The Most Common HVAC Problems Needing A Heating And AC Repair Company | Fort Worth, TX

The Most Common HVAC Problems Needing A Heating And AC Repair Company | Fort Worth, TX

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Every Fort Worth, TX homeowner depends on their HVAC system working to perfection, after all, your HVAC system provides you with heat in the winter where in January the temperatures can dip to an average low of 34.0°F, and summer we depend on our AC units to cool us down as the average high in the summertime is 96°F. No one in Fort Worth, TX wants to live in a cold home in the winter or a stuffy humid home in the summer?

Did you know that most HVAC issues can be avoided simply by having an HVAC tune-up done every year? Other HVAC issues are simply a matter of cleaning your system. We have compiled a list of the most common HVAC issues our customers in the Fort Worth, TX area that calls for a Heating and AC Repair Company to solve. Keep in mind many of these problems can be caught early before they even become a problem if you simply schedule an HVAC tune-up with your local Heating and AC Repair Company. Here are the top problems we see customers face when we have service calls:

Lack of Maintenance

You need regularly scheduled maintenance from a local Heating and AC Repair Company done every year on your air conditioner and heating system. This is a must-do for any homeowner who does not want to see their system break down mid-season unexpectedly. Regular maintenance from a Heating and AC Repair Company in the form if an HVAC tune-up can prevent most major problems from occurring. If you neglect to do this yearly, your chances of having costly breakdowns, low performance, and higher utility bills increase each season you run your HVAC system!

Experts in the HVAC field state that nearly half of all the breakdowns they see in the field (service calls) are due to a lack of basic maintenance performed by a Heating and AC Repair Company. It is well established what the benefits are for having a seasonal tune-up done every year by a licensed Heating and AC Repair Company. When you get a tune-up done every year you extend the life of your HVAC systems, you have fewer breakdowns and require fewer repairs than people who ignore their HVAC systems until they break down.

When you have a seasonal tune-up your local Heating and AC Repair Company technician will inspect your system completely, looking for any problem signs. They will also clean your system inside and out, and replace any and all filters that need replacing. You might be surprised at how many HVAC problems arise from dirty filters, such as failed condensers to blocked vents. In fact, dirty air filters are the most common cause of failing HVAC systems! For one dirty air filters restrict airflow to your system, which places a great strain on your air handler fan motor. Over time this can cause your motor to burn out. When your motor burns out your system overheats and fails. Air filters do not cost much nor take much effort to put in, you should do this regularly or have an HVAC tune-up where this will be done for you as part of the service from your local Heating and AC Repair Company. Your air filters are a vital part of your HVAC system. We have seen many homeowners need an HVAC replacement simply due to irreversible damage due to a lack of replacing the air filters, and new HVAC systems start at around $10,000 dollars!

You can avoid heating and cooling breakdowns with regular maintenance. Once a year will usually do the trick to prevent disastrous issues from appearing in your HVAC system. Your HVAC technician will catch most issues before they cause an utter breakdown in your system. They will also catch secondary problems before they require major repairs. For example, your technician might catch a refrigerant leak early before it becomes a major repair issue. Think of your HVAC system much like your car, it needs maintenance just like your car does. If you invest in some preventive maintenance via an HVAC tune-up you can prevent a lot of breakdowns, repairs and greatly reduce the amount of money you spend to upkeep your system.

Dirty Filters

As mentioned above dirty air filters are a problem for any HVAC system. Dirty air filters are the number one cause of HVAC breakdowns and the number one reason we have to repair HVAC systems. You can have the most cutting edge system, the most expensive system on the market but if you neglect to change your filters you WILL be calling for a Fort Worth, TX Heating and AC Repair Company to make expensive repairs on your system, it is not a question of IF only when. Dirty air filters can cause your furnace to shut off in the winter, and a dirty filter can cause comfort issues due to the strain it puts on both your AC unit and your furnace. A dirty air filter also affects your central air conditioner, for one it restricts the flow of cold air to your home, making you uncomfortable in the summer and jacking up your utility bills. A dirty air filter can cause your AC unit to short cycle. Your AC unit should cycle on and off throughout the day, but when your air filters are dirty it can cause those cycles to become more rapid than they need to be. This results in higher utility bills and more pollution due to a higher cycling rate. This of course results in uncomfortable home temperatures. Dirty air filters can cause your system to ice over since the cold air will be trapped inside the central air conditioner. When your system ices over you will need the services of a Heating and AC Repair Company to make repairs to your system if you do not address the frozen system quickly.

