Cleaning Your Air Conditioner: Should You Be Doing it Yourself? | Air Conditioning Service in Azle, TX

Cleaning Your Air Conditioner: Should You Be Doing it Yourself? | Air Conditioning Service in Azle, TX

Is your air conditioner becoming less effective? Are you sweating even with your air conditioner on full power? Well looks like you need to clean your air conditioning unit to remove all the dust and dirt that is making it inefficient.

A step-by-step guide will help you to make your air conditioner as good as new.

Check the Instruction Manual

The first step is to search for the instruction manual. Usually people tend to forget where they have kept the manual that came with the unit. After you have found it, you need to carefully read the instructions.

Some details are mentioned in the manual which will be helpful to clean the filters of the air conditioner. If you cannot find the manual, then you can visit the manufacturer’s website to get a copy. Alternatively you can hire a professional air conditioning service in Azle, TX. In fact, hiring a professional to do this is recommended.

Clean the Filters

The filters are one of the easiest parts to clean and the professionals at any reliable air conditioning service in Azle, TX will suggest you to regularly clean them.

Before opening the lid of the air conditioner you need to make sure that the power is turned off or it might be your last breath. Now you will see multiple filters that would be covered with dust. These filters prevent dirt from entering into the room with the cold air, and that is why they get clogged and dusty over a very short period of time.

You need to carefully take out the filters so that the room does not get dusty. You can clean the panels in the washroom, but the experts advise that you take them outside. It is better to avoid cleaning the filters in the room as the dust can accumulate again. You can also wash the filters if they are very dirty, but make sure to dry them before you put them back.

A clogged filter means there are high running costs since the air conditioner has to work harder to push the air. Try cleaning the filters once a month but this depends on how often you use the unit. You should make a good habit of checking the filters once in a while and get them cleaned whenever the need arises. If you want a more thorough job, then it is better that you get in touch with anair conditioning service in Azle, TX to have your filters cleaned before the start of the summer season.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Before cleaning the condenser coils you need to make sure that the power is off and even the main switch of the air conditioner is off. After removing the outer casing, you need to locate the coils by removing components that are in the way. Using a duster, brush off any dirt and by applying a cleaning agent, remove the trapped dirt. After that, spray some water to rinse any leftovers. Remember to check the coil fins for any damage or bending. A ‘fin comb’ could be used to straighten the bent fins, which is easily available in hardware stores.

If you don’t want to spend on tools and equipment hire an air conditioning service in Azle, TX instead! They have everything you need; the right tools, the right knowledge and the right experience.

Clean the Fan Coil of the Indoor Unit

This part of the air conditioner blows cool air into the room. By the help of a screwdriver or any other tool, the chassis of the indoor unit needs to be removed in order to access the fan coil.

The professionals at a reliable air conditioning service in Azle, TX advice spraying the fan coil with a suitable cleaning solution, leaving it for a little time and then rinsing it off by using warm water. There is a drip pan which holds the spilled liquid, so you do not need to worry about the mess. While rinsing the fan coil to clear the runoff, take care that you do not overflow the drip pan. Before washing further, allow the liquid to drain. You need to dry the fan coil before you put on the chassis back.

General Tips

Apart from the above mentioned things, there are less priority tasks as well. Regular maintenance will reduce your electricity bill as well as increase the efficiency of the air conditioner.

You can make use of an anti-bacterial solution and spray it on some of the components of your unit such as the drip tube, drip pan, fan coil, and the filters. This is done to eradicate the mould and bacteria that are present inside the air conditioner which can potentially harm your family.

The experts at an air conditioning service in Azle, TX suggest cleaning the drop channels of the unit. A pipe cleaner or a stiff wire is used to unblock the clogged passageway so that the air conditioner’s ability to remove moisture from the air is not affected.

To improve the exterior look of the air conditioner it is preferable that you clean the dust or use a moist cloth to wipe the casing. This does not make a difference but some people are allergic to dust, so it would be better for them. Hire a professional air conditioning service in Azle, TX and get rid of the dirt.

Sooner or later you will need the help of an expert person who has the right knowledge about air conditioners. The professionals will be able to provide you complete cleaning and servicing of your unit and you can utilize that time to do something else. The technician will also be able to recommend you new parts and would be more capable than you, by miles, when it comes to replacing the faulty ones.

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