What Do heating and AC Tools Measure in your Indoor Environment? Fort Worth, TX

What Do heating and AC Tools Measure in your Indoor Environment? Fort Worth, TX

Heating and ac systems in Fort Worth, TX are designed in such a way as to provide a clean and comfortable environment for your house in both summers and winters. A large part of that has to do with the indoor air quality that is important for both you and your family’s health as well as comfort. This means that the role that an HVAC system plays in your life is critical. It is responsible for the production and maintenance of indoor air in your household. That being said, doing this is not easy if the HVAC system itself is poorly maintained.

Firstly, the HVAC systems, as a whole, are complex as they have many different parts, which only a professional knows how to rightly configure and maintain in Fort Worth, TX. If a building manager or landlord, or even a naïve homeowner sits and tries to fix and maintain the heating and ac when it breaks down, they can find the task to be complex. It may be difficult to diagnose the problem accurately without the help of a HVAC professional in Fort Worth, TX.

How Come HVAC technicians are so Good at What They Do?

One simple answer: expertise and tools.

HVAC tools are made in a way that helps technicians spot the irregularities during an inspection easily and figure out where those irregularities are originating from. The tools used are important for the smooth and harmonic flow of your heating and ac appliances and components. Although HVAC professionals are trained to operate the tools and have dealt with many situations pertaining to HVAC prior to this, consumers should be aware of what these tools are used for measuring. The tools help in maintaining indoor air quality so your family stays comfortable and free of health problems throughout the summer and winter months of Fort Worth, TX.

Again, these tools are generally used by heating and ac technicians in Fort Worth, TX,after prior training, to keep your system running smoothly and the building occupants safe and healthy.

What is Measured

HVAC essential tools are used to measure environmental elements that include the airflow (pressure), humidity levels, temperature and combustion (gas levels). When you understand how these elements affect your HVAC system and the indoor environment (impact health safety and comfort), you’ll know the importance of the tools used. The heating and ac professionals use these tools to troubleshoot systems and identify problem areas in order to fix them and maintain your indoor environment in Fort Worth, TX.

The Airflow (Pressure)

There are some areas in the heating and ac system in Fort Worth, TX where it is critical to measure airflow and pressure. For instance, the airflow pressure in a boiler’s heat exchanger will measure how efficient the boiler is when it comes to heat exchange. Air conditioners and the refrigerants flowing inside of its compressor and condenser require that there is an adequate flow of air that is cooled down to be supplied indoors. The flow of the gases used is dependent on airflow, which in turn determines efficiency. The AC needs to have a proper airflow that will allow efficient energy utilization.

Pressure and airflow are interdependent and influence each other directly. Measure one of these elements and you’ll know what the level of the other is. When the system produces airflow, it is possible only when the static outdoor air pressure is below a certain level. If there are problems with airflow, then it could mean that the static pressure of the outside air is too high and is restricting the airflow.

Humidity Levels

Next is Humidity. This is one of the important elements that is measured by heating and ac technicians in Fort Worth, TX when determining and fixing problems with your HVAC. Humidity can cause intense sweating and stickiness in the indoor environment making it unbearable, especially in the summers. This is especially unfavorable when you’re trying to relax indoors or work effectively in your office. Humidity affects items stored indoors in areas such as storage closets, attics and basements.

In the summers, your ac and separate dehumidifiers are responsible for removing the heat from your house, making it easy to breathe without it being stuffy all the time. Humidity checking by a certified technician can help them determine which heating and ac equipment, dehumidifier or ac is causing the problem with humidity in your Fort Worth, TX home. If it is the ac that is causing the problem, it might be facing wear and tear that is making it inefficient in getting rid of the humidity from your indoor air.


This is another element that must be measured at different areas in your HVAC to determine where the problem with your HVAC is originating from. The heating and ac technician will try and measure the ambient air for differences in pressure to identify problems in your HVAC system in Fort Worth, TX. Usually, the technician measures the actual air temperature to compare it to your thermostat readings. It helps them determine if the thermostat is in good working order.

For heating equipment, the temperature of water inside a boiler is another critical point where the temperature readings are taken. The water heating element should generate enough energy to bring the water to the right temperature. This energy is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). If the temperature is lower than it should be, it means that the water heating element is not working as well as it should.

If the boiler throws out high temperature flue gases, there is a problem in the heating and ac system with the airflow over the exchanger in your Fort Worth, TX home. It means that the energy is being wasted in the process. This is a problem that needs to be fixed immediately.

So if there is a problem with your HVAC system in Fort Worth, TX, don’t hesitate to call One Hour Heating and Air for professional service by trained HVAC technicians.