What Do You Know About Furnace Fire Safety? | Heating and AC Service in Fort Worth, TX

What Do You Know About Furnace Fire Safety? | Heating and AC Service in Fort Worth, TX

The furnace has always been popular as one of the reliable heating systems in our houses. Almost all of us are familiar with furnaces and frequently use them during the cold season. It not only keeps our home safe but also helps in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the space.

However, since childhood, we all have learned different ways to avoid a housefire. We have been told how to escape such a fire situation and how to respond to a major house fire. But what we have rarely learned is actually how to avoid a housefire. This may include regular electrical inspections or never leaving a heat source switched on in your absence.

So today, we will cover some of these major mistakes that lead to a housefire. The most common reason for a housefire in Fort Worth, TX is the improper treatment of heating systems. Many homeowners leave their houses keeping their air conditioners or furnaces switched on. This is a very dangerous practice that not only put you but also your loved ones’ lives at stake.

So let’s dig deeper into the ways to prevent a house fire as the professionals of heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX suggest.

Ways to Prevent a House Fire

If you have already finished the maintenance of your furnace, you must have taken some important measures – also discussed below. However, if you are planning to take up the maintenance task then here are some important suggestions from the experts of heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX to consider;

  • Clean the exhaust vents for the furnace. Birds may nest in these vents in the summer season. Make sure all the vents are clean before the furnace is turned on.
  • Keep hedges and brush away from your exhaust vents.
  • Keep the areas surrounding the furnace clear. As a general rule, at least 3 feet area surrounding the furnace should be clean, especially if you keep flammable dry material like papers in that same room.
  • Keep the furnace chamber clean. There is a chance that the furnace might get filled with dust, ash and other particles over time that may ignite in great amounts. So keep the furnace clean.
  • Remove any flammable fabric or such boxes at a distant from floor vents.
  • Make sure your gas lines are not leaking.
  • Never leave a running portable heater unattended and never use any kind of extension cord.

Smoke Alarms

Even after taking all such precautions, house fire and accidents are inevitable. So when you come across any such accident, the best would be to get notified at the earliest. After all, a warning is the best defense you can have to avoid accidents. For this, you need to install proper carbon monoxide and smoke alarms in the entire house.

Installation of Smoke Alarms

Smoke is a lot hotter than the surrounding air in the space. It causes heat drafts that force smoke to rise and reach up to the ceiling. That is why smoke alarms are recommended by the heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX to be installed the nearbyceiling. This will help smoke alarms to catch smoke at the earliest since it gets accumulated in the highest places first.

For the installation of smoke detectors; follow the below mentioned suggestions shared by the professionals of heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX.

  • Place smoke detectors on each floor
  • Install them in every bedroom/hallway
  • Smoke detectors should be in the basement, base of stairs or ceiling
  • Pitched ceilings, place between 4 inches to 2 feet from ceiling peak
  • Avoid installing close to possible drafts like doors, windows etc
  • Never paint over such devices as this may hamper their functionality
  • Place close to fireplaces, furnaces and other flames or high-heat sources

By comparison, carbon monoxide alarms must be located centrally. Carbon monoxide is by nature invisible and odorless. It generally weights same as air so it evenly distributes into a room on the basis of air currents. The professional of heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX suggest that for safety, your best bet is to install a carbon monoxide detector in each room and close to devices that are likely to produce CO such as the furnace.



  • Use CO and Smoke alarms
  • Interconnected systems
  • Install a dual-sensor alarm (photoelectric and ionization)

The major reason for installing a smoke or CO detector is that the earliest you are notified of the damage, the sooner you can act and save yourself from the fire. Early warning by these smoke detectors can be a life-saving factor in this case. Similarly,interconnected alarms warn each other against possible danger. They trigger simultaneously to ensure maximum alert.

However, the professionals of heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX suggest keeping these alarms well maintained at all times. They recommend their regular testing and replacement of unit or batteries depending on the type.

The Final Word

The safety of your family is in your hands and you can easily ensure the maximum safety by taking some recommended preventive measures. These measures are highly recommended by experts to stay safe from severe house fire incidences.

We all have multiple heating and cooling systems in our homes, which increase the chances of such fire accidents. While we cannot alleviate these accidents or their likelihood completely, we can always keep them under control.

The major mistake that many homeowners make is to neglect the repair or replacement of smoke detectors. Many homeowners have these devices installed in their houses but the only time they come to know of their malfunctioning is when it’s too late.

Thus the foremost thing, in terms of every kind of electrical appliance, is to keep it well maintained. For this take the assistance of professional heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX.

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