Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Heating and AC Repair Service | Fort Worth, TX

Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Heating and AC Repair Service | Fort Worth, TX

While heating and AC systems have become more energy-efficient, they are still prone to failure, especially if not well maintained. Fortunately, your heating and air conditioning system is designed to send you signals when it’s not functioning optimally or there is a problem brewing. This allows you to call a heating and ac repair service specialist to check your unit.

However, the system might break down without any warning, forcing you to look for a solution fast. If you reside in Fort Worth, TX, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth offers superior emergency heating and AC repair services to meet your every demand. Regardless of time or day, we have you covered.

What Is Considered a Heating and AC Emergency?

In Fort Worth, TX, you have a heating and AC emergency when the system is not working optimally, and the temperature is 80 degrees and above. However, failure of the system is not always considered an emergency – in general. People have different levels of discomfort with heat, so your personal view determines whether the situation needs emergency heating and AC repair services. However, there are some factors that contribute to heating and AC emergencies, such as:

  • Improper installation or service: In most cases, HVAC emergencies occur if new heating and AC components are installed or serviced improperly. For example, failure to ensure complete combustion happens could result in a dangerous carbon monoxide leak. Make sure you hire trained, certified, and experienced technicians when you purchase new components or request service. Check warranty terms before engaging with any HVAC repair service specialist.


  • Lack of preventive maintenance: This is another common cause of emergency heating and AC repair calls in Fort Worth, TX. Failure to maintain the system can result in costly repairs and put everyone at risk. It is always wise to invest in regular check-ups for the heating and ac system, including thorough cleaning, tune-up, and inspection of the entire system. Potential problems can be caught early before you have a breakdown or a heating and AC system emergency.


  • Aging system: The majority of heating and AC systems have a lifespan of utmost 20 years. If your system is approaching such time limits, you should consider looking for a new heating and AC system before breaking down at the worst possible weather. It is expected that you may experience more repairs or electrical bills than usual, thanks to the growing inefficiencies of the system. Additionally, HVAC systems have significantly improved over the last decade, so new equipment will definitely be more energy efficient.

Signs That You Are About to Experience a Heating and AC Emergency

Before your heating and AC reach the level that requires emergency servicing or repair, there are often signs that the system is under duress or about to give out. Some common situations could be defined as emergency heating and AC repair service, and you should contact your local service company immediately you notice any of them:

Strange Noises

Strange noises such as a loud screeching sound usually indicate the compressor is freezing up or there is a loose belt. In case you experience such noises, you should first turn off the entire heating and AC system. You should then call an emergency heating and AC repair service specialist. Please do not turn on the system until the technician has arrived, inspected, repaired, and allowed you to turn it back on.

Weak or No Air Flow

A significant sign of a failed heating and AC system is if there is no airflow coming from the unit. This means there could be a significant system failure that needs the immediate attention of a specialist. Problems with airflow could result from many issues, so a professional needs to inspect and diagnose the system.

Unusual Odors

The strange odors could be due to water leakage buildup within the system. If you smell funny odors like something is burning coming from your heating and air conditioning vents, it could be because of an issue with electrical components within the system. Turn off the system before doing anything else and make that call to your emergency heating and AC repair service professional.

Breakers Keep Tripping

Electrical problems are the main reason behind tripping breakers that result in the sudden shut down of heating and AC systems. If the problem goes unchecked, it could become more severe and, in some cases, lead to house fires. If your breakers keep tripping, do not hesitate to call a professional heating and AC repair service.

Thermostat Not Working

If the temperature in your house is totally different from what you have set on your thermostat, it could be an issue caused by improper placement or a faulty thermostat. Thermostats are prone to incorrect readings if they are installed in a place that exposes the device to direct sunlight. The constant exposure to the sun can make the device read at a higher temperature than it is supposed to. Additionally, thermostats were not designed to last forever but replacing them is a pretty straightforward and cost-effective emergency heating and AC repair service.

High Utility Bills

If you suddenly notice a spike in your energy bills, a declining heating and AC system could be behind the issue. The problem is that the system is not as efficient as it was before, and it could be due to varying reasons such as age or the accumulation of debris in some of the system’s components. Fortunately, most modern heating and AC systems are highly efficient, making them better at consuming energy. You can get your heating and AC repair service provider to install a new system or service the current one.

