Heating And Air Conditioning Repair: 5 Things An HVAC Contractor Will Do Or Check When Performing An Annual Inspection | Fort Worth, TX

Heating And Air Conditioning Repair: 5 Things An HVAC Contractor Will Do Or Check When Performing An Annual Inspection | Fort Worth, TX

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Many homeowners are hesitant to get an annual inspection for their heating and air conditioning unit. After all, if it’s not broken, then why does it need to be fixed?

An annual inspection can ensure that your heating and air conditioning unit is running at optimal level. It can ensure that you won’t be wasting money on your energy bills and that you’ll be getting the most out of the unit. If anything is faulty or defective, you can quickly get the heating and air conditioning repair that you need before it gets out of hand.

Here, at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating, we highly recommend that you schedule an annual inspection in order to get a better idea of the condition of each unit, as well as the type of repairs that are needed. Our licensed dealers and technicians can answer any and all of the questions that you may have, and help you make an informed decision that will benefit your unit and your wallet in the long run.

If you’re not sure what to expect from an annual inspection, here are 5 different things that our technicians will take a look at. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us whenever you want. Our experts in Fort Worth, TX are available around-the-clock to provide you with the answers that you need. We are also able to service many other areas in Texas as well. Give us a call and we’ll make sure that we free up our schedule for you.


#1. The Condition of the External Parts of the Unit

One of the first things that an HVAC contractor will do when performing an annual inspection is to look at the external parts of the unit. This is usually the areas that will require the most heating and air conditioning repair. Luckily, these repairs are usually not too costly nor will they take too long to repair.

If your air conditioning or heating unit has any parts that are exposed to the outdoors, these areas are the ones that are generally most vulnerable to damage and wear and tear and will require the most heating and air conditioning repair. Most technicians will begin by clearing the area in order to get a good look at the unit. This might include anything from removing branches and bushes that are covering the unit to dusting it in order to get a better look at the fine parts. Your technician will look for punctures, leaks, cracks and holes. These may greatly diminish the overall capacity of the unit.

The reason why this type of heating and air conditioning repair is so essential is because the air conditioner needs to suck in enough outside air to cool and blow the inside of your house. If it is incapable of doing so, it won’t perform as well. The cost of repairing the unit will usually be a lot cheaper than the extra energy bills that you’ll need to pay if the unit is defective or not as effective.

It’s also important to note that the annual inspections can reduce the need for a lot of heating and air conditioning repairs. It’s definitely worth it to call a technician in Fort Worth, TX to see whether they have time to see you. An inspection doesn’t have to take a long time. In fact, in most cases, the entire inspection will be completed within an hour or two. You’ll get a good idea of the overall capacity of the unit, as well as its ability in performance.


#2. The Overall Condition of the Filters

Another important part of the inspection involves the filters. The filters are, perhaps, one of the most important components of an air conditioning unit. In most situations, the air filters will need to be replaced every year. If you don’t know how to replace the air filters yourself, it’s always a good idea to get help from a professional.

Don’t let dirty air filters slide because they can actually create numerous problems for the air conditioner. Some of these problems include:


  • An increase in the unit’s energy usage. This is because the air conditioning unit will need to spend more energy to pull in air to cool your home.


  • A defective evaporator. It’s actually not uncommon for an evaporator to ice over if the filter is too dirty.


  • Poor air quality. If the dust filter is not operating properly, you’ll find that the overall air quality inside your home will decrease. This can lead to an increase in respiratory problems and allergies.


This is one of the easiest and simplest heating and air conditioning repairs that your units will ever need. It’s also fairly inexpensive. While most technicians will recommend that homeowners get the air filters replaced every year, it’s important to note that this is not always mandatory. Those who do not use their air conditioning units frequently may be able to get away with replacing the dust filters every several years. With that said, this is not recommended.

