room around your system while they work and clean. This will also help ensure that they don’t get dirty while the technician is cleaning. Upstairs make sure that the registers are open and easy to get to. If you have furniture or other items around a register that may be sitting on the grate, move them so that the grates can be easily removed.

During the actual air duct cleaning, the technician will likely proceed in a uniform fashion to make sure they clean and remove dirt from start to finish. Just like a regular clean, it is important to move in a steady fashion so that you aren’t getting an area you just cleaned dirty while you clean the next.

Typically the technician will start at the plenum, the box that sits at the top of the HVAC system and feeds into the ductwork in your home. Once this box is clean the technician will use a long flexible, wavy brush that they can thread into the ducts of your home. The brush is powered by compressed air that helps to dislodge heavily stuck-on dirt. While stringing the brush an attachment that contains a vacuum will also follow along to help suck up any dust or debris that is knocked loose so that it doesn’t settle back down into the ducts once the cleaning is done.

The average duct cleaning service takes about four hours, but it will vary greatly depending on the size of your home and how your ductwork is run throughout the home. A home that is one floor will take much less time than a home with two or three floors since the ductwork will be much smaller.

The noise of the cleaning process is noticeable, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming. Homes with small children may find the noise to be overwhelming, while other children might be thrilled to hear the vacuum running throughout the home. It is best to think about how your own children or pets respond to a home vacuum when deciding whether or not they should stay in the home during the air duct cleaning service. A lot of families find that it’s a great idea to plan an outdoor playdate during the task to help alleviate the stress of the vacuum.

If you are ready to start saving money on your energy bills and reduce the amount of air pollution in your home, give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth a call. Our trained HVAC technicians are happy to schedule a consult or an air duct cleaning service at your home. We can help you remove the dust and enjoy being indoors this year.