Heating and AC Repair in Frisco, TX: Don’t Fall for Novices

Heating and AC Repair in Frisco, TX: Don’t Fall for Novices

When it comes to the servicing, maintenance and repair of just about any type of HVAC unit, even a relatively simpler AC (that comes equipped with its own built-in heating capability), then it is generally considered to be ‘best practice’ to avoid getting your hands dirty by trying out the job yourself. Rather, it would be a prudent move on your part to depend on the highly skilled experts and specialists who really know how to go ahead and take care of any problems and issues that just might be related to Heating and AC Repair in Frisco, TX.  

Thanks in large part to the fairly rapid advancements that have been made in the world of climate control technology, it is now quite possible to safely dispense with the very concept of the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system and to go right ahead and simply purchase either a split or the even more uncomplicated window AC unit that will not just cool down your room on a sizzling hot summer’s day, but also keep it toasty warm on a mid-winter’s eve.

As a matter of fact, this will not only help you to get rid of those large and unwieldly external heating units but also, their internal blowing as well as ventilating units too.  This in turn will help ease the maintenance and servicing of Heating and AC Repair in Frisco, TX overall, to a considerable extent. In other words, you can easily get to enjoy the very best of both the worlds, albeit without putting in all of the extra time effort, and funds that are usually required to not just install but also subsequently maintain the arch typical heavy duty HVAC units.  Especially, if you are really interested in keeping your indoor climate control system completely operational at all times. Some of the many steps involved in the servicing as well as maintenance of Heating and AC Repair in Frisco, TX include the following:

o  Cleaning the main blower

Sometimes, the flow of hot or cold air is severely restricted and your room ends up feeling stuffy rather than refreshing. This may be due to the fact that the blower or main fan responsible for throwing air into your room may be completely choked with dirt and grime and it definitely requires the services of Heating and AC Repair in Frisco, TX.

Here, the key to understand is that once this blower becomes clogged then it will become considerably slower and also require substantially more power to run, as well.

In the long term, this will not only lead to a substantial increase in your electricity bills but will also increase the ecological and environmental footprint of your home or office, as well. And if you force your clogged fan to work all the harder, the odds are that it might lead to the main motor overheating and eventually there is a clear and present danger of a short circuit. In which case a fresh blower motor might be the least of your worries, since such a mishap can lead to a fire hazard.

While it is theoretically possible for the average layman to open the external unit of the split AC and clean it though the simple expedient of grabbing a tool box and soft dry cloth. But nevertheless, it may well prove to more of an arduous task then it really looks to be.

This is due to the fact that it is not easy to completely dismantle the fan and then to methodically go through its myriad constituent components and only then proceed to carry out the kind of scouring and cleaning, that is almost always the sole providence of highly skilled professionals, who are aware of the science of maintaining and servicing and also carrying out Heating and AC Repair in Frisco, TX.

But then, these people generally belong to various outfits that have not just extensive knowhow but also the relevant experience that is deemed to be necessary to take apart the entire climate control unit of both an HVAC or even a simple Windows AC (as the case may be) and then they will proceed to both clean and service them in such a way that the appliance ends up being as close to being factory new as it is possible for it to be. They will then put all the components back together again.

o  Cleaning the all-important condenser coils

The condenser coils are indeed a really very important part of the whole process of Heating and AC Repair in Frisco, TX. This is due to the fact that they also carry the required refrigerant gas and are in turn, responsible for the key task of maintaining the overall temperature as it is displayed by the thermostat.  As a general rule, these condenser coils are generally cleaned with a jet of high powered water that will help to wash away the years of accumulated dirt and then subsequently, the coils are blow dried with a powerful external blower that the experts will bring with them, so as to ensure that the system becomes squeaky clean and performs to its peak efficiency, day in day out.

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