All You Need to Know About the Indoor Air Quality | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth TX

All You Need to Know About the Indoor Air Quality | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth TX

Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of air present inside an interior space and directly affects the health and comfort of people. As per the air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX, for a pleasant and comfortable experience, indoor air quality is vital.

How to measure the IAQ of a room?

The number of pollutants present in an indoor space determines the IAQ of that place. As per the air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX, in order find out the indoor air quality of your house, it is necessary to get an air quality test conducted.

The air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX will effortlessly evaluate the indoor air quality by measuring the presence of various pollutants in your room.


What are the factors that affect IAQ?

According to the air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX, there are certain aspects of a house or a building that determine its IAQ. These factors can increase or decrease the air quality of the internal environment, depending on the situation.

1.   Radon

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that can get into an indoor space by diffusing through the soil. This gas negatively affects the indoor air quality and can lead to lung cancer, if exhaled in excessively.

2.   Microbes

Presence of microorganisms can greatly affect the environment of a room. Bacteria, fungi and viruses not only cause illness but are also directly responsible for unpleasant odors in the room.


3.   Chemicals

Chemicals can cause irritation and bad smell; the two most common complaints that we hear because of poor indoor air quality. As per the air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX, long-term exposure to these chemicals can be potentially harmful.


4.   Humidity

The effects can differ, depending upon the different levels of humidity. A high level can cause water damage and supports the growth of mites and other parasites. Whereas. Low humidity levels are the reasons for dry skin, rashes, irritations and asthmatic problems


5.   Pets and pests

A house having pets is prone to allergens and allergens are responsible for conditions like rhinitis and other breathing related disorders. Moreover, the presence of pests like cockroaches, mites and mice can drastically harm the indoor quality of a building.


6.   Ventilation system

The air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX recommend having a ventilation system that functions properly. A perfectly aired indoor environment is important for ensuring the health of the people living there. A ventilated office plays a vital role in the performance of the employs. An isolated space with no or little exchange of air from the outside usually has a poor air quality index.


7.   Temperature

For ensuring a better indoor quality, regulating a balanced temperature is a must. High and low temperatures cause discomfort and encourage many other factors that can lead to a poor IAQ level. For example, a low temperature can reduce humidity levels, causing dryness which can be harmful to asthmatic patients. On the other hand, high temperatures increase humidity which encourages growth of the allergens, mites and parasites.


8.   Volatile organic compounds

The volatile organic compounds are emitted harmful gases that are emitted by a number of products, used in households like paints, pesticides, building materials etc. The concentration of these compounds is 10 times higher in indoor environments as compared to the outdoors. As per the air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX, these contaminations cause long and short-term unfavorable health conditions.


Symptoms associated with poor indoor air quality

Breathing, an essential process that provides us with fresh air which is necessary for various body functions. Breathing in a space with low IAQ will supply your lungs with many unwanted intoxicants that can potentially harm your health. Some of the symptoms are discussed below for helping you determine the IAQ level of your place.

·      Immediate indications

Some symptoms occur shortly when exposed to low-quality air. Chemical released can cause headaches, flu and skin irritations. These immediate effects are usually short-term and can be easily treated.

Generally, the effects go away just by eliminating the person’s exposure to the air.

·      Long-term health effects

These symptoms show up after being exposed to bad IAQ for a long period of time. These effects include respiratory-related issues, heart diseases and can even lead to cancer. Therefore, the air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX recommend improving the indoor air quality of your homes before you end up with these fatal diseases.

·      Discomfort

A smelly and non-ventilated place causes discomfort. Due to poor IAQ of a room, people complain about experiencing irritation in eye, nose and skin. At times, a room full of odors can’t be even bearable and breathing in such a space will keep you far from being hale and hearty.


Benefits of a high IAQ index in an indoor space


A high indoor quality index refers to fresh air and has certain benefits that are mentioned below:

·      Comfortable breathing

Surviving on polluted air is not possible because of its insufficient oxygen percentage along with other harmful components. In a room with high IAQ index, you can easily breathe, hence, supplying your body with the necessary oxygen it needs to perform vital functions.

·      Balanced humidity

A good indoor quality also means well-balanced humid conditions. The air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX can help you maintain balanced humid conditions in your homes.

·      Pest and contamination free environment

The high IAQ levels ensure an environment that inhibits allergens and different parasites from growing. A properly ventilate space will ensure the exit of harmful volatile organic compounds and other harmful gases like CO and CO2.


The indoor air quality of an enclosed area is directly related to the health and comfort of the inhabitants. Therefore it is vital getting devices and appliances installed at your place which ensure air quality by One Hour Heating and Air in Fort Worth, TX.