Guidelines to Help Choose Which  Heating System is the Best Fit for You | Heating and AC Repair in Azle, TX

Guidelines to Help Choose Which Heating System is the Best Fit for You | Heating and AC Repair in Azle, TX

Heating units have come a long way since the fireplace was used by domesticated humans. Technological advances have brought in various other ways of heating homes like the furnace, geothermal heating, the thermostat, etc. 

However, there is no one size that fits all solutions. You still need to know which heating system to go for. You don’t want something that will cost you more than you bargained for and you most certainly want what you’re paying for. 

Here are the main points to keep in mind when buying a heating unit. 

Get the Right Sized System 

As far as heating and AC repair in Azle, TX, goes, you’d need to find a system that is the right size for your home or office. If it costs more to buy, it’ll cost more to repair. It will also withdraw too much energy so that your electric bill will be much higher than if you buy a smaller system. 

On the other hand, you don’t want a system that is too small. That will be counterproductive to what you’re trying to achieve. If you have a system in mind for your home, take into account the size of the rooms, the home itself, and your personal preference to keep the temperature cold, mild or warm. 

There is also the climate in your area to consider. An area that stays piping hot 8 months out of a year won’t really need a big heating unit, and one which stays cold for the most part of the year will need a powerful one. Make sure you get one which reduces the need for heating and ac repair in Azle, TX either way. 

Check Out AFUE 

AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. It’s a measure of how much of the energy used by the heater is actually put into heating the home. While any machine is grossly inefficient, according to the laws of thermodynamics, you should still want to get the most efficient ones. 

If a heater is rated 80, it means that four-fifths of the energy used goes to produce heat. The higher the value of the AFUE is the better the bang for the buck. These numbers can be found on water heaters, boilers, furnaces etc. And they can be indicators of how much heating and ac repair in Azle, TX you will be paying for in the year. 

Follow the HVAC System’s Maintenance Schedule 

The perfect way to stay ahead of heating and ac repair in Azle, TX is to follow the maintenance schedule that is recommended by the manufacturer. This will ensure that it runs very efficiently and that its lifespan extends beyond the average.

If the system that you use has ducts, you should have properly sealed beams that keep air from leaking through the cracks. Many systems also use air filters which need to be cleaned regularly to guarantee that the air easily flows through them. 

If you can find a unit that requires very little maintenance, you’ll be making it easier for yourself in the long run. 

Call a Professional

It’s always a good idea to call a professional when sizing for heating and ac in Azle, TX are concerned. A professional contractor will look into everything that is required to get the best heating unit. 

Now that we’ve looked at the basics of selecting a heating appliance, let’s get more specific. Here are the major heating appliances in use today and the best reasons to get each one. 


Furnaces are very common heating systems. They work by blowing hot air through a duct system. They tend to run on natural gas, oil and even electricity. New ones are more efficient than ever, but of course, their running costs can vary depending on fuel prices. 

As a source of heating and ac in Azle, TX they are widely available and can be retrofitted to clean the air in the home. However, they require ducts. Also, handling oil and natural gas can be very dangerous in the home. 

Boilers and Radiant Heaters 

Boilers are sometimes confused with furnaces, but they’re very different systems. They run on natural gas, propane and electricity. They work by heating water and send it through pipes in the home. They work through radiant heat. The advantage of employing a boiler is that it’s very energy efficient and nonallergenic. However, they do require an expensive installation of copper pipes within the home. 

Heat Pumps 

Heat pumps use refrigerants to absorb heat from the outside sources like the air, the ground and even bodies of water. They can provide significant energy savings to homeowners as well. They are also known as Geothermal Heating units. 

The advantage of using them for heating and ac in Azle, TX is that they are highly energy-efficient. Since they pump heat from under the ground, there is an almost limitless supply. They can also turn the process around and transfer the heat into the ground which is much more environmentally friendly than releasing it in the atmosphere. 

The disadvantages of the heat pump include that it strains at very extreme temperatures. For heating and ac in Azle, TX it can be very expensive to install. It also could have reduced energy efficiency depending on whether you’ve installed it above the right type of land or not. 

Also, it can become extremely inefficient when used below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, there’s a lot of maintenance involved which you may not have bargained for. 

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