Know When To Call For Emergency Heating And AC Repair Service | Fort Worth, TX

Know When To Call For Emergency Heating And AC Repair Service | Fort Worth, TX

Turning on your furnace or air conditioner is something you may do numerous times during the average week, adjusting the temperature as you see fit. If it does not turn on or you notice problems with the way your home feels, you may be unsure what to do about it. Is it time to call a routine maintenance call, or do you need emergency heating and AC repair service that is available right away? A few factors can play a role in that decision.

If in Question, Call a Professional

If you’re unsure if you need emergency heating and AC repair service, it is best to call a technician and find out what they recommend. This way, you are able to get the help you need confidently. This can reduce frustrations and help ensure your home’s heating and cooling system is in good hands. For many, this is one of the largest and most valuable systems in the home. It is critical to your ongoing well-being and the home’s value. If in doubt, get help right away.

When You May Need Energy Help

There are some instances when it is best to just call for emergency heating and AC repair service without putting it off. Here are some instances when you should get help right away.

It Does Not Turn On

Emergency heating and AC repair service is a good idea if your system just stops working. If it does not turn on, that could be a simple fix, such as flipping a tripped breaker. However, if you did that and it is still not coming on, but you know it is getting power, call a technician for fast help. In Fort Worth, you do not want to go long without getting your home back to a cool temperature in the summer or warmed up properly in the winter.

If the system does not turn on, that could be due to a wide range of concerns. That includes a failure in the electrical system, a nonworking motor, or blockages in the mechanicals. It is not uncommon for high temperatures outside to also cause the system to fail. Getting emergency heating and AC repair service help now will help get your home restored properly faster.

There Is a Safety Concern

Though most systems are very safe and operate without fail, over time, especially systems that do not receive proper maintenance and upkeep or those that are old, could pose a safety risk for your family. If you experience any warning signs of a problem, call for emergency heating and AC repair service and, in some cases, get additional help.

  • Leaks: If you notice a leak on the floor outside of your air conditioner, that could indicate that freon, the cooling agent, is leaking. That can be toxic and requires professional support to clean it up and resolve the problem.
  • Odors: If you smell a burning odor or melting plastic smell, turn off the system, call a technician, and leave the home until the fire department or a tech can ensure there is no fire within your home and behind the walls.
  • Sulfur: Another common smell could be coming from the presence of natural gas, another toxic chemical. It may smell like rotten eggs. When this happens, it tends to mean there is a significant amount of natural gas present, which means you should immediately leave the home and call the fire department for help. You will likely need heating and AC repair service as well.

In these situations, even small problems can become dangerous situations. Take action quickly and call the professionals available today to help you to get the emergency heating and AC repair service you need.

Grinding and Banging Sounds

If you find that your home is suddenly louder than it used to be, and it sounds like a banging, whistling, or grinding sound is coming from your home’s HVAC system, it is time to call a technician. When possible, turn the system off and then contact the team to inquire about available emergency heating and AC repair service. Often, this indicates that a belt may be missing or broken or that there are components made of metal that are rubbing against each other. It could also mean that there are misaligned or loose components that need to be repaired.

The more significant the sound is, the more important it is for you to get emergency repair help. When you call the technician, they can provide you with some insight into what it could be and then tell you whether you need emergency help or to schedule a routine visit.

Electrical Changes

There are some instances in which you may notice the electrical in your home is changing or not working the way it should. For example, your home’s lights may flicker every time the air conditioner or furnace kicks on. That is sometimes a sign that your electrical system is overloaded, and it can indicate the potential for failure.

If you notice this just one time, and you have TVs, computers, heaters, and many other things running at the same time, it may not warrant an emergency repair. However, if it happens with any level of consistency, getting emergency heating and AC repair service is recommended. That way, any risk of overloading the system can be managed quickly and safely before a risk of fire occurs.

Boiler Leaking

For those homes that have a boiler, there is the risk of a leak occurring. Though newer models are less likely to have substantial problems like older models, you may notice some level of leakage under them over time. This also warrants emergency heating and AC repair service. If you do not take care of that small problem, it could become a serious concern that leads to property damage in your home.

