Are You Facing AC Water Leakage? | Heating and Air Condition Service in Fort Worth, TX

Are You Facing AC Water Leakage? | Heating and Air Condition Service in Fort Worth, TX

Water leakage is a common issue associated with air conditioners. In fact,it is one of the biggest and frequent problems that homeowners face in their homes. Indeed, not every homeowner fully understands the major reasons for this issue. Just like that, people fail to understand how important it is to fix this problem at the earliest by hiring the professionals of heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX.

The majority of homeowners believe that the water leak issue is a usual and frequent matter and need no immediate attention. In actual fact, water leakage problem of an air conditioner should never be considered as a usual issue as it certainly indicates a major fault in your cooling unit.

It is fact that the condenser of the air conditioner releases a smallamount of water while working but what necessitatesemploying the professionals of heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX is the amount of leaked water.

What makes an air conditioner system start leaking excessive water?

As we stated earlier, it is difficult to distinguish between a usual amount of water leak and an unusualwater leak problem that explicitly indicate the fault in the unit.

So, when is the right time to employ the professionals of heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX?

Well, if you are using the air conditioner throughout the summer season and the problem of water leakage is only of a small size, also water is instantly drying up, then it is a normal situation and you don’t need to worry. But if the problem of water leaking remains consistent throughout the day, you must hire the professional assistance of heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX for the repair of your cooling system.

What makes your air conditioner have a water leaking issue?

Well to help you in this regards, let us discuss the main reasons for the water leaking concern of an air conditioner.

Improper Drain Line Connection

The need for the assistance of a heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX may be clear when the reason forthe water leakage is the inappropriate drain fitting. This is a distress that is usually observed after the installation of an improved or new air conditioner system. Also, when the installation is not efficiently carried out by professionals.

Moreover, when a cooling system is not adequately installed, the fitting of drain line starts to loosen slowly. This cut off the drain line from your cooling unit and causes the condenser to start water leaking issue. This leak happens through the ceiling, walls or on the floor. Thus, at any giventime,if you experience such a condition, especially once a new unit is installed; get the unit repaired without any further delay in order to prevent further damage.

Unclean Air Filters

As per the experts of heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX: the air filters of your AC unit are the most neglected and abandoned component. Being a homeowner, we fail to pay any consideration or attention towards air filters’ unclogging or cleaning even though the neglect generally leads to grave AC faults

To give you an example, a blocked air filter hampers the proper airflowwhich makes your air conditioner system to fight for maintaining a consistent temperature in different rooms. This ultimately leads to much higher utility bills and need for repair or maintenance by calling an expert on heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX.

So make sure to keep the air filters clean at all times. You can do it by cleaning the air filters once every month and by ensuring their replacement every three months. You must understand that when your AC’s air filters are unclean, they collect ice on the evaporator coil, due to airflowobstruction. This coil, slowly, starts getting cold and eventually ends up as freezing. However, as the coil starts melting, water starts leaking as well.

Low Refrigerant Level

Another major reason for the problem of leaking air conditioner system is that of the lowlevel of refrigerant. The refrigerantis the fundamental chemical; in charge of causing temperature fluctuations as it usuallygetsexposed to variable pressure conditions. Refrigerant swiftly moves and transit from a gaseous state to a more liquid state.

When you employ the professionals of a heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX, they make certain that the refrigerant level remain appropriate when installed.

These professional ensure that your AC perform at the optimum efficiency and that it containsproper level of refrigerant. But when the refrigerant is not adequate, evaporator coil starts to freeze. And when ice starts melting, the water leaking issue arises.

So now you know what causes the problem of a waterleak. If you have a lowlevel of a refrigerantissue then there could be two reasons for that. One could be the leak of basic refrigerant and inappropriate unit installation. The leaking of refrigerant can also be because of copper tubes decay that containsrefrigerant.

What should be done?

If the damage is already done or if you are searching for a professional of heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX to fix the water leaking concern then head over to One Hour Heating and Air right away. They offer speedy ac repair service in the Fort Worth, TX. Their team of professionals is well-versed in handling the complex air conditioner issues.

Remember your AC is the most crucial component in your house. As a matter of fact,your heating and cooling system makeup about 60% of your utility bills.

One Hour Heating and Air offers a knowledgeable team to fix the AC issues. So employ them for usual repair and maintenance of your unit. Furthermore, in the case of a pressingsituation, take their direct assistance by calling on their helpline number.