Heating And AC Repair 101: A Guide To Choosing The Right HVAC System | North Richland Hills, TX

Heating And AC Repair 101: A Guide To Choosing The Right HVAC System | North Richland Hills, TX

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Residential HVAC systems comprise heating, cooling, and ventilation components that work in tandem to keep your North Richland Hills, TX, residence comfortable. They help regulate the temperatures during extreme summer conditions and assist in maintaining indoor air quality.

The US Environmental Protection Agency claims that the average American spends approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. It also acknowledges that contrary to popular notions, the concentration of some air pollutants could be two to five times higher than conventional outdoor saturations. With that in mind, it’s understandable why you would seek heating and AC repair professionals near North Richland Hills, TX, for HVAC installation services.

Besides helping with thermal regulation and making your home’s indoor air safe and clean to breathe, HVAC systems have several other benefits. By requesting your preferred heating and AC contractor to install one, you can lower your heating and AC repair costs since most new units feature warranty benefits that may last for at least two years.

Additionally, a residential HVAC system installation can help reduce your household’s carbon footprint. Newer HVAC models typically use 30 to 50 percent less energy than older units. They can decrease your home’s heating and cooling energy costs by between 20 to 40 percent.

Past that, due to their proficiency in maintaining good indoor air quality, HVAC systems can also help protect your respiratory health. Once your heating and AC contractor has installed one in your home, you may soon begin to realize that there are fewer cases of illnesses resulting from mold or mildew exposure, as well as decreased asthma and allergy symptoms.

While these benefits may be guaranteed after you’ve decided to schedule an HVAC installation with your heating and AC repair specialist, choosing the right system for your home can be a daunting task. Fortunately, you can rely on this guide to help you discover some of the common types of HVAC systems you can choose from and how to pick the right system.

Types of HVAC Systems

Regardless of whether you’ve asked your heating and AC repair specialist to install a new HVAC system or replace the current one, below are the common types of HVAC units that you can choose from.

Heating and Cooling Split Systems

Split HVAC units are the most common types of heating and cooling apparatus in American households. As their name suggests, they’re often divided into two main systems, one that heats your house during the cold season and another for cooling things up during the hot summer weather.

During an HVAC installation service, heating and AC professionals often mount one unit indoors. This unit’s usually the furnace, which they may place in the garage, attic, crawlspace, basement, or utility closet. The other system, the central air conditioner, will be placed outside on a cement foundation commonly referred to as the AC pad.

Your heating and AC repair contractor may configure your new HVAC unit in different ways based on your specific needs. They may install an air conditioner and furnace. Also known as a forced-air system, this configuration absorbs unconditioned air, treats it, and redistributes the treated air into your indoor environment. Alternatively, your HVAC installation expert may install a heat pump and air handler.

However, such a setup is ideal for homes located in regions with warm climatic conditions. Typically, the heat pump absorbs ambient heat rather than generating it. This makes such systems an ideal option if you’re focused on energy efficiency. The absorbed heat is then distributed via ducts found within the air handling system. This limits the heat pump’s functions to solely distributing cool air in homes found in regions that experience relatively warm weather conditions.

Although split HVAC systems may be easy to install if your residence already has an existing duct network, they may disperse dust, allergens, and other air pollutants throughout your home. Additionally, if your home doesn’t have any ductwork, asking your heating and AC repair professional to install a new network may be quite expensive.

Hybrid Split Systems

Similar to the previously described split heating and cooling units, hybrid split systems feature an electric hybrid heating component. This can allow you to choose between an electric or gas-powered heating system, depending on your needs. As a North Richland Hills, TX, resident, a hybrid split unit would be a great choice. This is because these units ideally work best in regions where you may need to constantly dictate your home’s thermal conditions due to the constant changing of the climatic conditions during the colder seasons. During the HVAC installation process, your heating and AC repair expert will include a thermostat, which helps you conveniently adjust the temperature settings based on the prevailing weather conditions.

HVAC professionals claim that hybrid systems have a higher heating and cooling capacity than other types of HVAC units. However, installing one may still be costly if your residence doesn’t have an existing duct network. Besides that, just like split heating and cooling units, hybrid split systems may also distribute odor, allergens, and dust throughout your premises.

Ductless or Mini-split Heating and Cooling Units

If neither the hybrid nor conventional split HVAC units appeal to your household’s heating and cooling needs, you can request your local heating and AC repair expert to install a ductless or mini-split HVAC system. Ductless systems feature several indoor units distributed strategically to every room that may need heating and air conditioning.

