Before You Lose Your Cool: When You Need to Seek Air Conditioning Repair Service | Fort Worth, TX

Before You Lose Your Cool: When You Need to Seek Air Conditioning Repair Service | Fort Worth, TX

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Fort Worth, TX is just like any other area in the world. They have many seasons, and one of the most intense happens when summer approaches. With the extreme heat comes other needs, such as the need to remain comfortable indoors. The only way to achieve this is with the best possible air conditioning repair service out there, and what better place to provide it than One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, TX.

So many signs can point to the potential for air conditioning failure, which warrants the need for air conditioning repair service as soon as possible. Your air conditioning unit is a complex machine that consists of an internal buffet of working parts, and when one fails, everything goes. Therefore, calling a professional for air conditioning repair service is vital to keeping your Fort Worth, TX home cool in the middle of those long, hot summers.

To get to the gist of the problem, let’s first consider the compressor, the unit’s central component and primary source of how your air conditioner really works. Known as the “heart and soul” of your HVAC unit, the compressor is largely responsible for the transportation of the freon gas that helps keep your home cool. And just like a muscle, it can get weak over time, to the point of total burnout. There are many issues that point to compressor trouble and need air conditioning repair that will prove fatal as far as your air conditioning system goes, and that being said, taking a closer look at them will provide much in the way of awareness.

The freon, otherwise wise known as the refrigerant, is the one chemical that is responsible for the lubrication of your AC’s compressor unit. In fact, it is the freon that not only lubricates but is primarily responsible for cooling off your home regardless of the heat outside. Although some level of water leakage coming from your air conditioning unit is normal and nothing to worry about, freon leakage is another issue. It can be deadly and harmful if swallowed, so if you happen to have pets or small children, this is not a problem you want to ignore.

When the refrigerant leaks, then your compressor won’t work as it should, which means that it may attempt to overload a circuit as it struggles to cool an area of your home. As a result, your AC unit may experience an electrical short somewhere in the system as your compressor gets cut off by an overload protector. This is done to prevent any further damage to the other parts of the AC, however, this indicates that having the compressor replaced should be on your to-do list.

Airflow restriction is another issue facing most air conditioners as people use them over the course of the summer months. In turn, your unit’s evaporator coils are most likely to freeze, as they rely on the heat they absorb in order to work properly. If these coils are dirty or caked with grime, the problem will most likely be compounded, and getting them cleaned while replacing the air filter should be done simultaneously as part of routine air conditioning repair service.

Although most of the strange noises that come from your air conditioner might not be loud enough to shatter an eardrum, they should be enough cause for concern in calling for air conditioning repair service. Low, humming noises indicate a breakdown in connections with your AC motor and the capacitor, both of which work together to help move the cool air from your compressor and into the room. Banging noises of any kind are indicative of broken or loose parts being knocked around from inside the unit, and motor screeching is a red flag that points to a fault within the compressor.

Build up in the compressor can produce the worst case scenario when it comes to sound. If your air conditioner starts to make a loud, hissing noise, the odds are great that there is air pressure build up within the system that needs attention right away. In this case, all you would need to do is have the AC reset, and that is something that your air conditioning repair technician can do for you at your request.

There are times when the problem may be the result of a dirty air compressor, and in this case, all you would need to do is have it professionally cleaned. But there may be other issues involved, such as a condenser that is crooked, loose, or improperly installed. It could also have something to do with its position in relation to your unit’s fan or radiator, and in that case, your HVAC technician may need to tighten or adjust it.

Squeaking noises could also be the direct result of a fan belt that’s frayed or somehow gone bad, which means that getting it fixed or replaced would be the best bet for your cooling needs. There’s nothing worse than a fan belt that’s worn or torn, but when it breaks, you can be left with a defunct unit that doesn’t turn on at all. In some cases, all that would be needed is a routine tightening of the fan belt, which your air conditioning repair expert can handle for you in no time.

But there’s no need to lose your cool, as this is something that can be readily fixed by an air conditioning repair specialist. Getting it done right away will prevent further problems down the road, and it is best to have it checked right when you hear that loud, squealing sound. In fact, doing so will save your air conditioner from having to be replaced entirely.

