Reasons To Have An Air Conditioning Service Professional Upgrade Your Current AC Unit To A Wall-Mounted System | Southlake, TX

Reasons To Have An Air Conditioning Service Professional Upgrade Your Current AC Unit To A Wall-Mounted System | Southlake, TX

Are you thinking about investing in or purchasing a wall-mounted air conditioning unit? Should you have an air conditioning service provider help you make this switch or retain whatever unit you have at your home? Whatever your situation, an upgrade is beneficial if you have the money to finance it. Below are some reasons you should have a professional upgrade the system installed at your home with a wall-mounted unit:

Summers Are Getting Hotter

The three hottest summers in Texas’s history have occurred in the last 11 years, with the average high temperatures being 95.5 degrees. However, the summer of 2022 had the highest temperature reading at over 100 degrees. This confirms that the summers in Texas aren’t getting any colder. Thus, an air conditioning service provider should install a wall-mount system at your home to ensure you are ready to deal with the coming summers. You particularly should do so if your air conditioner is past 12 years old or has started showing signs of wear, like a need for frequent air conditioning repairs.

Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners Make the Summer Days More Comfortable

The humid, hot summer days may make your home appear unbearable, and having an air conditioning service provider install a wall-mounted air conditioner could be the answer. This is increasingly becoming more evident now that many homeowners spend most of their time indoors, working from home. If you also work from home or your children will spend the coming summer at home from school, and the existing unit cannot accommodate the cooling and heating needs, you should replace it with a wall-mount system.

Wall-Mount Systems Increase the Space at Your Home

Unlike other two-piece systems like central AC units, wall-mounted air conditioners help increase the livable space at your home. Based on your situation, you might want an air conditioning service provider to install the ductless wall-mount air conditioning systems in a single room like your bedroom or your home office. But if you already have a central air conditioning system, the wall-mount systems can be installed in areas that need to be evenly cooled or have air ducts. For instance, when you want to turn your basement into a child’s playroom or the attic into a guest room. Today, most other homeowners are installing ductless mini split in their sunrooms. Though sunrooms are commonly called three-season porches, they are only comfortable for 2 seasons over the year.

The Wall-Mounted Systems Don’t Need Air Ducts

Wall-mounted and central units are the two main choices for residential air conditioning. If your home has air ducts, you can use central air conditioners, but if you don’t have air ducts or they require extensive and costly renovations, you should have the air conditioning service provider install the wall-mounted system. This is because wall-mounted air ducts don’t need any air ducts. They can be installed at your home, and those that already have an air conditioner can install these systems in spaces that don’t have air ducts. Traditional options are noisy, unsightly wall-mounted or window air conditioning systems that fit in some sleeve that goes into a hole in your exterior walls. However, homeowners can also opt for ductless heat pumps that can be mounted on a wall and provide energy-efficient, quiet cooling.

They Are Better Than Window ACs

Are you using a window air conditioner currently? It would be best to consider upgrading to a better wall-mounted AC unit. The ductless wall-mounted air conditioning units are considerably more costly than window air conditioners. They also cool your space more effectively and have a quieter operation. Window air conditioners can compromise your home security because you might have to leave your window open overnight, hurting your home’s curb appeal.

On the other hand, wall-mounted ductless air conditioners can be mounted to your interior walls. They aren’t visible from the outside, and you also can choose from the different designs that complement your home. Since wall-mounted air conditioners have more advantages than window ACs, you should have an air conditioning service provider replace that window AC with a wall-mounted one.

Wall-mounted ACs Are Only Installed Where Needed

Wall-mounted air conditioners don’t have to be installed throughout your entire home. Instead, the air conditioning service providers install them where the homeowner wants the unit. For example, if the basement is naturally cool, you might only want AC units on your above-ground floors. If you are having trouble sleeping, consider installing a wall-mount air conditioner in your bedroom. However, you might feel fine without the unit in other parts of your home.

If you opt for a ductless heat pump air conditioner, remember it connects to the outdoor condenser. Additionally, there are multi- and single-zone condensers. Hence, if you only get a single ductless wall-mounted unit, you’ll only require a single-zone condensing unit. However, if you want several units or add more units, you should have the air conditioning service provider install a multi-zone condenser.

You Can Also Use Wall-Mounted Heat Pumps for Space Heating

Have you opted for the wall-mounted heat pump for air conditioning? You can easily add heating. Surprisingly, adding a ductless air conditioning system is pretty inexpensive. With a ductless heat pump, you use it until the outdoor temperatures reach freezing, then you can switch back to your existing heat source. This way, you will improve the unit’s efficiency without compromising your comfort. Homeowners also can choose to add hyper heat. With such a system, they can comfortably cool their homes in temperatures below zero without needing a backup heat source. Thus, if you also need heating, having an air conditioning service pro install a wall-mounted heat pump is helpful.

Is It Time for Change?

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