5 Things You Need to Know About Air Conditioning | Heating and AC Repair in Plano, TX

5 Things You Need to Know About Air Conditioning | Heating and AC Repair in Plano, TX

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Your air conditioner is an essential part of your home, especially in the scorching summer. Most of us cannot live without the ac in this season of heat and humidity. If you need heating and AC repair in Plano, TX, you need to make sure that the people you hire to do the repairs are well-trained and professional.

Benefits of Air Conditioning

An air conditioner in your home is very beneficial for a lot of reasons. First of all, if you have been previously struggling with sleep because of the heat and a fan wasn’t enough, we guarantee you that you will get a much more peaceful sleep with an air conditioner. If you believe that not getting enough sleep is getting in the way of your productivity at work or making you extremely cranky, try installing an AC today. If you need help with heating and AC repair in Plano, TX, visit your nearest shop today.

Having an air conditioner in your house can also prevent asthma attacks. If you or any members of your family have asthma, try installing an air conditioner in your house to reduce the chances of these attacks. If you want to exercise to stay fit and healthy and don’t have time to go to the gym, a room with an air conditioner is the perfect alternative.

If your workplace doesn’t have an air conditioner yet, try to get one soon. Air conditioners just make everything better. Who wants to work in a hot office where you’re constantly sweating? Install an air conditioner, and you will actually enjoy what you’re doing. It will automatically increase your work performance and in turn, increase the productivity of your firm.

Heating and AC repair in Plano, TX, is available for all air conditioner users in the area. Air conditioners are also great to reduce noise pollution. When the AC is on, all the windows are closed, and it automatically reduces the noise in your room or house. This can also lead to better sleep since you won’t be disturbed by loud noises.

With the AC on, there is a very small chance that the individual might sweat. This can reduce the risk of dehydration in the human body. If it gets really hot where you live, installing an air conditioner can prevent you and your family from a heat stroke, too. If you’re in the area, and have an AC that isn’t functional well, get heating and AC repair in Plano, TX today! You won’t regret it.

What to Keep in Mind if You Have an Air Conditioner in Your Home

1.   Don’t Forget to Change the Filter

Dirty filters will slowly cause your AC to stop performing at its best. Install a new filter every month, or you can even clean your filters if they’re the washable ones. Don’t forget to look at the filter’s MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value), which generally ranges from 1 to 12. If that number is on the higher side, it means that your filters will provide better filtration. Keep in mind, though, that the higher the number will be, the higher the energy costs will be, too. If you need someone to check this value for you or clean or replace your filters, call for a professional that specializes in heating and AC repair in Plano, TX.

2.   Use a Timer

Make sure to not keep the AC on full blast when you’re not even at home. To reduce electricity costs, all you need to keep in mind is to set the thermostat at a higher temperature when you’re not at home. You can obviously change it when you’re home and set it accordingly. Also, we would suggest not shutting off the system every time you leave the house because the air compressor will take some time to cool your house. A timer can be handy in this case as it can automatically set a higher temperature for a certain period of time while you’re not home, and will reduce the temperature after the given time period has passed. This will massively reduce your energy consumption.

3.   Get Your Compressor Serviced

The compressor and condenser of most AC units are usually located outside the house. Make certain that it is installed in an empty space. Avoid placing your compressor near grass, leaves or trees! A great idea would be to install the condensers on the north side of your house, or maybe even on the east. If you can, try to build a shade around your condenser to protect it from the sun because the sun reduces its efficiency.

4.   Maintain Your Unit

A great idea would be to install blinds or shade in your house. When the sun hits, you can simply pull them down to protect your air conditioner from the intense rays of the sun. You can also install ceiling fans in your rooms that can work side by side with the air conditioner to keep your house cool.

Another way to maintain your unit is by getting regular checkups for your ac. Make sure your repair man cleans and inspects the coils. They should also clean and replace filters and adjust the fan belts.

Another thing that professionals in heating and AC repair in Plano, TX shoulddo islubricate the bearings and the motor and check the fans and inspect the pressure.

5.   Keep an Eye on the Coil

Another important part of heating and AC repair is the coil that tends to collect dirt over time. The dirt can reduce airflow and insulate the coil, which can result in reducing the coil’s ability to absorb heat. This will, in turn, reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency faster than it should.

If you want your coil to stay clean, try to check it every year and clean it. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a repairman to do it for you! If your coil is outside, there is a higher chance of it getting dirty because of the dust and pollution. Make sure to minimize the dirt around your compressor to keep your coil from collecting dirt.

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