Air filters are sorely needed to keep you cool, comfortable, and safe during those long, hot summer months in Texas. Air filters are practical and useful in that they serve to ensure that you and your family will be able to breathe in clean, cool air that is free of radicals and other environmental pollutants, and this is particularly helpful for those who have asthma and other chronic breathing conditions.

Nothing makes you feel more smothered than having to cope with a dirty air filter, and those who live in more urban areas may need to have them checked and replaced more frequently. Your AC’s air filter can collect exhaust from automobiles on the freeway, and if you happen to live anywhere near a factory, the problem could get worse. Fortunately, your air conditioning repair specialist can replace your air filter before the particles seep into the condenser coils, thus saving on more costly repairs.

Simply adjusting the speed of your unit’s fan can have a major impact on the overall reduction of humidity within your home. The problem is that most people really believe that having your fan move cool air at a higher than normal speed will get your home cooler and keep it that way. The problem is that cool air is rushed through the system when it is set at a speed of 400 CFM, which doesn’t give your unit’s condenser coils a chance to cool off after converting hot air to cool air. A slower movement at 350 CFM or lower will allow more time for your coils to cool down and can therefore pave the way for a longer lasting cool.

You may have been told at one point that keeping your fan on at all times can help in keeping your home cool no matter what. Some homeowners may even believe that a fan can dry up the moisture that comes straight from the air conditioner, which almost sounds logical since air typically does dry up water and other liquids. But one unknown fact is that the air from the fan can actually worsen the presence of humidity in your home by simply moving the water that comes from your AC unit around your home. Having the fan turned off while running a central air system is actually best and may even reduce the likelihood of mold presence in your home.

Load and home space calculations should be done to ensure that any air conditioning unit is the right size for your home. When the unit is too small, it may work overtime just to provide the right amount of cooling you need for your home, which can wear out your system in no time. But, on the other hand, choosing an HVAC unit that’s much too big for your home can pose challenges of its own. Since modern air conditioners are hardwired to turn off at the slightest hint of adequate temperatures, anything that’s too big will shut on and off much too frequently. This results in shorter run times that leave almost no room for the removal of humidity, and your home can suffer greatly as a result. Having an air conditioning repair expert help you determine what is best for your home can help greatly.

Dirty air filters can impact the performance of your air conditioner, which can have your home feeling a lot hotter than usual in spite of the fact that you have your thermostat set to the lowest possible temperature allowed. Dirt and dust can impact the airflow by restricting it, so the first thing to do when it’s hot is to have your air conditioning repair expert check to see if the problem lies in a dirty air filter. But there may be other instances that cause this, and one could lie with a faulty thermostat that needs a new battery or to be replaced right away.

But in other cases, the problem may lie in the unit’s overall inability to reduce the amount of humidity within your home, which poses challenges of its own. People who are allergic to mold or mildew should take extra precautions in getting it fixed by a professional as soon as possible. The problem may have roots in dirty evaporator coils, so having them checked and cleaned periodically should become a routine part of your air conditioning repair service at least once a year.

Older units may come to a point where they can no longer function properly when reducing the amount of humidity within your home. Unfortunately, this is one of the many signs you’ll witness as your air conditioner nears the end of its earthly life. At this point, you may wish to discuss a replacement with your air conditioning repair technician. Thankfully, this is one of many services that can be provided by One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth, TX so making that call for air conditioning repair and installation is important.

Your unit has other ways of telling you when it’s ready to go. Mounting repairs that happen within a shorter time span can quickly add up, and you may come to notice that the money you’re spending on them costs more than the actual value of your air conditioner. Any unit that hasn’t had any preventive maintenance done over the years can wear out a lot faster than most, so having routine air conditioning repair performed at least once a year is vital to extending the life of your unit.

However, machines are so much like people in that they face age, wear and tear. One minor repair leads to another, and sooner or later, you will be faced with the possibility of seeking a brand new model for your home. There are many Energy Star options to choose from, and discussing them with your air conditioning repair technician is helpful in allowing you to make the right choice for your home’s needs.

So when your air conditioner is down, don’t lose your cool. There are many service options offered by One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, and your air conditioning repair expert can review your choices and help you select the one that’s best for you. Air conditioning repair doesn’t have to be stressful, and you can always have your questions and needs addressed anytime. Don’t wait, just call or visit One Hour online today. It’s that simple.