Top Reasons Why You Are Making Frequent Calls For AC Repair | Grapevine, TX

Top Reasons Why You Are Making Frequent Calls For AC Repair | Grapevine, TX

When summer sets in, it’s a relief to have an air conditioner to save the day. What’s more relieving is knowing your air conditioner is in good condition and ready for the season. Your home will be a place of refuge from the hot summer as it will be kept cool and comfortable. Thus, you and your family will enjoy the home air conditioning and go about your daily business stress-free. But what if the AC stops working? Horrible, right?

Once in a while, your air conditioner may fail, but if it’s constantly calling for repairs, that’s something to worry about. Remember, frequent AC repairs will cost you tons of money in the long run, which can strain your budget. Again, a unit that’s frequently breaking down means its efficiency levels are reduced, and every thought of it only puts a damper effect on your comfort levels.

Why am I making frequent service calls? That is an excellent question to ask yourself. Various things can compromise the functioning of your air conditioner and cause you to schedule frequent repairs. Here are some possible reasons;

Overworking the Unit

You’re experiencing frequent AC failure because you’re overstressing the unit, subjecting it to more wear and tear. This is why it’s recommended that you use the correct unit size for your home.

A small AC unit in a large room may be subject to breakdowns as it’s forced to run constantly and work harder to cool the space. You might be on the other end of frequent AC repairs without the proper AC size for your home cooling needs.

A properly sized air conditioner for your home will perform at its peak. You might have renovated your home or upgraded the old system but haven’t changed your air conditioner. Thus, there’s a possibility that the air conditioner is no longer a suitable size to meet the needs of your space.

You must hire a professional in Grapevine, TX, to conduct an HVAC load calculation, which considers the size, design, and needs of your home as well as variables such as insulation, windows, and sunshine exposure, among others.

Failure to Change the Air Filters

When was the last time you changed your unit’s air filters? Dirty and clogged air filters are good reasons why your AC should malfunction. This is because they affect how your space is cooled by restricting air circulation, reducing the AC’s efficiency levels.

If there’s not enough air running over the coils, the unit can’t dehumidify the air to realize the desired temperature in the home. This means it keeps running when it shouldn’t. Changing the filters at least once per month is advisable, although this may vary depending on your household needs.

If you’re not changing the air filters, you might often get stuck with AC repairs. Replacing the filters will significantly improve your unit’s performance and help it last longer. Also, it will save you extra costs and help keep your indoor air clean and fresh.

The US Department of Energy reports that changing your air filters is often the most important maintenance item. Your AC repair and maintenance specialist in Grapevine, TX, can offer tips on how and when to replace the air filters or which ones to buy, depending on your needs.

Obstructions Around Your Outdoor AC Unit

Obstructions in the immediate area surrounding your outside unit can cause it to fail more frequently, calling for emergency repairs. Vegetation growing around your outdoor AC system can cause it to malfunction due to hindrances in the airflow.

For the unit to effectively cool the home, it must be free from obstructions. Therefore, you need to keep it free of debris and vegetation, especially when it’s exposed to the elements.

Skipping Professional AC maintenance

Failure to have proper routine air conditioning system maintenance could be the prime reason you’re dealing with frequent AC repairs. Getting your system serviced by a certified HVAC provider helps spot and troubleshoot issues before they become more problematic. The unit will work at its best, and few repairs will be needed, extending its lifespan.

During regular AC tune-ups, the technician performs a complete and comprehensive system assessment, including a refrigerant level check. A low refrigerant charge in the system will make it difficult for the air conditioner to cool your space.

Low coolant levels may be due to the refrigerant leaking or the AC unit being undercharged during installation. Merely adding refrigerant isn’t the solution. You need a qualified and experienced AC repair and maintenance professional who will fix the leak and restore the unit to the correct refrigerant levels.

Regular AC maintenance will also ensure the ductwork is checked and any blockage in the vents is cleaned out. This improves airflow within the system.

Old and Worn-Out Parts

If your system has served you for several years, it might start to perform irregularly due to age. The reason you’re probably needing constant AC repairs is that the system has outlived its life expectancy. Also, parts such as the compressor and fan motor blades are subject to wear and tear with time. This is especially true if the AC goes through frequent on-off cycles, as in the case of big-sized air conditioners.

Electrical connections can also malfunction since corrosion of wires and terminals is a common occurrence with air conditioning systems. If a trained AC repair pro replaces the worn-out components before they fail, it will save you costly AC repairs down the road.

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