What To Know And Do Before The Air Duct Cleaning Service Arrives | Azle, TX

What To Know And Do Before The Air Duct Cleaning Service Arrives | Azle, TX

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You have determined that you should hire air duct cleaning services and you have set up your appointment. You are sitting at home wondering what to do while waiting for the service provider to arrive. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in Azle, TX would like to give you some information and tips on how to prepare for your home for air duct cleaning services. There are some important things that you should consider before hiring an air duct cleaning service provider. After you have decided that you need air duct cleaning services then you should prepare yourself and your home for the cleaning. Here are some important things to consider first.

Be wary of scams.

If something seems too good to be true then it usually is too good to be true. There are many scammers and con artists out there that advertise that they have great deals for air duct cleaning services. If the price seems too low then you should stay away from them because they will not deliver a good service. Legitimate companies charge a fair and competitive price. They will also not add extra things that are not needed like mold or damages in the ducts that need to be replaced. It is easy to falsely advertise that a company is a part of a professional association to make them seem fore legitimate. It is always more important to fact check and call the association and make sure that the company you are considering is a part of this association. You should also look up some online reviews that are not posted on the website because it is easy to fabricate those reviews to make the company seem better than it is.

Health issues may persist.

People may think that their health problems will be resolved as soon as their air ducts are cleaned. This is not the case. The dust within your ducts can be caused by pet dander, dirt, pollen from the outside. This dust doesn’t just accumulate in the ducts. The dust particles attach to carpets, drapes, and furniture. Any wind or movement can stir up the dust which can trigger a family member’s allergies. You should clean the curtains, carpets, and upholstery after you have conducted air duct cleaning services to make sure that all the dust is removed from your home. If this is not done then the air duct cleaning service might be rendered useless. You might also have to invest in special filters that reduce the amount of dust that can make its way into and out of the air ducts. This will improve indoor air quality and minimize the health problems that might occur. It is best to ask your air duct cleaning service provider what can be done to improve the indoor air quality so that allergies and lung diseases can be decreased.

Dust build-up on registers is not concrete proof that there is dust in your air ducts.

The homeowners who are not informed on how their air conditioning or heating system works will think that if their registers have a dust layer then there is dust in the air ducts. This is not the case. It might be something to look for when determining if your air ducts are full of dust but it is not the only determining factor. Homeowners that lack this knowledge can be taken advantage of when scammers advise them on how to fix a dusty register. The air filters that are behind the registers are there to trap most of the dust that gets sucked into the register that returns the air to the air conditioner or heating system. You should clean out the air filters and if they become dusty shorty after then it is a sign your ducts should be cleaned out. You can also clean out the register without contacting an air duct cleaning service provider. You need a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment and a damp rag to wipe everything down once you have vacuumed the register. You can also ask your technician how you can keep your filters and registers clean for longer so that it doesn’t require maintenance too often.

Improper duct-cleaning can create more problems.

It is very important that you do an adequate amount of research to make sure that the service provider you have chosen is a legitimate and qualified company. If you hire a company that does not have the right equipment to vacuum the air ducts. They will struggle to vacuum up the dust and it is likely to be blown deeper into the ducts or it can be blown into your home. An experienced and qualified technician will have the right tools and know which methods to use to effectively remove the dust from the ducts. They will not damage anything or cause more harm. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in Azle, TX has many qualified technicians that can help you with any air conditioning and heating system repairs as well as air duct cleaning service. You should also not attempt to clean the air ducts yourself as you do not have the knowledge or the tools that are required to clean the ductwork effectively. You also have a higher risk of damaging your ductwork which can lead to expensive repairs in the future.

Now that you have decided which company you are going to hire for your air duct cleaning service and you have set a date for the duct cleaning then you can start preparing your home for the day that the technicians will clean out for ducts. There are 5 things that you can do to prepare your home.

