Factors Affecting the Selection of an HVAC System | Heating and AC in Dallas, TX

Factors Affecting the Selection of an HVAC System | Heating and AC in Dallas, TX

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The primary goal of installing heating and AC in Dallas, TX is to maintain the indoor temperature and create a comfortable atmosphere within a building. A comfortable atmosphere is just a broad phrase to sum up all the areas that an HVAC system has an impact on. These areas include dry bulb temperature, humidity, fresh air, air movement, and the level of noise.

Of all the decisions taken by building owners during the construction phase, choosing the right equipment for heating and AC in Dallas, TX takes a lot of time. It doesn’t matter whether you have sufficient lighting, fast elevators, and lots of parking. If comfort is the issue, all of the investments can go in vain. When it comes to selecting an HVAC system for your building, there are certain factors that tend to dictate your decision.

Personal Preference

The personal preference of the building owner matters the most when it comes to selecting the right heating and AC in Dallas, TX. A lot of building owners gravitate towards a particular HVAC system based on their past experiences. As a result, a lot of disagreement takes place between the building owner and the contractor when it comes to the selection of the HVAC system. The decision to select a particular HVAC system becomes more personal when the owner has to work or live in the building.

Construction Budget

The selection of heating and AC in Dallas, TX depends heavily upon the budget.  The budget for purchasing an HVAC system can either be imposed on the design team or be decided with help from the design team. If the building owner and the contractor have agreed to a particular budget, it is the responsibility of the design team to arrange an HVAC system that fulfills the building requirements and also fits into the budget provided. This is not an easy thing to do for the design team. Sometimes, a lot of the requirements have to be sacrificed for the current budget is insufficient to buy an HVAC system that fulfills those requirements.

Building Shape and Size

The shape and size of the building greatly affect the selection process of heating and AC in Dallas, TX. Packaged direct expansion rooftop equipment is not suitable for large size buildings. In the case of split DX systems, the distance between components of the refrigeration loop is limited to ensure reliable operation. However, chilled water systems ideal for the building where refrigeration systems are located between the buildings, or in a campus of buildings with remote cooling requirements.

The location of heating and AC in Dallas, TX also affects this decision. If the building owner does not want the HVAC equipment to be located in the outdoors, they can still be installed in the basements or the penthouses. A separate building can also be made for the installation of HVAC systems. It is better to build these building away from the actual building.

The Function of the Building

The selection of heating and AC in Dallas, TX also depends upon the function of the building. We have discussed several comfort requirements in the initial paragraphs. The comfort requirements vary from building to building depending upon its functions. For example, the background noise level in a school is different from the one in an industrial setup. The requirements of humidity control in a supermarket are different from the ones in the office of a multinational corporation. If the comfort requirements of the building are figured out beforehand, it becomes much easier to make this decision. The problem kicks in when anyone of such requirements is ignored in the initial stages.

Architectural Limitations

All the components that make a building must be in perfect synchronization with each other. A lot of the buildings are constructed with the primary goal of making an architectural statement. However, with a cooling tower in the front lawn and DX units in every window, the dream of making that statement doesn’t fully materialize. Well, there are some creative ways to fulfill those goals. The floor to floor height is kept low to cut the costs of construction. This can be a little problematic for central heating and AC in Dallas, TX. Instead, the owners and the contractors have to settle for chilled water terminal units and water source heat pumps.

There are times when the installation of heating and AC in Dallas, TXis dictated by the kind of trades in the building.

Ease of Operation

The heating and AC in Dallas, TX is also selected on the amount of ease with which it will be operated. In order to operate an HVAC system, some personnel must be present regularly. A lot of the HVAC systems available today have communicating building automation systems. This allows one to contact a person who is at another site to diagnose the issue with the HVAC system. For certain types of systems, an operator must be present on a regular basis.  These requirements are based on the local estate codes, which vary from state to state.


Choosing the right HVAC system is one of the most crucial decisions that you take during the construction process. Before you settle for a particular HVAC system, you must take into account the local HVAC codes, the size, and shape of your building, your budget and your heating and cooling requirements.

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