Effective Ways to Bring Down Your Air Conditioning Costs | Tips from Your Reliable Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

Effective Ways to Bring Down Your Air Conditioning Costs | Tips from Your Reliable Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

Texas residents will all tell you that the summers here can be quite a challenge is you don’t do well in the heat. For those living in areas with such climate, the air conditioning bill can get to be a burden if not keenly monitored. The United States Department of Energy estimates that the average household’s electric bill goes towards air conditioning costs. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we are kept busy in the summer seasons dealing with the air conditioning service emergencies that multiply during the high-temperature season.

Another problem area that becomes more pronounced during the hot season is the ballooning of electricity payments as a result of increased consumption by constantly working air conditioning units. It doesn’t have to be like this. Instead of resigning yourself to high utility power bills, take a look at some of the easy measures you can take to rein in your air conditioner power consumption. They will be effective not only for those of you in the Fort Worth, TX region but anywhere else across the globe where high temperatures put a strain on your air conditioning expenditure.

Let’s get right into it.

  • Get a Programmable Thermostat Installed

Air conditioning service professionals will always be on hand to recommend upgrades or changes to your system that will improve your experience. One of the most common suggestions for our Fort Worth, TX clients is to make the change to programmable thermostats. These make it possible to only make use of the air conditioning when you are at home and need it, rather than have it constantly running with nobody around. Daily working hours and sleep times are the two biggest times when savings can be made when it comes to power usage. The one-time cost of the average programmable thermostat is relatively minuscule when compared to the cost savings you will enjoy over time. Your air conditioning service providers should be able to handle any installation or setup requirements that will be necessary.

  • Wrap Up Your Home or Office

Air conditioning service experts will tell you that insulation ranks as one of the most effective ways to cut back on your cooling costs. The insulation principle is a simple one – just the same way that a cooler keeps your cold drinks chilly by stopping the escape of cool to the external environment, proper insulation keeps cold air from seeping out into the neighborhood. Performing a quick check on your door frames and window seals for gaps will help you locate some of the more obvious weak points in your home. Get your air conditioning service providers to carry out a more thorough search for ineffective insulation and other areas of weakness. This is especially relevant to the substantial number of Fort Worth, TX residents whose homes or office buildings are over five years old, as additional cladding for insulation might be required.

  • Create a Bit of Shade

Fort Worth, TX residents whose home or office windows face towards the south or west receive considerable direct sunshine in the afternoons, which inch their internal temperatures upwards. A great and ecologically-friendly way to counteract this effect is by planting shade trees directly in front of the windows facing the sun. The idea is to have the shade from these trees covering the windows or doorways. Should you have any doubts regarding this method for your home, consult your air conditioning service provider for guidance. The U.S. Department of Energy tells us that this simple solution may end up cutting your power costs by a substantial 10 percent.

  • Turn Up the Heat

A rather obvious way to cut down the work you put on your air conditioning unit is to simply change your preferred temperature setting to a warmer level. Even a change of two degrees upwards from your frosty comfort zone will translate to considerable cost savings. Ask about adjustable thermostats from your air conditioning service providers next time you have a checkup. They will be in a position to guide you towards a unit that works well with your current air conditioning unit and serves your particular space and preferences.

  • Shut Up Your Blinds

In cooler climates, the sunlight coming down on your residence or place of work might be a blessing as it brings a touch of warmth to the chilly atmosphere. In areas where temperatures soar, however, the sun’s rays are to be kept out wherever possible, as they contribute to the high temperatures your air conditioner fights against. In places that receive substantial sunshine in the afternoons, such as Fort Worth, TX, air conditioning service professionals will tell you that closing up your blinds will be a good idea if you’re looking to minimize your power bills. This is particularly relevant in cases where the sun shines directly onto the area in which your thermostat is located. The false reading this scenario will result in may then cause your air conditioner to work overtime trying to negate the false reading.

Should you dislike the idea of keeping yourself shut up within your home like this, then you might consider options such as window films and solar screens that will be able to keep out the heat while letting in the light. Talk to your air conditioning service provider for viable suggestions along this line.

  • Keep Your Filters in Good Condition

The cold air your air conditioner blows into your home originates from the outside world, and during the intake process, dirt and debris are kept out of the system by filters. These filters will gradually accumulate this debris, and a clog in your intake airways will develop unless the situation is remedied. Air conditioning service providers will always clear out any clogging or debris as part of their maintenance procedures, but you can also do a bit on your own by removing any visible buildup of dirt yourself. Clearing your filters allows your air conditioner to ‘breathe’ a lot more easily, meaning it won’t be using up electric energy trying to pull air in. The upshot of the process is reduced electricity consumption by the system and the associated cost savings for you. Contact One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating for all of your HVAC needs!