Different Types of Air Conditioning Dust Filters

If you’re looking to replace the dust filters inside your air conditioning unit, you must first familiarize with the different types that are available. You have several options to choose from. You can always switch from one filter to another. You are never locked in to one type. Some of the different air conditioning dust filters that you can choose from include:


  • Fiberglass filters. This type of dust filter is the most common in air conditioning units. These filters are typically thrown away after each use. Most technicians will replace this type of filter every time that they perform some type of heating and air conditioning repair on your unit. These filters are usually made from layered fiberglass fibers that are reinforced with metal grating.


  • Polyester and pleated filters. These filters are in general very similar to fiberglass filters, but they do tend to fare a bit better at filtering particles from the air. These filters have a higher resistance to airflow.


  • High efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filters. These filters aren’t commonly found in residential buildings. These filters need to be able to filter out 99.7% of all particles in the air.


  • Washable air filters. These air filters are also usually found more commonly in industrial settings. The good thing about these filters is that they are reusable. This can save some homeowners a substantial amount of money in the long run. These filters also tend to require the least heating and air conditioning repair services.


Our technicians in Fort Worth, TX can walk you through the different types of filters that are available, and help you choose one that is compatible with your needs. We can also explain the efficiency of each filter to you, so you know what to expect.

All filters are rated based on IAQ standards established by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). ASHRAE requires all filters to have a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) system, which will give you some insight into the filter’s ability to remove particles from the air.


#3. The Freon Level Inside the Air Conditioning Unit

Before any technicians turn on the air conditioning unit or proceed, they will usually check the freon levels inside the air conditioner. If the freon levels are considered to be on the low side, then there’s a really good chance that there’s a leak somewhere. This type of heating and air conditioning repair in Fort Worth, TX is usually a fairly easy fix.

If there is a leak, the technician may recommend several solutions. Some of them include:

  • Patching up the leaky area.
  • Topping up the refrigerant.

Low freon levels will actually decrease the overall efficiency of the unit. It will also significantly decrease the life of the compressor and the overall capacity of the battery.

If you don’t complete this heating and air conditioning repair in Fort Worth, TX as soon as possible, then it’s important to keep in mind that the unit may likely overheat. This can be extremely problematic, and may even cause you to have to replace your entire unit as a whole.


#4. The Overall Operation of the Unit

Everything may look fine, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the air conditioning unit is running properly. Many technicians will go over the overall operation of the unit by turning it on. Many technicians recommend turning on the air conditioning unit or getting an inspection in early April or May. The rule of thumb is to turn the AC unit on for at least an hour. This will give the AC unit ample time to act up. If there is a problem, the problem will usually show itself by that point and heating and air conditioning repair will be needed.

During this time, the air conditioning unit is not a necessary part of your life yet. This means that it’s easy to schedule a proper heating and air conditioning repair should it be necessary. It’s also a lot easier for the technicians to work on the unit when the weather is still relatively cool. In general, you’ll also find that you’ll usually be able to get a better deal during this time, as the technicians are not as fully booked for heating and air conditioning repair services.


In the event that the air conditioning unit is malfunctioning, you’ll want to cut off power to the AC unit before completing any heating and air conditioning repair. It’s also important to avoid hosing down the unit or exposing it to water, as that may increase the risk of electrocution. Those who are performing heating and air conditioning repair services should take as many safety precautions as possible.


#5. The Air Conditioner Thermostat Condition

Is the AC unit not functioning as efficiently as you’d like? Have you noticed that the temperature fluctuates even when the AC is on? Or, have you noticed that the AC doesn’t seem to get the air as cool as it used to? You might need to get some heating and air conditioning repair done to your unit.

Another important thing to check during the annual inspection is the air conditioner thermostat operation. It’s important to make sure that the thermostat is on “cooling” mode. You can also set the thermostat so that the temperature is well above room temperature before the air conditioning unit turns on. In the event that there is an issue, the heating and air conditioning repair that’s needed may be something as simple as replacing the thermostat entirely. In most cases, it’s not easy nor worth it to fix a faulty thermostat.

If you need to replace the thermostat with a new one, you should also familiarize yourself with the different models that are out there. Many of the newer thermostats are capable of offering a lot more features. They may offer adjustable settings or may be able to help you automatically set different features based on the time of day and more.


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