Our Beautiful Home Deserves The Best Heating And AC Repair Tradespeople In The Industry! | Dallas, TX

Our Beautiful Home Deserves The Best Heating And AC Repair Tradespeople In The Industry! | Dallas, TX

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Dallas, TX is a world-class city. We’re not just longhorn cattle and natural oil reserves. Dallas, TX has the third-largest population in TX and is the 9th most populous urban expanse in the United States. There is more to see here than the Bank of America Plaza or the JP Morgan Chase Tower.

Dallas, TX is teeming with opportunities for cultural enrichment. The Dallas Center for the Performing Arts hosts famous productions that draw visitors from all over the nation. The Winspear Opera House and Morton H. Meyerson Symphony provide impressive homes for the fine performing arts.

Visual arts are represented in the architecture of Dallas, TX, and among the many art galleries including the internationally popular Trammell & Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art.

Leaders of Cultural Development and Science

For people more interested in the sciences and humanities, Dallas is home to the Frontiers of Flight Museum, the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, and the Perot Museum of Nature and science.

History buffs are spoiled for choice. Tolerance is one of the most important values to the local community. We embrace the American value of temperance and acceptance.

A Community Value

Dallas, TX is proud to be the home of the Holocaust Museum and the Center for Education and Tolerance, the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial, the Museum of Biblical Art, the African American Museum, and last but not least, the incredible Meadows Museum.

Our culturally rich home deserves to be maintained and serviced by the very best heating and AC repair tradesman in the HVAC industry. One-Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth are proud to be the most trusted provider of heating and AC repair and Installations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Your home deserves the same attention and care to it’s HVAC systems. Climate controls are mandatory when it comes to surviving a summer in TX! Our mild winters are often accompanied by very hot, arid summers.

The average high temperature in July is 96 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Neither of these can be classified as crisp or mild weather. You’ll definitely want to complete any heating and AC repair before it gets too hot or too cold.

Texans face the heat but they prepare for it too. Many prudent Dallasites’ subscribe to a routine maintenance package with us to maintain the efficiency of your units and anticipate any heating and AC repair needs before they leave you with empty pockets.

Heating and AC Repair Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

We understand that saving your hard-earned money is a priority. Yet, it is important to understand the difference between protecting your financial future and ignoring a problem that’s only going to cost you a substantially larger amount of money if you repaired the units at an earlier time. Here are a few warning signs you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to heating and AC repair.

  • Strange Sounds: Appliances have their characteristic noises. However, grating, grinding, and buzzing sounds aren’t normal. Often these audible malfunctions are accompanied by pools of water or refrigerant, unpleasant smells, or a reduction in airflow. Call us to complete the heating and AC repair as soon as possible.


  • Three Stinky Smells: There are three, distinct scents you should look out for when inspecting or maintaining your HVAC appliances. These three scents are described as rotten eggs, electrical burning, and musty or damp smells. The rotten egg scent is the most alarming of the three. It may indicate that natural gasses are present in your home. Leave immediately and don’t return until a professional Heating and AC Repair specialist has given the green light to return to your home. Electrical fires and the smell of burning metal and plastic are easily identifiable. Unfortunately, they are frequently found in the presence of such ablaze. Find the source of the scent before assuming it’s safe. The last smell is a product of a mold infestation. The problem will only get worse if there are delays in heating and AC repair.


  • Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink: Puddles and condensation are very different things. Your air conditioner will expel water as part of its usual functioning routine. However, if you continually find puddles of water surrounding your unit, it may mean your appliance needs immediate attention. Again, it’s vital to schedule heating and AC repair as soon as these problems arise.


  • Sky High Electric Bills: Often the first signal clients receive something is wrong with their climate control system is an abnormally high electricity bill. Furnaces, water heaters, boilers, and air conditioners are set to temperature. They will use as much electricity as they’re capable of using to meet this goal. If your home is in need of heating and AC repair, then it’s commonly discovered that the electric bill has been artificially high.


