What Are the Most Common Signs I Need AC Repair? | Fort Worth, TX

What Are the Most Common Signs I Need AC Repair? | Fort Worth, TX

If you live in Fort Worth, TX it is a safe bet that you have an air conditioning system, and if you have an AC system then at some point you will need AC repair. It is a simple fact of life in Texas, but what you may not know is that prompt AC repair can mean the difference in how much it will cost you. Very rarely does your AC break down without any warning signs, but if you don’t know the warning signs you could miss them until it is too late. For that reason, if you have never learned the obvious signs that you need AC repair, now is the perfect time to stop and take a second to review them.

It only takes five minutes to go over some of the most basic signs that you need AC repair but those five minutes could save you a great deal of money down the line by getting help for your AC system as soon as it needs it. The problem with a malfunctioning air conditioning system is that most problems are cumulative inside. That means if one component stops working or breaks it will rub and create friction until a second component breaks. Before too long you will have a domino reaction that leaves you with a lot of broken components and a very expensive AC repair.

On the other hand, if you are able to quickly troubleshoot a problem with your air-conditioning system you can call a local AC repair company and get it fixed right away. At this point, you hopefully only need to repair one piece of your air conditioning system which will be much quicker and easier to do than multiple problems. In some instances simply realigning a piece without a replacement may be all that is needed making it a quick and efficient AC repair. With this in mind, take a few minutes to learn about the best way to keep your air conditioning machine working properly and to prevent issues from arising in the future.

Common Indications That You Need AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX

There are a lot more indications that you may need AC repair than you are probably aware of. Many people think that these are things they can ignore because they will just go away on their own but oftentimes these are small indications that something bigger is brewing if you don’t take prompt action. These are just a few of the signs that you need to call an air-conditioning repair company or face bigger problems down the road. Very rarely will the symptoms resolve themselves and most of the time you will end up in a much worse condition if you wait?

Warm Air

Unless you forget to turn on your AC system, there’s never a good reason why warm air should be blowing out of your vents. This is usually a sign that there is something wrong with your refrigerant or your condenser and needs to be immediately addressed because it will not remedy itself. Before calling for AC repair in Fort Worth, TX you can take a look at your thermostat to make sure that the temperature is set properly and the AC is on, but if that is not the issue you will need a professional to troubleshoot why this is happening and return your home to a comfortable temperature.

Reduced Airflow

Another sign that indicates a big problem with your air conditioning unit is if you notice that your vents are not properly blowing out cool air. Most Fort Worth, TX people are aware roughly of how much air leaves their vents on a daily basis, so if you notice that the airflow is restricted in one or more vents, you need to call an HVAC technician to take a look. If the restricted airflow is limited to one air duct there is a good chance that something has fallen into your air duct or is blocking the flow of air. However, if you have more than one air vent affected by the situation, then something may be wrong with your fan or your blower and needs to be further looked at.

This is not something that you can ignore because it will require your AC to work much harder in order to produce the same amount of air to keep your house at a steady cool temperature. Not only will frequent cycling cause your energy bill to jump up sharply but it will also wear down the components within your machine and lead to earlier AC replacement. Usually, if this is occurring there’s already a component that needs to be replaced, so the longer you wait the better the chance that more pieces will break down and follow suit.

Water Leaks Around Unit

Contrary to popular belief there is no reason why there should be water anywhere around your AC unit at any time. Some people see a leak and assume that it’s just condensate, but this is an impossible situation as your AC will never produce water and therefore needs to be addressed immediately. If there is a leak near your unit it is more likely that refrigerant is leaking out which is a highly toxic substance. Refrigerants can poison animals and young children who don’t know better so it is important to take care of the situation quickly and efficiently. Only a trained and certified HVAC technician is allowed to handle refrigerants so you will need to make sure you call an HVAC company and detail the issue before you hire anyone to come out to your home for AC repair.

Odd Odors

If your air conditioning system is working properly there is no reason why you should smell any foul odors near the unit or coming out of your air vents. However, there are certain odors that are more alarming than others and demand immediate attention.

