Factors Affecting The Final Cost An AC Repair Company Will Charge You To Install A Ceiling Cassette With Mini Split | Southlake, TX

Factors Affecting The Final Cost An AC Repair Company Will Charge You To Install A Ceiling Cassette With Mini Split | Southlake, TX

There are several situations in which a mini split ceiling cassette air conditioner is the best option. But how much will this unit cost you? What are the factors that influence its cost? How much will your reliable AC repair company charge you to install such a system? The final cost of installing a ceiling cassette air conditioner with a mini split at your home relies on many elements, from labor and unit capacity to electrical upgrades and ductwork integration. To ensure that you are in the know, below are factors that will shape the final cost of a ceiling cassette with a mini split air conditioning.

Number of Zones

This is the most crucial factor in the cost of installing a mini-split. How many zones should the unit/system have? If you want only a single zone system, the AC repair company will only need to install one ceiling cassette air conditioner, which is the cheapest option. However, it only works for smaller homes or homeowners looking to add a ductless system to only a single part of their homes, such as in the attic, sunrooms, garage, or even the basement.

The installation cost substantially increases when you want to install over two units. Unfortunately, you cannot add a zone today and then increase the zones later. This is because the compressors are designed as either multi- or single-zone units, and you must decide before purchasing your equipment.

Reducing the Number of Zones Through the Integration of Air Ducts

The total number of zones needed at your home is always subjective. For example, some people opt for the AC repair company to install a larger capacity ceiling cassette in a room, while others subdivide the room into two or more zones. Similarly, some homeowners zone each bedroom separately while others place an air handler on the attic and then duct the air into the bedrooms beneath. By doing this, the bedrooms can then be in a single zone. However, every room will have its register, which delivers cool or hot air via the ceilings. This can reduce the overall cost of your system.


Another thing that affects the cost of your ceiling cassette is its capacity. The larger your ceiling cassette AC capacity, the higher the initial purchase price. However, you might end up with several capacities in your home. for example, if a homeowner puts the main level

of their home in a single zone, they can place the bedroom and upstairs in their different zones. However, the AC repair company will install an appliance with a higher capacity on the main level than in the bedrooms.

AC Plus Heat or AC Only?

All the mini splits offer air conditioning. However, only a few of them provide heating. When they need air conditioning in their homes, many homeowners turn to ductless systems, and a mini split with a ceiling cassette makes it easier to add cooling if there are no air ducts at your home. However, if you want your reliable AC repair company to upgrade to a system that also provides heating, that is surprisingly affordable. Adding a heating unit to a single zone will only increase the price by a few hundred dollars. However, if there are multiple zones, the price skyrockets.

Climate and Heating Preferences

When an AC repair company adds heat to your mini split, you can choose between hyper heat and standard heat. Do you only want something to supplement your existing heating method? Then you can go with a standard appliance. With such an option, the integrated controls allow the mini-split AC to start heating your home. The furnace or other heat source kicks in whenever the temperatures fall below some pre-set level. You also can alternatively opt for the hyper heat outdoor unit. In this option, your ceiling cassette offers all the heating your home requires. With the new technology, the systems work efficiently in sub-zero temperatures. A mini-split is the ideal cooling solution for areas that experience too high temperatures.

Equipment Features

Indoor air handling units are of different types, and your selected features will determine the initial purchase price and installation cost. For instance, a ceiling cassette unit with four-directional airflow will cost more than one with a dual-vane airflow.


Labor significantly affects the cost of any AC repair, installation, and maintenance service. If installing the ceiling cassette unit requires more labor, the AC repair company will charge you more, and the reverse holds. For instance, when installing a wall-mount system, the technician only connects the unit to studs on the wall. There are no required structural changes or carpentry work. On the other hand, recessed ceiling cassettes have to be installed into the ceilings. That means the technician must cut a hole into the ceiling to install the unit.

Compressor Installation Challenges

In some instances, the technician from the AC repair company might have to add a concrete pad where the outdoor unit of the air conditioner will be installed. This can significantly increase the air conditioner installation cost by a few hundred dollars. Do you live in a multi-family home or one that doesn’t have a yard? You might want to install the compressor on the roof or attach it to the side of your home. Such measures can increase the overall cost of installing the system.

Electrical Upgrades

Some homeowners have to upgrade their electrical systems to ensure they can support the installation of the mini splits. Generally, this happens especially for homes that have old electrical systems. Before installing a unit, have an AC repair company send a technician to inspect the wiring.

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