Best Place to Install Split AC in Homes | Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, TX

Best Place to Install Split AC in Homes | Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, TX

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A split AC is one of the most popular models of AC units in Dallas. Poor placement of these units in the room however can make them overwork and malfunction.

Placement related breakdowns in split AC can take many shapes and forms. These can include overheated outdoor units, coolant troubles to irregular temperature. Most often the AC cannot keep up with the demand for cool air and eventually burns out.

This can ultimately result in spending hundreds of dollars to buy a new unit and hiring air conditioning service in Dallas, TX to install them. Burned out Split ACs also demand frequent maintenance and costly repairs.

Split AC requires specific considerations and preventive maintenance from seasoned air conditioning service in Dallas, TX to keep running smoothly. Here are essential factors to consider when deciding the best place to install a split AC:


1.  Consider Dimension of the Room

The wrong placement of a split AC can impact its cooling negatively, leading to disappointing results. This ultimately shows up as hiked up energy bills which can eat away at your savings.

An effective placement of the Indoor unit can save the homeowners up to 10% of their electricity bills. Proper placement can also extend the life of the unit making it last for years without air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

It is imperative to consider the size, dimension and layout of the room before installing the split AC. Indoor units work best when flow of air can be directed evenly through the room’s layout. Indoor units handle the distribution of cooled air and operate to remove humidity from the air.

Hence to improve efficiency of this function and to allow better air flow, it is ideal to place the indoor unit in the centre of the room. In asymmetrical rooms it can become difficult to ascertain the centre. In such cases, place the AC in a shaded area, leaving a spacing of 15 cm around it. This allows for proper airflow to take place around the indoor unit.

2.  Place Free From Blockages

Even the best air conditioning service in Dallas, TX would inform you to keep the flow of the cooled air free from blockages. Split AC can cool up to two rooms at a time if placed in an appropriate position. Effective cooling requires the air to directly flow from one to another.

Place the AC in a location free from blockages such as a wall or pillar. Anything obstructing its path will also obstruct the flow of cool air. This means any big furniture, plant or wall placed in front of the louvers of the AC can reduce cooling and make it over work.

Keep objects at a distance preferably one foot away from the split AC indoor unit. The more spacious the area around the AC the higher the cooling you can maintain in the room.

3.  Place Away From Heat Source

Occasionally homeowners complain their AC is not cooling to the best of its ability.  This results in homeowners running it for longer to lower room temperature. This can eat up a hole in home owner’s wallet.

Often this problem can be solved by determining the heat sources in the room and placing the split AC away from them. Heat in Dallas can be scorching and direct sunlight from windows can affect performance of the AC.

Hot light bulbs attached next to the AC can also impact performance of the Split AC. In worst cases the unit can collapse requiring air conditioning service in Dallas, TX. Place the split in a shaded area for effective cooling. This saves energy usage by up to 10 percent.

4.  Adjust Height and Direction

To receive the best cooling from Indoor cooling units of Split AC, place it above the seating area.  You may even place it directly facing your bed or sofa. You can even direct the position of the louvers over the specific area you want to be cooled. This ensures optimum cooling reaches you.

Split AC requires regularpreventive maintenance and air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.  Hence place the Split AC at a comfortable and easy to reach height for technicians. A maximum height of 8 to 10 feet from the ground is enough for most cleaning purposes.

5.  Choose a Dry and Well Ventilated Location for Outdoor Unit

Outdoor units of split AC have internal systems which can heat up especially if placed in direct sunlight. A dry and shaded area is an ideal location to place outdoor units. This protects the unit from overheating and breaking down.

A well ventilated area will ensure the outdoor unit performs well. Open spaces free from blockages will also allow for better air discharge. Ideally every object should be placed a foot away from the unit. This includes plant or any external walls surrounding the outdoor unit.

Additionally, the indoor and outdoor units need to be placed within minimal distance between them. This allows for a reduction cooling loss. When deciding the location, ensure the distance is not more than 15 meters.  This will make your Split AC functioning at its best requiring less repair and air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

Choose an Expert for a Seamless Installation

Figuring out an ideal location to place you AC can become tricky. The process can be made easier with the correct guidance. Hiring the best air conditioning service in Dallas, TX will provide you with the best knowledge.

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