Common AC Problems Needing Air Conditioning Service | Azle, TX

Common AC Problems Needing Air Conditioning Service | Azle, TX

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You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out something is wrong with your AC system. Many homeowners in Azle, TX fire up their AC system come spring and discover there is a problem requiring air conditioning service. If you are aware of the most common problems that end up requiring AC servicing you will be better prepared and can avoid the unexpected surprise of coming home to an AC unit that does not function. The last thing anyone wants after a long day is to come home to a sweltering hot home. No one wants to suffer from the heat because they missed an early warning sign that something is not quite right with their air conditioning system.

While on the topic of common AC problems we should point out that all air conditioners need routine care. You want to keep up this basic care too if you expect your warranty to be kept intact. Most air conditioners come with a 5-year warranty if not registered, and it extends to 10 years once registered. AC manufacturers expect that you get an AC tune-up every year. We recommend people get these done in the springtime in Azle, TX before the peak season of summer begins, that time of the year when nearly every air conditioning service is totally booked with emergency AC repair calls. So while reading this think back to when the last time was that you had an AC tune-up. You may want to book yours now.

When you get an AC tune-up you are not only keeping your warranty intact, you are also helping to extend the lifespan of your AC unit. When your air conditioner is properly cared for, breakdowns are less likely to happen as well, saving you money on expensive repair bills. This is why manufacturers expect you to have a tune-up done once per year. Not only that but you will also pay less in utility bills as a finely tuned AC unit is proven to use less power to cool down your home. This is because when your AC unit is not well cared for it runs less efficiently leading to higher utility bills. Did you know that a central air conditioner is only expected to last for 10 to 15 years? This number is for an AC unit that is taken care of! If you do not give your AC at least an annual tune-up you can expect it to die much sooner than that time frame. This does not mean you have to get an AC tune-up every year of course. Some systems just manage to hold up over time. It is a calculated risk you take, on one hand, an AC tune-up does not cost too much while replacing an entire AC unit much sooner than expected will cost you in the long run.


Now that we have discussed routine care for air conditioners and why it is important, let us discuss the warning signs that you might need to make that call to an air conditioning professional for your home. You need to know the warning signs that your AC unit is about to fail before it is too late and you end up with a more expensive air conditioning service call for your home. It is not uncommon after a few months of no use during Azle, TX short winter period for an AC to experience issues after being started up again in the spring or summer. Knowing which problems are ones to immediately call an air conditioning service for is vital to ensure that you are not facing an expensive repair as if you catch many of these issues early the repair issue may not cost you as much money. This is because many major repair issues start off as a small issue but when a homeowner doesn’t know when to make that call for air conditioning service, the problem worsens over time. Let us go over some of the most common AC issues that will require air conditioning servicing.

Here Are Your Top AC Problems to Look Out For:

Water Leaking

You should never see water leaking from your AC’s indoor unit. if you do this is a clue that basic maintenance is long overdue! Most often this signals that your AC unit’s condensate drain is clogged. This can happen due to algae or even fungus or debris. When this gets bad it will cause water to back up into your pipe and then into your home. The other possible cause of this issue is that the condensate pump has finally failed, and if this is the case the condensate pump will need replacement. This issue if ignored can cause further damage to not only your home in the form of water damage but also to the AC unit itself so it is far better to call an air conditioning service company now than to risk further damage to both your home and your AC system. Thankfully the fix for water leaking into your indoor unit is an easy fix that will not break the bank unlike some repairs from an air conditioning service.

AC Refrigerant Leak

You never want your AC to be leaking refrigerant. If your AC unit is older, say from the early 2000s it will be using Freon, which is dangerous to you and your family if it is indeed leaking. Modern AC units use R-410A which is the replacement coolant for Freon. If you do have an older model air conditioner any air conditioning service will tell you that purchasing Freon today is very expensive as it is imported in extremely limited quantities to the United States Of America. Regardless of what type of AC unit you are dealing with, a coolant leak is no small matter. Your AC unit will suffer immensely inefficiency if it doesn’t outright start to blow warm air. Luckily this is an easy fix for your local Azle, TX air conditioning service. Signs of an AC refrigerant leak include poor cooling of your home, higher utility bills, a hissing sound coming from your condenser, ice on your evaporator coils, and very humid indoor air. This is one issue you want to call a local air conditioning service for right away so that you can stop the leak and recharge your coolant.

