Common Mistakes That Lead to Problems in Commercial Air Conditioning Units | Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, TX

Common Mistakes That Lead to Problems in Commercial Air Conditioning Units | Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, TX

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Your office’s air conditioner keeps breaking down. Your office is hot, stuffy with the air conditioning vents blowing hot air into the workspace.

Your air conditioner, in effect, is malfunctioning and needs maintenance or repairs from professional air conditioning services in Dallas, TX.

Air conditioning services are absolutely vital for the overall health of the office environment and the productivity of the workforce. Now, you may be maintaining the air conditioner as well as you can, cleaning out the filters and checking the power supply.

However, you may be doing something wrong in your air conditioner maintenance routine that can lead to undetected and ongoing problems.

Here are some common Air Conditioner maintenance mistakes made by commercial building owners and maintenance staff in Dallas, TX.

Lack of Regular Maintenance

One common mistake shops do is that they neglect their air conditioning systems. The air conditioning unit or system needs regular servicing, repairs and maintenance. Its parts need to be repaired and maintained so that they can perform well and cool efficiently.

If parts wear down and are not maintained, they can cause significant problems for your overall air conditioning unit and utility bills. If your air filter is damaged, for example, it will increase your energy bill by at least 5%, racking up your business operation costs.

You should then get regular air conditioning services throughout the year in Dallas, TX.

Not Programming the Thermostat

If you are operating an air conditioner in the office without access to a programmable thermostat, it might be raising your electricity consumptions and as a result, your utility bills.

Employees and office maintenance workers may adjust the thermostat on their own but relying on individuals in the office will not be very efficient.

For one, employees will keep raising or lowering the thermostat according to their desires. This will be a problem in the long run as it will raise costs.

If the office invests in a programmable thermostat and sets a constant temperature, it will allow for more energy efficiency. There will now be a set temperature during the day and the air conditioner’s cooling can be programmed to turn off in the evening as the office clears out.

Temperatures Are Too Low

If you have high electricity costs, there could be a chance that your thermostat is set very low. Similarly, if your air conditioner is cooling at too low a temperature, this should be rectified immediately.

You can reset the thermostat settings to higher temperatures to make sure the air conditioner unit is not being overworked. Ideally, the temperature of the thermostat should be set to 70°F or above so that the office is more energy efficient. If your office thermostat is set to a temperature far lower than this, you should start raising the temperature.

This will allow you to reduce your energy bill costs by 3% per degree as you raise the thermostat.

Inefficient Sealing

You should keep an eye on your window seals if you want efficient cooling in the office. Window seals need regular maintenance and upkeep, especially during the cooling season.

The window seal is an essential part of the air conditioner’s cooling unit.  It is the part that keeps out humidity and heat from outside and locks in the cooled air from the air conditioner. Without a proper window seal, there cannot be efficient cooling and energy saving.

If a window seal is damaged or broken, then the cool air might escape outside and the humid air might seep into the office. The air conditioner will have to work overtime but there still would not be enough cooling in the room. You will then need air conditioning services in Dallas, TX.

AC System Placement 

It is important to remember that you should not place thermostats near sources of heat or light. This could lead to unnecessary and excessive cooling.

If you block your air conditioning vents with desks, chairs, computers, you will be obstructing the air flow. This will lead to inefficient cooling in the office workspace and will require extensive air conditioning services especially in summers in Dallas, TX.

Air Conditioning Empty Rooms

If you have central air conditioning in your office, you may be cooling unoccupied rooms.

Your air conditioning vents could be blasting cool air beyond the normal office working hours. They may also be cooling unoccupied rooms during the working hours.

The latter could occur if the vents and thermostats are not programmed to turn off or raise their temperature.

As an office administrator or manager, you should make sure to program your air conditioning unit to turn off when the office or office rooms are vacant. If this is not possible, make it mandatory for the office and maintenance staff to adjust the thermostats when they leave a room.

Natural Light

Offices must make their workspaces energy efficient and reduce the amount of heat and sunlight during the afternoons. If there is too much sunlight coming in through windows and other surfaces, chances are that the room is heating up rapidly.

This makes the air conditioner have to work overtime to cool the room and may need air conditioning services. An easy solution to this problem will be to use blinds or curtains if your Dallas, TX, office has a lot of windows.

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