Air Filters: An Undervalued Component of Your Heating and Air Conditioning System | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Azle, TX

Air Filters: An Undervalued Component of Your Heating and Air Conditioning System | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Azle, TX

Heating and air conditioning systems are designed and developed to provide residential and commercial spaces with an environment of comfort and contentment by neutralizing the effects of temperature during extreme weather conditions.

As we all know, we require different functionality demands from our HVAC system in different parts of the year. During peak summers, we want our air conditioning systems to blow all-chilled air, and in winters we strive to achieve a cozier environment with the help of furnaces. Even during moderate temperature conditions, we turn on HVAC systems once in a while. It shows that we require frequent tune-upsfrom a good heating and air conditioning service in Azle, TX to ensure a year-round good performance from our HVAC system.

Air Filter: An Underappreciated HVAC Component

This entire time, there is an HVAC component that mutely does its work to render cold and hot air to the interior with maintaining its quality. We are talking about the air filters of your HVAC system that are responsible for providing the interior with clean air. Most of the times, people only call for heating and air conditioning service in Azle, TX when the condenser or evaporator unit of their HVAC systems has been broken down.

While it’s necessary to take care of these two vital components of an HVAC system, it is equally important to take care of other partsof the system particularly air filters in the routine checkups from your heating and air conditioning service in Azle, TX.

Even though air filter is a simple component without any complex machine assemblies and wiring, but its functionality has many facets.  Running of an HVAC system with dirty, clogged and faulty air filters can result inseveral unwanted consequences.

Therefore, it is always advised not to ignore your air filters whenever you are having servicing or repair work from any heating and air conditioning service in Azle, TX.

Dirty and Faulty Air Filters: A Constant HVAC Nuisance

No matter how efficiently the evaporating unit of your HVAC system is working, if the conditioned air is passing through dirty filters then you won’t get the optimal utility from the system. An environment with pleasant temperature but dull and dirty air can’t provide you the comfort and convenience you want from your air conditioning unit.

When air filters are not working properly, the indoor environment develops a persistent stink, even if you are maintaining everyday cleaning routine of the house. The situation can become embarrassing when you are having some visitors. They can create a perception regarding your household’s hygiene with this persisting stench in the air.

As you can see, a dirty air filter can have extensive effectswith social tangents as well. So, to prevent all of this, it is imperative to get your HVAC’s air filters replaced by a reputable heating and air conditioning services in Azle, TX.

Dirty Air Filters are Health Hazards

Polluted indoor air does not only bring inconvenience. More than that, it can be a huge risk for health.  While our time at home, we respire indoor air. Breathing in an environment where the air conditioneris fitted with dirty air filters, you remain at risk of different respiratory health complications.

Dust particles and microorganisms that remain in the air due to faulty air filters can make a simple breathing a strenuous task. There are several signs and symptoms that your HVAC system is contaminating the indoors due to inefficient filtration of air filters.

  • Continuous or intermittent coughing and sneezing
  • Watery eyes, particularly among the children in the household
  • Feeling constant fatigue and dizziness inside the house
  • A feeling of congestion in the upper portion of therespiratorytract

Headaches can also be a sign that you are respiring dirty air due to poor functioning of air filters.

Don’t ignore these symptoms and immediately get the expertise of aprofessional heating and air conditioning service in Azle, TX to replace and fix your dirty air filters. Otherwise, persisting with the same dirty HVAC component can aggravate into more serious respiratory health complications.

Nasal congestion, painful breathing, worsened asthma and conjunctival are some of the prolonged respiratory conditions that can trouble you and any of your family members if you are not replacing the dirty air filters of yourHVAC system from the technicians of heating and air conditioning service in Azle, TX.

Dirty and Clogged Air Filters are Also not Good for Pocket

As mentioned earlier, there are many-sided repercussions of dirty, clogged and faulty air filters. Therefore, aside from causing constant nuisance and respiratory complications, dirtyair filters are also bad for your pocket.

Frequent Breakdowns of Your HVAC system

It is not an exaggeration that inefficient air filters can increase the chances of HVAC breakdownsin both winters and summers. Having them replaced after every three months from the technicians of any reputable heating and air conditioning service in Azle, TX can save you from untimely costs of HVAC repairs.

In Summers

A clogged air filter can increase the work of the fan motor. This increased load on the motor in soaring temperatures can lead to the smoldering of its internal coil. This fault will need an extensive workfrom a heating and air conditioner repair in Azle, TX. You can prevent this unforeseen fault by replacing the air filters in time.

 In Winters

If dirty and clogged air filters are not letting all the air to pass through the ducts, then itcan lead to failure of the heatexchanger of your HVAC unit. A blocked passage actually accumulates the heat around the exchanger case. Heat accumulations for longer time period can lead to the cracking of exchanger’s body resulting inthe failure of the system.

Hiked up Utility Bills

With reduced air flow due to clogged filters, the system has to run for more hours to acquire the set temperature. This obviously results in hiked up utility bills.

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