1. Walk Through with the Air Duct Cleaning Technician

it is important to walk through your home with the professional that will clean out your air ducts. This is a good idea for two reasons. This first reason is that you can give your technician a tour of your home and you can explain what you expect them to clean. This avoids any miscommunication that might occur. This will make sure that you are getting what you paid and your technician can advise if you have missed any spots. The second reason is that you can understand how the ducts will be cleaned and where they will be most of the time. You can also ask your duct cleaning service provider where you should place protective coverings and which furniture to move so that it is not in the way. You should also ask how large the coverings should be to make sure that the necessary area is covered and protected. This also provides you the opportunity to ask your technician any questions that you might have about the service.

2. Clearing Work Areas

Once you have asked the technician which area you should cover then you can start working on clearing out the furniture in the room so that it is not cumbersome for the air duct cleaning service providers when they arrive. This will save a lot of time because the contractors can start working on the cleaning rather than clearing out the workspace. This will also minimize the risk of one of the contractors damaging or breaking your furniture if they move it. You should ask your contractor if they bring floor coverings or if you should get some. It will make the cleaning up after the ducts have been cleared out much easier. It can also protect your floors against scratches and if you have carpets it will prevent the dust from setting on the carpet. This will prevent the dust from circulating in your home after the air duct cleaning has been carried out. This will also help you avoid hiring professional cleaners to clean up after the service has been conducted.

3. Pet Safety

The technicians should not be distracted while they are conducting air duct cleaning services. This might cause them to miss a spot or they might clean less effectively. Pets are cute and they can be hard to control and observe constantly. Sometimes pets can cause disruptions therefore it is best to remove your pets from the area that will be worked on. The pets can be left outside or they should be kept in a room that does not have ducts. Keeping the animals separate from the air duct cleaning service provider also benefits the animals. They are kept away from the machinery that could injure them and they are staying away from the dust. Dust could affect your animal’s health negatively. You should also let your service provider know where your pets are and to avoid them. If you decide not to stay at home you can give the technicians instructions in case one of the pets escapes. This will decrease the worry that you might experience when leaving your home while the air conditioning technicians are carrying out the cleaning. The technicians will also be more at ease.

4. Children

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in Azle, TX advises you to remove your children from the area that will be receiving the air duct cleaning service. children can be very curious and they might distract the technicians by asking a lot of questions or playing in the area that the technician is working in. This can be a safety hazard for the professional air duct cleaning service provider and the children. The children can be injured by being in the way and the technicians can damage your ducts or get hurt if they are not focusing properly. The air duct cleaning can also be quite noisy which can hurt your children’s ears so it is advised that your children are not in the home while the air duct cleaning commences. It can also be a good idea to schedule your air duct cleaning for when the children are at school or visiting friends.

5. Security

You should decide whether or not you will be staying at home during your duct cleaning service. The cleaning can be quite noisy so if you decide to leave the home then you should inform the technician. It can be beneficial to stay at home while the air duct cleaning commences because you can observe the air duct cleaning service provider make sure that everything is being done correctly and that nothing is being damaged in the process. It depends on the size of your ductwork but air duct cleaning services can take a few hours or most of the day so if you decide to leave then you should put some precautions in place for your air duct cleaning service provider to follow. You should inform your technicians who to call once the cleaning is over so that they can conduct an inspection to make sure everything is clean. You should also inform the technicians how to lock up once they are done. There should also be emergency numbers available or fire extinguishers in the case of an emergency.

After you have considered the important bits of information and you have followed all these steps then you and your house should be ready for the duct cleaning services. Following these steps are beneficial because you have completed all the necessary actions to make sure everything happens smoothly. This also gives you an opportunity to see if there are any problems that might need professional attention. This also allows you to choose the best service provider that will provide an honest and trustworthy service. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in Azle, TX have duct cleaning services and a wide variety of other services that you might need if an unforeseen problem arises. For all your air conditioner needs, call them to schedule an appointment.