Your local HVAC installation professional mounts each unit on your home’s walls. The units are connected to a compressor, which they place outside your residence. Although mini-split systems may be easier to install than central heating and AC systems, their upfront costs are generally higher.

Regardless, you should consider installing one if you only want to condition the air in one room of your house. A ductless HVAC system installation may also be beneficial if you prefer controlling the thermal conditions of each room independently or if you seldom use all the rooms of your house, prompting you to cut down on your regular heating and cooling energy costs.

Packaged Heating and Cooling Systems

As the terminology implies, packaged HVAC units feature both the heating and air conditioning units in a single package. If you request the installation of this system in your residence, your preferred heating and AC repair contractor will place it in the attic. In a multi-story home, they will find safe storage space on the top floor.

Packaged heating and cooling systems can condition your indoor air without having to install multiple units, making them highly energy-efficient. HVAC service professionals recommend these units for homeowners living in areas that predominantly experience warmer climatic conditions. They generate heat from electricity, but their operational efficiency may be lower than other types of HVAC systems.

Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

Geothermal heat pumps are notably unique, in terms of operation, compared to other heating and cooling units. Essentially, they circulate water through pipes installed underground, using the earth’s stable thermal properties to heat indoor air when it’s cold and warm it when the temperature drops.

Your heating and AC repair professional will tell you that these units collect heat from the ground more quickly than they would heat originating from the cold areas of your home. When it comes to cooling, the heat will be transferred underground so that your home can remain comfortable.

If you’re an environmentally conscious homeowner, you should consider installing a geothermal heat pump on your property. This is because these systems rely on renewable energy to keep you and your loved ones comfortable during extreme weather conditions. As a result, geothermal heat pump systems guarantee lower annual operational costs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an HVAC System for Your Residence

Each of the following types of heating and cooling systems can guarantee the indoor comfort of your North Richland, TX, residence. Below are some of the factors you should consider before scheduling an installation service with your local heating and AC repair contractor.

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient HVAC system can help you avoid inexplicably high energy utility bills. It’s also environmentally friendly and more durable than an inefficient heating and cooling unit. Its SEER rating often determines the energy efficiency of any residential HVAC unit. In full, SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

As you shop around for a unit, it would be a great idea to consult with your preferred heating and AC repair contractor. Your HVAC professional may have a deeper understanding of the various SEER ratings of different HVAC systems. With this knowledge, they can help you choose a unit that can effectively satisfy your heating and cooling needs depending on your budget.

That said, you should never forget that the higher the SEER rating of an HVAC system, the higher the level of energy efficiency. The SEER rating should also guide your decision when you’re looking for a residential air conditioning system.

Past that, when purchasing an HVAC system, you should consider its Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, HSPF. In this regard, it would be in your best interests if you choose a system that has an HSPF measurement of 8.2 or higher. As aforementioned, energy-efficient HVAC units can guarantee long-lasting service, which reduces the need for frequent heating and AC repairs.

The HVAC Size

When discussing the size of HVAC units, the focus is often on their capacity rather than physical size. Your local heating and AC repair contractor can help you determine which size HVAC unit can comfortably serve your household’s heating and cooling needs.

As they provide their informed insight on the issue, the size they prescribe will depend on the size of the area being heated or cooled and your tastes and preferences. They may also look into the physical and thermal characteristics of your home’s indoors.

Therefore, in North Richland Hills, TX, homeowners with larger homes should avoid purchasing a small unit as it’ll only work harder to maintain the preferred indoor air conditions. This, in turn, may result in an accelerated rate of wear and tear along with high energy utility bills, which will both eventually waste your hard-earned cash.


As a homeowner, you’ve probably had to compare the different prices of the appliances in your residence to ensure that you get the best value for your money. However, while the price is essential, it shouldn’t be the only factor you pay the most attention to when looking for a new residential HVAC system. Past that, you should never forget that an energy-efficient HVAC unit may have higher upfront costs.

Regardless, you may end up saving some money down the road due to reduced energy costs and minimal heating and AC repair needs. When looking for a new HVAC system, you should contact your local HVAC service provider since they can use their extensive knowledge to provide informed recommendations that can suit your budget and household needs.

Brand Reputation

Your heating and AC repair professional can assure you that installing an energy-efficient HVAC system in your residence could be one of the biggest investments you could ever make. Therefore, it’s only right that you choose the best product based on its price and quality. To do this, you can research the matter personally, go through a few customer reviews on the HVAC manufacturer’s website, or request referrals from close friends and relatives.

Alternatively, you can consult with your local heating and AC repair technicians to get a second and more informed opinion. As certified experts in the field, they can effectively distinguish the merits and demerits of various HVAC systems to help you make the right decision.

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