Common Questions About Air Conditioning Service | Azle, TX

Common Questions About Air Conditioning Service | Azle, TX

Air conditioning service is a valuable investment. It refers to the maintenance and upkeep of the air conditioner, one of the largest and most important systems in the home. Though there are some things you can do on your own, such as changing air filters, there are other tasks that a trained professional should tackle to ensure your air conditioner is operating at its best.

When Should You Have Your System Serviced?

Air conditioning service is not a task to put off. It is best to have it completed at least one time each year. In Azle, it may be beneficial to do this more often if you use your air conditioner for longer than half the year.

When you have the air conditioning service completed can make a difference. For example, doing so at least once a year is essential, but doing so at the start of the warmer months, right before or just after you turn the system on for the year, is ideal. That way, you can be sure it is working properly and as efficiently as possible.

Also, note that you should check your warranty requirements. Many air conditioning manufacturers require specific types of service at various intervals. Not following these requirements could put you at risk of voiding your warranty. It may be necessary to document how frequently you have the air conditioning service completed as well.

Is Service Just Changing the Filter?

Most property owners have an air conditioner that uses a filter. The filter works to collect dust and debris before it enters the system. It is a critical component of the overall functionality as well as the health of the system. Changing filters every month or every three months, depending on the type of filter used, is critical, thanks to the higher level of dust and debris from outdoors.

However, air conditioning service is more than just changing the filter. Though you may be able to do that task yourself, service calls are more extensive, and look at all working components of the air conditioner to ensure they are efficient and safe. This type of work is best done by a trained professional who has ample experience in working with the make and model of air conditioner you have.

What Types of Tasks Are Completed in Servicing the Air Conditioner?

The first step is to understand the manufacturer’s recommendations, which should be the biggest consideration throughout this process. You want to follow those recommendations to protect your warranty and maximize the lifespan of the system.

However, most air conditioning service appointments will include the following services:


The technician will remove and replace filters or remove and wash the existing filter if it is a reusable model. In addition to this, they will clean out the entire area that’s visible to remove any dirt and debris that can clog up the functionality in this area.

Evaporator Coil and Condenser

These are key areas of the system that need to be inspected and cleaned during air conditioning service. The technician will ensure they are not debris or dust-covered but will also work to ensure they are functioning properly. If this does not get done, it may lead to the system overheating and may cause inefficiencies as well.


Most air conditioners have a drain where water from the system’s operation drains away from the AC unit. It is common for the drain to become clogged, especially if the filters are not changed often. The goal of this component of the air conditioning service is to inspect the drain, determine if it is operating properly, and then clean it as needed.


Beyond the drain, the technician will look for any leaks within the air conditioner. Areas of dampness on the equipment, pooling water, or other obvious signs of leaks need to be investigated to determine the cause so repairs can be made. During this process, the technician will inspect all hoses and lines to ensure they are tightly in place and snug.

Electrical Systems

Your air conditioning service will likely include a visual inspection of all electrical components of the system. This includes all wires and functional elements. The technician is looking for fraying, off colors, or disconnections. They will also remove and replace any wiring that has damage to it, such as if rodents chew on the lines or they have become damaged from poor repairs over the years. The electrical system is inspected fully to ensure that it is safe.

Outdoor Condenser

Many systems have an outdoor unit, which is where much of the air comes into the system. It is critical that it is clean and in good working condition to ensure the air conditioner can work properly. In every situation, it should be fully inspected. This includes removing the covering, ensuring the electrical is working, and cleaning the filter-like covering. The technician can also address any concerns with it, such as if it is running too loud or if it is shaking.

Overall Visual Inspection

The technician will provide an overall visual inspection during the air conditioning service. That includes checking the motor, looking at the ductwork that’s visible, and inspecting all lines. More so, many manufacturers will have specific requirements at various ages. A tune-up, such as replacing some lines or wiring, may be required at various points in the life of the system. If that is the case, the technician will take care of that as well. All hoses, wiring, fittings, and seals are inspected to pinpoint damage.


