Heating and AC in Richardson, TX: Do Not Try to Install an HVAC/AC By Yourself

Heating and AC in Richardson, TX: Do Not Try to Install an HVAC/AC By Yourself

Installing any HVAC or even AC unit that is capable of both Heating and AC in Richardson, TX is not exactly an easy job to say the least, and as such this really difficult task needs must always be left to the real experts in this field.

This is due to the fact that as a rule, this difficult task also requires many different skills that the outfit skilled in Heating and AC in Richardson, TX should possess. The set of skills required for the task at hand are not just restricted to AC installation and service, but also include an in-depth working knowledge of masonry, all the way to electric wining and ducting specialties.

As a matter of fact, it is only the true blue experts in the field ofinstallation as well as the repair and servicing of Heating and AC in Richardson, TX who have the required expertise of getting the job done right, so that there are no complaints whatsoever.  Indeed, this is exactly why any such installation has to be carried out by these skilled experts. Here it is important to understand that the layman should not try to do it himself, unless he is a technical expert in the science of Heating and AC in Richardson, TX.

This is because of the large number of tasks that have to be performed in order to ensure an absolutely spot on installation, of the kind that would not create any problems in the future. Let us check out, the different parts of the whole installation process that have to be perfectly executed and you will see for yourself, why you will need to hire the services of highly capable experts who know how to install Heating and AC in Richardson, TX:

o  Installation of the indoor unit (in case of a split AC or HVAC system)

It is not necessary to purchase a full-fledged HVAC unit in order to heat or cool your room (as the case may be). In fact, the by now ubiquitous split AC unit is more than fully capable of both cooling and heating even very large rooms since it generally comes equipped with a heating capability, of its own. And provided the indoor unit has been properly installed, it can easily cool even very large rooms as well.

One of the most important points in installing the indoor unit is that it must be installed or fixed in such a manner that there are no obstructions whatsoever, in its overall airflow.  The best location should have the following:

  • The unit should be located at least seven feet above the floor so as to ensure that the flow of the breeze generated by the unit, remains uniform throughout the whole room
  • The unit should always be installed above any balcony, door, or window so there is no interference from any external breeze.
  • It has to have clear space of at least 24 inches along all of its sides

After the location has been determined, it should be affixed with heavy duty bolts and brackets that the good people skilled at Heating and AC in Richardson, TX will bring with them.

o  Insulation and ducting

Once the indoor unit has been satisfactorily installed, the various ducts and other related pipes and wiring that help connect the inner unit with the electric mains as well as the outer unit, will need to be sorted out.  A hole will be drilled into the wall and expended, till it would be able to hold the wires and pipes. However, it is imperative to make good and sure that this hole has not been created in the beam or any pillars, since the very structural integrity of the house depends on those.  Once all of the pipes have been passed though, the cavity will be filled up and cemented till there is no sign of it anymore.

Here, it is of seminal important to realize the fact that the insulation of the room has to be absolutely complete, otherwise, the unit will not be able to maintain the proper temperature thereby effectively rendering the entire exercise futile.

Moreover, all the pipes, ducts, and other wiring have to be completely sealed, in case there is any leakage. However, the people responsible for the installation of Heating and AC in Richardson, TX should be very careful to make sure that the wires are not frayed in any way, since it can create a potential shock hazard.

o  Installing the external unit of the system

The external unit of an AC or even HVAC capable of both Heating and Ac in Richardson, TX has to be properly installed in an external place that is well away from direct sunlight as well as other harsh environmental conditions. Here the key point to remember is that the unit must always be installed at least half a foot above ground level, so as to make sure that the flow of air is absolutely adequate.

Apart from that, the unit should have open space all around it as well, again up to half a foot or so. Furthermore, any debris such as falling leaves and branches, or dust and grime should be carefully removed from underneath the unit, so as to ensure that it is able to provide optimum service, for a really long period of time.

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