Buying Air Conditioners: How to Select the Best One for Your Needs | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Buying Air Conditioners: How to Select the Best One for Your Needs | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

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The weather turned so warm recently. But what if your cooling unit is not working properly or you don’t have one installed? What do you then? Get in touch with us at One Hour Heating. We are a reputed air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. Seek our advice on buying the most suitable model for your particular case. In the meanwhile, you can read our guide for some great tips for choosing the best cooling unit.

According to the experts at One Hour heating and air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, budget is the biggest concern. Whatever model you select, must be available at a suitable price. But rates alone don’t matter. You must also select an energy efficient model so that you don’t pay too much in terms of your electricity bills. Size is another important consideration; the capacity of the unit must be sufficient to cool the area where you will be installing the AC.

Determining a Suitable Capacity

According to One Hour Heating, a reputed air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, capacity is the most important factor to consider when buying a window AC. Estimate the area of your room, and accordingly, we’ll suggest a suitable capacity. If required, we may even inspect your room, because your ceiling height, windows and doorways may also affect capacity.

According to the experts at One Hour Air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, if the room is shaded, the estimated capacity can be reduced by around 10%. If sunlight enters for the most part of the day through the windows, the capacity should be increased by 10%.

Selecting a Model

Window Air Conditioners

Window Air Conditioners come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Small units have a maximum capacity of around 6500 Btu and are the most affordable, but they can only cool areas that are less than 300 square feet. Though small window units are efficient, our experts at One Hour, a reputed air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, recommend them only if the room is small. For larger areas, you should consider other Window AC sizes or cooling unit types.

Medium sized window ACs have a capacity of around 8200 Btu, and are recommended for areas between 250 and 400 square feet. Larger units have capacities higher than 1000 Btu, and can cool areas as big as 650 square feet.

Portable Models

Portable models are usually installed in spaces where widow configurations are not appropriate or building regulations don’t permit their installation. The capacity of these units ranges from 9000 Btu to over 15000 Btu.

Our experts at One Hour, a reliable air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, claim that portable ACs are an expensive choice and have lower energy efficiencies. When compared to window ACs of the same size, their performance is poor because they’ve been found to consume more energy.

Split ACs

Split air conditioners are preferable if you want to cool a specific number of rooms and don’t have appropriate ductwork in place. These units perform well and are energy efficient. If they are made to run on low configurations, they’re barely audible. Compared to window ACs, they are a more expensive choice.

Centralized Cooling Units

Centralized cooling units supply cold air throughout your home using a duct network. For the system to work optimally, the size must be appropriate. Moreover, your house must be properly insulated so that energy usage is minimum.

Extra Factors to Consider

Choose an air conditioner that doesn’t emit noise. At the most, you should hear a faint hum of the fan. This is particularly important if you’re planning to install the AC in your bedroom. According to our experts at One Hour Air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, inexpensive models may emit enough noise to disturb light sleepers, even if configured on low settings.


According to our experts at One Hour air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, window ACs are efficient only for small spaces. They mostly blow air in one direction, which means that the window where you’ll be installing them should be in the center of the wall so that the room cools uniform. If not, you’ll need a device or component to direct the air around. Either install a fan, or buy a unit that has swiveled fan arms and can blow air to the left or right.

Correct Installation

Cooling units work optimally only when properly installed. For instance, the sealing must be tight and the unit must be installed at a proper level so that the drainage is correct. Also, devices that generate heat such as lamps or TVs must be away from the cooling unit. Work with One Hour, air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, and we’ll ensure that we install your unit correctly such that energy efficiency is maximized.


Filters should be easily accessible so that they can be cleaned. Also, for the air conditioner to work optimally, you must get these filters cleaned regularly by a reliable air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, like One Hour Heating and Air.

Intelligent Cooling

Newer cooling units are based on smart technology and can be controlled via your phone. This can be an added convenience.


Generally, if the touchpad is large and features LED lighting, it is easier to read. Labeling should be clear and temperature displays should be digital. If the control panel isn’t properly designed, it often turns out to be an annoyance.


If your chosen unit features a timer, you can configure to turn the unit on or off whenever required. Generally, timers are built-in for most newer models.

Dehumidifying Mode

The dehumidifying mode feature can come in quite handy on cool and wet days, which are common in the spring and fall seasons.


Find out warranty details of your chosen model before buying the unit.


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