Frequent Cycling

The time it takes for your heating and AC system to turn on and off automatically after a room reaches the desired temperature is known as a cycle. The system’s cycle length will vary depending on thermostat readings when it is in good condition. However, as the system starts to deteriorate, the units often begin to cycle more frequently. Suppose you notice that the system turns itself on and off repeatedly without doing an adequate amount of cooling. In that case, the air conditioner may have a serious issue that calls for a replacement.

Importance of an Emergency Heating and AC Repair Service

During the scorching summer of Fort Worth, TX, the moment your heating and AC system stops working, it can be discouraging and, in some cases, even pose a health risk. It is highly important to contact your emergency heating and AC repair service specialist for the following reasons:

Protect your equipment

There is no playing the waiting game, which means you get to protect your equipment from further damage. Some equipment needs to be kept in meticulously monitored environments, or it will overheat. As part of your heating and AC installation service, you can get the installer to include a piece of environmental monitoring equipment. With the equipment in place, an emergency heating and AC repair service professional can keep tabs on the equipment’s ambiance and rectify any malfunctions before the issue becomes more serious.

Immediate solution

Problems usually pile up, and your heating and AC system might break down during the worst possible weather. It is always unfortunate that you will wait for hours for someone on the phone to discuss the eventuality of scheduling an appointment. This is not a very appealing situation, especially for very young children, the elderly, and people with illnesses who may not be able to bear with such conditions. In some cases, some might have to be evacuated from the house until everything is back to normal. Having access to emergency heating and AC repair service speeds everything up. The sooner the specialist arrives, the quicker repairs start, and the faster homeowners return to normalcy.

No time off

In most cases, regular repair crews will only arrive during business hours, and you will have to leave work to meet them. This can cost you even more money or create a situation with your employer, but with emergency heating and AC repair services, the professionals can come to your home at night or even on weekends to resolve your problem. There will always be a technician available with emergency repair services regardless of time.


Apart from dealing with the underlying issues, our emergency heating and AC repair services technicians will also examine your air filter and check the breakers. It is common for the air filter to accumulate dust and debris, which makes the system work harder, consuming more power. They also prove helpful if you have a constant issue with tripping breakers which act as a safety control device.

What to Do in Case You Need Emergency Heating and AC Repair Services

If you have never dealt with an emergency heating and AC situation before, it can be a terrifying experience. The key is not to panic since it can lead to anxiety, making the situation even worse. However, if you suspect that the heating and AC system might pose a risk, turn it off completely. Under such conditions, you should not take any chances with your well-being, safety, or health. You should immediately contact an emergency heating and AC repair services provider in Fort Worth, TX, to assess the situation and provide advice on how to handle things before they arrive.

Understandably, the time it takes for the technician may vary depending on the proximity of your house to their nearest workshop, current weather, and the experience of the HVAC repair company. However, if you have already scheduled for emergency services, there typically won’t be any issues that come into play when getting estimated arrival times. Scheduling for emergency heating and AC repair services means technicians precisely know where the problem is and could speed up some parts of the process.

Before the emergency heating and AC repair services technician arrives at your home, you need to prepare your home to deal with the decrease in cool air. You can turn on the ceiling fans in different rooms and close the windows to prevent sun rays from heating your house. The technician will give you additional information on how to handle things to ensure you stay safe. This ensures there is no further damage while waiting for the arrival of the technicians. Remember to save the technician’s number in an address book or phone for easy access at all times.

After the technician has addressed the problem, in some cases, the problem might come up again almost immediately after they have left. You should not feel worried because it’s prevalent to happen, especially if the issue was not appropriately addressed during their visit. It could have been a short-term fix or just simply an oversight on their part. This would be a great time to schedule another appointment for them to come and perform a thorough follow-up inspection to find and repair the exact issue with the system.

Most service providers offer a discount for this service because they have just finished service with you. Most emergency heating and AC repair services are often a one-off instance, but they should serve as a wake-up call. Ensure the heating and AC system is scheduled for regular maintenance services from a trained professional, even if there is no apparent issue with the system.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, we offer emergency heating and AC repair services for residents within Fort Worth, TX, and its environs. Our skilled technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to step in and keep your system running smoothly. We understand losing your heating and AC system is a great inconvenience which is why we will do everything in our power to make the process as smooth as possible. Contact us today to get your HVAC emergency professionally handled.

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