Nonworking Heat During Cold Spell

Though Fort Worth does not typically have very cold winters, it can get below 40 during the winter months and sometimes much lower. If the heating system in your home stops working and the temperature is very cold, call for emergency heating and AC repair service. This helps ensure that your home remains at a temperature that is comfortable and safe for you and your family. Also, when temperatures get too low, it is possible for the water pipes in your home to freeze and burst, which can lead to an even bigger problem.

It’s Very Hot Outside

There are situations where the temperature outside can be dangerously hot. While many people think of AC as something of a luxury or a not needed service, that is not the case, especially on very hot days. It is often dangerous to you, your family, and your pets to remain in temperatures that are above 100 degrees for very long. If your system is not working and the temperature in your home is rising, that warrants a call for emergency heating and AC repair service.

Temperature Sensitivities Exist

You may have things in your home that need to be maintained at a specific temperature. For example, some people have illnesses that require temperature control. You may have collector’s items, or very valuable pieces of art that you know cannot be exposed to high temperatures. In these cases, it is worth calling for emergency heating and AC repair service to protect those items from damage.

When Don’t You Need Emergency Service?

Most of the time, you don’t need emergency heating and AC repair service but rather to schedule a service appointment. Emergency services often provide you with help within a few hours when available. By comparison, a routine service call for repairs may take an hour or two, depending on the situation. There are some situations where it is not necessary to use an emergency appointment.

Your System Isn’t Working

If your heating and cooling system is not working, but you are not in a desperate situation where it is too hot or too cold outside, you may be able to schedule a repair call rather than an emergency heating and AC repair service. That could help you save money.

Your System Is Turning On and Off Frequently

If you notice the system is turning on, running for a few minutes, and then turning off again, that could be related to the thermostat’s failure, or it could be due to the system cycling. Though it is best not to use the system during this time, you may want to call for emergency heating and AC repair service if it will limit your ability to use the system for very long. Keep in mind that the problem itself could be an easy fix.

Your Energy Bills Are on the Way Up

Perhaps you just received your utility bill, and you are a bit upset that the costs seem to have risen again. Sometimes that is due to the increase in energy costs, but other times it could be a warning sign of a larger problem that requires attention right away.

Typically, you do not need emergency heating and AC repair service for this unless there is a substantial level of damage to the system. Have a professional come out to inspect it and conduct an energy audit, if possible, to find out if there are gaps in your system that could be pushing your costs higher than they should be.

You Need Maintenance

Most HVAC requires annual service appointments. During these appointments, technicians look at the entire system and pinpoint any areas of concern. General maintenance like this does not warrant emergency heating and AC repair service. You can set it up to be automatic, though, and that can help you minimize the risk of the system breaking down during the year and needing to call for emergency help.

You Want to Upgrade

You don’t need an emergency call to help you decide if you need to upgrade your system. That is something you can schedule with the sales team at a time that works for your needs. Just don’t put it off. If there are any indications that your system is failing, calling for a quote, getting some time to compare options, and then investing is better than having to rush because your system is not operating any longer.

It’s Running But Not Cool

Make a careful decision in this situation. If the temperature extremes are a concern for you, this could warrant emergency service. If it is not a bad problem, then you may not need emergency help. However, if you notice the system kicking on and working, but you are not getting heated, or cooled air like you were expecting, that is a sign you may need repairs. Over time, this can worsen and become a much more expensive problem, especially on very hot days.

There’s Significant Dust in Your Home

It is possible that your home will have a significant amount of dust buildup over time, especially if you may not have changed the filters for the system in some time. The presence of dust, including on or near vents, furniture, and ceiling fans, may be indicative that you need service for your system, but this is generally not an emergency call. If you have not done the filters in a while or have an annual inspection of your HVAC system, don’t put off getting that service. It could play a role in extending the life of your system.

Let Our Team Help You Right Away

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth offers comprehensive emergency heating and AC repair service. Let our professionals provide an inspection and give you insight into the steps you can take to improve your home’s air quality and minimize long-lasting problems with your system.

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