One such smell is the smell of natural gas or anything with a sulfuric odor. While your AC system should not be hooked up to a gas source, it is part of your overall HVAC system and if natural gas is leaking from your furnace it will still drift out of your air vents. This is an emergency and needs to be dealt with extremely fast because carbon monoxide is highly poisonous and can cause myriads of health problems including death.

Another highly concerning smell is anything that smells electrical or has a burning smell to it. This can be a sign that something is wrong with the electrical wiring of your AC unit and also needs to be immediately addressed because it could pose a fire risk in your home. If you suspect that you smell electrical burning you need to call a technician to check out your AC unit as soon as possible.

Finally, you should never smell anything that resembles mold or mildew coming out of your air vents. If the air smells old or stale there’s a good chance that you have mold or mildew growing inside of your air vents which happens more often than people realize. All it takes is one small spill near an air vent to create enough moisture for mold to grow. In this scenario, you will need to have your ducts clean because you do not want to circulate mold spores throughout your home.

Weird Noises

At this point, you have probably guessed that none of these signs should be mistaken for normal, but one more thing to add to that list is any weird noises coming out of your AC. The biggest mistake you can do is wait for a weird noise to resolve on its own. It is more likely that if your air-conditioning is making an odd noise if something is broken and when it stops it is because the piece has completely fallen out of place and is no longer rubbing. Different noises all indicate different issues with your air conditioning unit but every single one of them needs to be troubleshot by a professional Fort Worth, TX technician so that proper AC repair is performed.

Humidity Level Is High Indoors

Finally one of the biggest indicators that you need to call for AC repair is if there are high humidity levels within your home. If your air conditioner is working properly there should be little to no humidity within your home so the presence of any sticky air means that something is not working correctly.

Is There Anything I Need to Do to Prepare for AC Repair?

A lot of people worry that they have to prepare for an AC repair company to come into their home. The good news is that a qualified HVAC company will take care of everything that needs to be done so there are only a few things left for you to do to help expedite the process. One of them is to clear a four-foot pathway from your door down to the indoor unit. It is also helpful if you remove all debris and items from around your outdoor unit so that the team can easily access it if needed. If you have a small driveway and your AC unit is located nearby, parking on the road or in a neighbors’ driveway during their visit will also be helpful so that the team can get to the outdoor unit and have their tools nearby.

There’s a good chance after the AC repair is complete that the team will also need to check your thermostat and larger air vents on the first and second floor. Ensuring that furniture is moved and that all vents and the thermostat are accessible is a great way to minimize time and make your AC repair go faster so that you can get back to normal life with cool air in your home. Outside of this, the team will take care of everything else that needs to be done and will likely wear protective booties over their shoes so that they do not get any mud into your home or other debris.

Book an Annual AC Service to Prevent Repairs Down the Road

One of the best ways to avoid unnecessary air conditioning repairs is by keeping up with your annual air conditioning service. Most HVAC technicians will recommend that you have your air conditioning system serviced once a year in order to make sure that everything is operating properly and it is cleaned out. Over the course of a year, a lot of debris and dirt can build up inside of your system that will actually slow down how efficient it is and affect your air quality.

During an annual AC maintenance visit, the HVAC technician will carefully inspect, clean, and identify any worn-out components. This allows you to proactively schedule repairs so that you can do it on your timetable and budget in advance. It is much easier than waiting until the last minute or dealing with an emergency AC repair and that is why it is so highly recommended. In addition, on average you can save money on your energy bill since your AC will run smoother if it is serviced every year. Plus as a nice bonus, AC systems that are maintained yearly tend to have a longer lifespan which will save you a great deal of money down the road and help you avoid replacement for the next couple of years.

If you have noticed any of the above signs that you may need AC repair or are considering booking an AC maintenance visit in Fort Worth, TX, then contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth. We would be happy to schedule a visit and take care of all of your HVAC needs so that you don’t face any obstacles with your AC this summer.

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