Your system will last longer if you replace the filters every 3 months. You should replace the filters more often if you have pets, as pet hair can quickly clog your air filters. For every pet in your home, you should expect to be changing your air filters 30 days sooner. So if you have two pets you would be changing your air filter every 30 days. If you have just one dog or cat you should expect to be changing your air filter every 60 days. Another reason to change your filters often is uneven cooling and heating. When your air filters get clogged and dirty your home will not cool or heat evenly, which can cause discomfort to you and your family. Heating systems and air conditioners generally last longer if you change your air filters on a regular basis. Failure to change your air filters will add wear and tear to your system and result in expensive service calls from a Heating and AC Repair Company to repair the damage done by neglecting to change your air filters. Failure to replace your air filters on time can cost you as much as one to two years of life on either your air conditioner or furnace. If you neglect to change your air filters, you can count on having expensive repairs rack up with your Heating and AC Repair Company due to failing parts in your HVAC system. This is because many of the working parts of your HVAC system depend upon clean air moving through the system. You will also pay more in the long run when you avoid changing your air filters due to your HVAC system no longer running efficiently.

Thermostat Issues

There are two types of thermostats out there, older mechanical models and newer programmable models. We see a lot of Heating and AC Repair Company calls due to thermostat issues. It might not seem like the thermostat can throw off your system or send it out of whack but we see it every week on service calls. This is especially true with newer programmable models. Modern thermostats are very complex and can cause many homeowners a lot of frustration trying to go over the owner’s manual when something is amiss with the thermostat. Some common problems we see are when the thermostat is not reading the temperature of the house correctly, when this happens the customer invariably reaches out to a local Heating and AC Repair Company for a service call. We often will find that the failing thermostat is simply dirty inside which results in the thermostat being unable to correctly gauge the indoor temperature. Another common problem we find on service calls is shoddy installation work on the thermostat, for example, a thermostat that was set up in the wrong area of the home. One example of a wrong area of the home to set up a thermostat would be in an area that is drafty. When a thermostat is set up in a drafty area of the home it will not read the temperature of the home correctly. Another problem we see with service calls is simply the thermostat is too old. Thermostats do not last forever, and they are prone to failure just like any part of your HVAC system is. You may want to consider simply replacing your aging thermostat if it is giving you problems. If you are having thermostat issues call your local Fort Worth, TX Heating and AC Repair Company to have a professional HVAC repair technician check over your thermostat and make any needed repairs. Today’s thermostats are not something you can do a DIY repair on.

Ignition Problems

This is one common problem people call a Heating and AC Repair Company to address. If your furnace is not igniting you should call your Fort Worth, TX Heating and AC Repair Company for a service call. There can be many causes of a furnace failing to ignite, which will also depend upon which type of ignition system your furnace uses. Today’s furnaces use either an intermittent pilot system or a hot surface ignition. Hot surface ignition systems use electricity to ignite the burner, while an intermittent system uses an electric spark to ignite the burner. If you are still using a furnace with a pilot light you are using a very outdated furnace and not an energy-efficient furnace. If you are still using a furnace with a pilot light in 2021, it may be time to call your Heating and AC Repair Company to consider a furnace upgrade. If you are having ignition problems it is best to hire an HVAC technician to test your furnace and find out what the problem is and correct it. Sometimes we find that the furnace igniter is damaged. Furnace igniters often do not last as long as the furnace itself does, in which case it is easy and cost-effective to simply replace the damaged igniter. Your temperature light switch could also be to blame. If your furnace was not installed correctly you could be dealing with an igniter that has the incorrect voltage, which would lead to failure to ignite. Only a certified HVAC technician from a Heating and AC Repair Company can identify the cause of the problem and safely correct the issue.

Dirty or Damaged Coils

Dirt and debris are the major enemies of your air conditioner’s coils. Dirt, gunk, and debris can easily clog and disrupt the components of the coil in your AC system. When this happens the efficiency of your system will be significantly reduced. This damage can quickly become systemic leading to your AC system shutting down completely. Your indoor evaporator coil if it becomes dirty can also reduce the efficiency of your furnace, and can cause both your air conditioner and furnace to work harder, shortening the lifespan of your units. Dirty coils can be cleaned and repaired by certified HVAC technicians from a Heating and AC Repair Company. If you suspect that your coils have become dirty or damaged it is time to call in professionals.

If you notice any of the above signs of trouble with your HVAC system, call the professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth today. We offer 24/7 service for your convenience as well as offering emergency service. Our knowledgeable staff is ready and willing to assist you no matter what HVAC problem you are facing and no matter what model of furnace or air conditioner you have, so call the experts at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth today!