Why You Should Consider Working in the HVAC Industry | HVAC Careers in Dallas, TX

Why You Should Consider Working in the HVAC Industry | HVAC Careers in Dallas, TX

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The economy is tough right now. You’re looking for a job, worried about how to put a meal on the table. You circle every job opening in the newspaper and search the internet for job opportunities.

You find nothing.

Aren’t there any jobs for hardworking Americans anymore?

Don’t lose hope, there is an industry that is hiring and pays well. You need only be a determined, hardworking, and handy with a couple of tools. If you are in a pickle and need a job, you should definitely look for HVAC Careers in Dallas, TX.

What is HVAC you ask? HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. HVAC Careers to do with climate and temperature control in indoor environments. These are important factors when it comes to housing and construction.

Now in most cities, you would think that HVAC jobs cannot make good money because the cooling seasons are either limited to summer or the city does not require heating services.

However, Dallas, TX, has a hot climate year-round and most offices, apartment buildings, businesses, and houses are air-conditioned. This would mean that people require upkeep, maintenance and repairs year-round and that means business for you if you take up HVAC Careers.

As for heating, Dallas winters and the ongoing trend of central air conditioning and ventilation has allowed for the need for heating even in a hotter climate like Dallas, TX. Not to mention your technical skillsets regarding heating will be transferrable to other contexts.

If you move to another colder region like Minnesota, Alaska, or Buffalo, you will be able to readily provide heating services in an expert fashion. As for ventilation, ventilation is the absolute core of a household. If the building or house is not properly ventilated, the air flow, temperature regulation and climate control will be obstructed and inefficient.

Ventilation is essential for the comfort and health of those living or occupying the building. There are often many instances that require ventilation services year-round, such as draughts and stuffiness in rooms.

Now, you may doubt yourself. You may be thinking, “Can I really do this? Am I good enough? I don’t have the skills!”

Fear not! With some basic training and adeptness at technical faults, you can be well on your way to make a career in the HVAC business. All it really requires is a little effort on your part and you will be a trained professional earning substantial wages.

Here’s what you need to build an HVAC career in Dallas, TX:

An EPA Certification

To qualify for HVAC Careers in Dallas, TX, you must have EPA Certification. If you choose to obtain this certification, you will be a recognized professional and it will reflect positively on your resume.

HVAC Training

You need to go to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technical School to be able to get a job with a professional heating and cooling service in Dallas, TX. This is because HVAC Careers are demanding and require a lot of technical knowledge and skill.

You will be dealing with heating vents, air filters, coolant problems, and ventilation systems. Getting certification and proper training will only help you be better at your job.

Previous Experience

For HVAC Careers, you may even need previous experience in installation services. You could have experience in residential services, as well, and own some basic tools. If you have previous experience, it will only help launch your career and mold your skills to the HVAC industry.

People Skills

Since this is a career that is dependent on your interaction and servicing of people, you will need to be a people person. You will have to work well with your HVAC employers and team and you will need to communicate well and in a friendly manner with customers.

You should be able to communicate with people of all backgrounds and ask for information that can be vital to the service at hand and you should explain the problem to the customers in an easy-to-understand and amicable manner.

Now, you may be thinking that that’s a lot of work to put in for a career in HVAC. However, you should know that there are a number of benefits you can receive from HVAC Careers in Dallas, TX.

You will be able to receive, for instance, flexibility in your work schedule. However, you will need to be on-call for emergencies. Weather or disaster-related emergencies, for instance, can mean you will get calls at any time of the day.

Most HVAC services in Dallas, TX, will offer continued education classes as well which means you will get better and additional training so that you can advance your career and education. Almost all HVAC Careers can be full-time and you can make good money during the course of your career.

Keep in mind that generally, HVAC jobs pay about $15-$25 per hour. Some HVAC Career options in Dallas, TX, can give fringe benefits like Health and Dental insurance, bonuses and Aflac. Individual companies can even offer paid holidays and vacations.

If you are involved in the HVAC industry for some time and have enough skills and qualifications, you can even set up your own business at a later stage.


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