Damaged Compressor

Your air conditioner’s compressor is one of the most vital components of your AC system. In Azle, TX our weather can be brutal come late spring, summer, and early fall so our air conditioners put in a lot of work cooling down the home. So it should come as no surprise due to all the wear and tear our AC systems suffer from that invariably a part of our air conditioning system should fail. Your compressor is like the heart of your system, as it allows your coolant to absorb the heat from the air inside of your home and cool air which then flows into your home. We have some tips to learn to recognize when your compressor is in the early stages of failure or breaking down. If you notice that your AC unit is not releasing hot air outside you may be dealing with a faulty compressor. If you start to hear strange sounds come from your outdoor unit such as banging, growling, or grinding you may be dealing with a failing compressor. If your home suddenly has warm air flowing through the vents instead of cool air this may be another sign. Leaks around the outdoor unit of your home could also signal the need for air conditioning service. The good news is that if this issue is caught early and you call right away for air conditioning service you may end up with a lesser repair bill than you would if you delay dealing with the issue. Dealing with the issue quickly could mean the difference between repairing the compressor versus replacing the compressor.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

This is a serious problem and one that you want to call in a professional air conditioning service for. This issue normally occurs when the evaporator coil becomes clogged with dirt and debris. When this happens the airflow to the coil is restricted which in turn means warm air never reaches the refrigerant. What happens next is that the refrigerant inside the evaporator coil becomes ice cold-causing any outdoor moisture on the coils to freeze. Once your evaporator coil freezes over you will no longer receive cool air inside of your home. Signs of a frozen evaporator coil include your home no longer cooling down, ice on your refrigerant line outdoors, or if your condensate drain is clogged or the drain pan is now suddenly overflowing. If you suspect your evaporator coil has frozen over turn off the air conditioner and call in a professional air conditioning service to fix the issue. The most common cause of a frozen coil is when your coils become dirty but it can also happen due to blocked air ducts and also due to having a clogged AC drain line. Only a professional air conditioning service can diagnose the root cause of the issue and quickly correct it.

Capacitor Failure

This issue is a serious issue but thankfully an easy fix for any air conditioning service. If your AC unit suddenly begins to short cycle, which means it turns itself on and off abruptly without completing the cooling cycle you may be dealing with a capacitor that has failed. Your capacitor is what starts your motor basically. In Azle, TX with the extreme heat that we face the capacitor can sometimes overheat due to all of the hard work that our air conditioners are expected to do during the warm months here. Other causes of capacitor failure include power fluctuations and changing the temperature on the thermostat too often. Some other signs of a bad capacitor include when your AC unit does not turn on right away when it shuts off on its own or strange humming noise coming from your unit. If you suspect that your capacitor has failed make that call for air conditioning service so that not only will your home cool properly but also to avoid skyrocketing utility bills as this problem will easily lead to more energy consumption.

AC Running Constantly

Your AC will run often during the hot weather we have but if you notice that it never or rarely ever cycles off then you have an issue that needs your attention. This issue can have a multitude of causes so you will need an air conditioning service to diagnose the issue and make repairs. It could be as simple as an issue with your thermostat or as complex as an issue with your compressor or one of the many electrical parts of your system. Believe it or not, it could be as simple as having dirty AC filters, which is why we recommend having an AC tune-up done every spring.

If you have any of these common AC problems in your home or business do not hesitate to reach out to One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, TX. We service all of Azle, TX with professional air conditioning service. We offer service calls 24/7 as we know you lead a busy life and service emergencies do not run during normal business hours. Our number is 817-283-6911. We have served the community since 1988 and have built up a family of customers due to our high ethics and superior service that we offer. Give us a call with any questions about your AC unit or what services we offer. We will have your AC back up and running at peak performance in no time!