Bigger HVAC Units Aren’t Always Better – Reasons To Consult An Air Conditioner Installation Technician | Southlake, TX

Bigger HVAC Units Aren’t Always Better – Reasons To Consult An Air Conditioner Installation Technician | Southlake, TX

The Texan summer heat can sometimes be oppressive, and the joy of having a comfortable home with cool, conditioned air sounds delightful. This is where the air conditioning system plays a critical role. Air conditioning units not only cool your home’s indoor air but also removes any determinants that might be dissolved. Summers are well known for their notoriously high humidity levels. Fortunately, an air conditioner also regulates that. Overall, your home will have unmatched comfort through an air conditioner installation before the onset of summer. With the dream of enjoying the coldest possible air, some homeowners are tempted to purchase the largest unit in the market. Some aren’t satisfied with their existing unit’s performance and assume they need a larger unit.

This is a common error that some homeowners make to get better performance from their air conditioning systems. In reality, a larger air conditioner isn’t necessarily better. It might not even meet your cooling needs, ensuring the comfort of your Southlake, TX, home. You need an air conditioner that is appropriately sized concerning your home. Therefore, you’re recommended to consult an air conditioner installation before purchasing a unit. The technicians will inspect your existing unit to determine why it isn’t performing as expected. If you need a new installation, they will measure your home, consider the size of your family, and other factors to determine the right AC size for your home. Below is why bigger isn’t always the best when installing an air conditioner.

Bigger Air Conditioning System Means You’ll Pay Higher Initial Costs

The initial purchase price is the first pinch you’ll feel when you plan to replace your existing air conditioner or install a new one. Larger air conditioning systems will cost you more than a right-sized system, and this increase may cost several thousands of dollars. This is because the larger the unit, the more the features and supposed “cooling efficiency.” However, this efficiency directly matches the size of your home.

Hence, consult a professional air conditioner installation before using thousands of dollars to purchase a larger air conditioning system. Additionally, pay greater emphasis on a properly-sized air conditioner other than a larger unit. This will save you a fortune in the initial purchase prices of the unit. You can also consider additional features that enhance convenience, like a smart thermostat.

Uneven Temperatures

If the air conditioning system is oversized, it will frequently cycle on and off, resulting in problems in air distribution. A large air conditioner quickly cools your home, making the thermostats sense that your indoor space has been sufficiently cooled. Therefore, it sends a signal to the air conditioning system instructing it to halt the cooling as your preferred temperatures have been reached.

This frequently turns on and off the air conditioner in a short cycling phenomenon. To avoid this, you’re better off contacting an air conditioner installation technician for advice on the right sized unit. Remember, short cycling will undoubtedly result in various air conditioner issues that precipitate premature repairs or replacements. Hence, always prefer the right size, not a huge size. A right-sized AC unit will constantly run, effectively cooling your air and ensuring that your home is comfortable.

Higher Utility Bills

Your system’s likelihood of requiring additional preventative maintenance and repairs is another problem brought on by frequent system on-and-off cycles. More wear and tear is put on the system when your air conditioning system is constantly turning on and off. Your air conditioner’s lifespan will be limited, necessitating earlier equipment replacement costs and greater maintenance and repairs.

Additionally, the longer an air conditioning unit runs, the more effective at cooling your indoor air it becomes. Compared to a system that is correctly scaled and is permitted to go through a typical cooling cycle, it typically consumes more energy for frequent, abrupt starts and stops. Thus, a correctly designed, highly effective system will enable you to save cash on long-term maintenance and air conditioner installation.

Excess Humidity

Besides cooling indoor air, an air conditioner removes the air’s moisture, acting as a dehumidifier. However, for the air conditioner to effectively do this, it must run for a long time. If you install a larger-than-necessary air conditioner, it will come to your Southlake, TX, home swiftly and then turn off after attaining the thermostat set temperatures. The large air conditioner will also not be able to regulate the indoor humidity effectively. Hence, if you want a unit that can remove the moisture from the air and effectively protect your walls, furniture, art, and every ceiling mold growth, liaise with an air conditioner installation technician to purchase the right size AC unit.

Poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

Two factors contribute to poor indoor air quality caused by oversized air conditioners. They first produce too much humidity. Dust mites and mold thrive when indoor humidity levels reach about 50%. Second, larger air conditioners use higher duct pressures to operate. Under this pressure, any leaks in the duct system will probably develop, providing additional possibilities for dusty attic air to enter the duct system and circulate throughout your home. Do you need great indoor air quality? Liaise with an air conditioner installation company before purchasing an AC unit. They will help you choose the rightly-sized one.

More Breakdowns

The more frequently your big air conditioner short cycles, the more damage the parts will sustain. More frequently than you might with a system of the proper size, your fan, blower motor, and other components are much more likely to break early, costing you money and causing inconvenience. An air conditioner installation technician helps you purchase the right-sized air conditioner for your home.

Bigger AC Isn’t Always Better

As you can see from the above, many issues are related to purchasing a large air conditioner. For help choosing the right sized air conditioner, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, your reliable air conditioner installation in Southlake, TX.

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