The thermostat can also be inspected and updated as needed during air conditioning service. The process should involve testing it out, determining if it is functioning properly, and adjusting any settings to ensure it is operating at its best. If your thermostat allows for it, updating the programming could help you to see more efficiency in the system over time.


The air conditioning service will also involve checking the refrigerant. In many systems, this is a chemical that helps to cool air as it cycles through. It should not need to be tapped up or replaced unless there is a refrigerant leak. In that case, the technician will find the leak and fix the problem during the service call when it is possible to do so. Often, the only way to know there is a problem is to determine if there is a loss of refrigerant.

Do I Need Service or a Repair?

It is not always easy to know if you should call for air conditioning service or if it is better to invest in a repair call. Most of the time, you do not have to choose. When you call the company for help, explain any problems that you are having. The technician will inspect those issues and then determine what needs to be done to repair them. Keep in mind that not all types of repairs can be fixed during a service call, though. The primary goal of service is maintenance-related tasks.

You should call for repair service when you have noticeable changes in the function of your system, such as:

  • It is not turning on or seems to run all of the time.
  • The air conditioner runs for a short period and then shuts off.
  • The air conditioner is running, but it is not producing cool air.
  • You are having trouble maintaining temperatures throughout the home.
  • There are other problems related to the safety or function of the system.

In these cases, it is best to schedule a repair. Sometimes, especially when you are reliant on the AC, it may be best to call for emergency repairs.

What Are the Benefits of Service Calls?

Air conditioning service is a must for nearly all systems today. It helps to ensure efficiency and may help you to improve the overall comfort of your home. Here are some of the most important reasons you should not put off maintenance on your air conditioner.

Improve Efficiency

The air conditioner can work more efficiently when all components are functioning at their best. A big part of this is routine maintenance. Changing out the filters on a routine basis is important, too. However, your technician can pinpoint specific areas of concern to repair to help minimize the onset of larger problems.

When you improve the efficiency of the air conditioner, you end up lowering the overall amount of energy your home needs to cool properly. That means you save money on your electric bills.

Improve Comfort

Are there areas of your home that have problems with getting to the desired cool temperature? Perhaps you have a system that does not turn on and cool until the home is just too hot. Improving the overall comfort of your home means taking time to update the maintenance of the system.

The technician will inspect all working components to ensure they are working as well as they should. Any irregularities or concerns can be corrected to get the system back to working properly.

Extend the Life of the System

In comparison to those who do not invest in air conditioning service, your AC system is likely to last longer. That means you will not have to spend the money to replace it before the system is expected to need this based on manufacturer recommendations. While other failures can occur or the home needs change, most property owners can appreciate not having to replace their air conditioner very often.

Extending the life of your system is not only good for your budget but for the environment as well. It means you will be doing your part to reduce the amount of material that ends up in the landfill, even if it is just for a few years.

Keep the Warranty in Place

Most air conditioners have a warranty on them. These can range from 5 years up to 15 years, and sometimes for other durations. Many times, a warranty will have terminology in it that they will not repair or replace the system for you if it stops working or if you have not completed routine air conditioning service on it. That’s a big and expensive problem. You can avoid it by calling for routine maintenance.

Fewer Repair Needs

When you have routine AC service, you also reduce the risk of a bigger problem occurring later in the season. For example, if there are electrical concerns with your air conditioner, the technician could spot those early on, repair them, and prevent the system from failing later on. You may also find that the air conditioner is less likely to suffer breakdowns related to leaks, refrigerant loss, or nonworking motors.

Ultimately, this is a benefit worth it in itself. Having air conditioning service routinely means less expense for having to call out a technician. That includes emergency services which can typically be rather expensive.

Will Service Improve Your Air Quality?

AC service could help in some ways. The goal and function of an air conditioner is not to clean the air – though you can set up an air cleaner to help support this. However, if your system is clogged with particles and dust, having an air conditioning service completed can help improve the air quality in your home. You can also speak to a professional when they service your air conditioner about upgraded air filters and other components that could help to improve air quality as well. You may find this can help reduce allergy symptoms in some people.

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