  • Uneven Temperatures Throughout Your Home: Do you find yourself reaching for the couch blanket in the living room and then, throwing off the covers at night in your bedroom? Chances are your climate controls need servicing. Part of the job of the HVAC system is to circulate clean, cool or warm air. When the airflow is restricted by debris, mold or a malfunctioning unit then it will require expert heating and AC repair.


  • Age and Usage:.More often than not, a heating or air conditioning unit isn’t working well because it’s not suitable for foot traffic and space. Our team of specialist HVAC tradespeople represents some of the most modern skills in the industry. We can recommend, repair and install your HVAC appliances so they function with optimal efficiency. It’s crucial to remember that appliances have a natural lifespan like most things, and old climate control systems may not be worth repairing.

Our Service Area

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Customer Reviews

“I didn’t even know what HVAC stood for when our air conditioner blew up. I knew I needed heating and AC repair. I do mean it, the thing blew up. We watched from a safe distance and listened as our exterior unit grinding itself into POP and then a small fire in front of the grates. I was annoyed because I hate to be hot. I work all day in the heat and the last thing I want to deal with at night is a hothouse. We called One-Hour and they helped us choose a new unit and had it installed by the time I got home the next day. I’ve asked them to check our units and depend on them to anticipate any heating and AC repair before it becomes a problem.”

Hiram Good, Frisco, May 2019

“I own a little ice cream shop downtown. I’d been on vacation in Cancun when the manager of my shop called to tell me that the air conditioning in the customer seating area had stopped working. Nobody wants to eat ice cream while they are melting too. These days one of the most important hallmarks of a boutique eatery is comfortable settings. If my guests don’t feel cool in the Texan heat, they are going to stop frequenting my business. I’ve long relied on One-Hour for my household HVAC maintenance and repairs. I always had trouble with the unit at my house, but the shop usually remained nice and chilly. One-Hour is different from other businesses, they don’t fleece you or trick you into purchasing unnecessary services. I trust them and find their prices, both residential and commercial services quite affordable. I’ll be calling them with any heating and AC repair I need!”

Trudy Lane, Bedford, August 2018

Our Services

  • Commercial & Residential HVAC Equipment Design, Installation, and Repair
  • Installation of Water Heaters, Boilers, Furnaces, and Air Conditioners
  • Emergency Heating and AC Repair
  • Modern Diagnostic Tools for Cost-Effective and Efficient Services
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • HVAC Tune-Ups
  • Troubleshooting Heating and AC Repair
  • Home Performance Evaluations
  • Energy Star Compliance and Upgrades
  • 24-Hour Service
  • Commercial HVAC Design, Installation, and Repair
  • Factory Trained Technicians are NATE-Certified for Exceptional Service

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance Versus Emergency Heating and AC Repair

It might sound counter-intuitive to invest your hard-earned cash in regular visits from our team of helpful professionals. However, routine care of your heater and air conditioner may extend the life of the appliances and reduce the monthly fees you pay the electricity and gas companies.

By maintaining your air conditioner and furnace, you are making sure that your equipment is always functioning at an optimal level. This improves your ENERGY STAR rating, the efficiency of your appliances while reducing the amount of electricity and gas to run them.

Plus, knowing the climate controls are running efficiently in your home or business gives you peace of mind. Our regular clients are important to us and we strive to make certain they know it. As a regular maintenance customer, a service call from you is moved ahead in the queue. We want all our clients to know we’ll respond as fast as we can and complete heating and AC repair as quickly as we can.

One-Hour’s Greatest Resource: Our Team

We realize inviting a new person into your home or commercial space is an act of trust. There’s a lot of danger in our modern lives, and as responsible community members, we’ve got to use our heads. That’s why all of our team members submit to a thorough background check.

Our HVAC technicians who take service calls are experienced professionals who take pride in being the best in Texas. We regularly invest in refreshing the tools and knowledge of our prized HVAC technicians. Technology doesn’t outrun our team.

We offer appealing incentives for our team as a boost for them to continue to be the best that One-Hour Air Conditioning and Heating, that they can be!

After Hours Appointments

Our community enjoys warmer winters than lots of other places, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get cold. The average low temperature in January is just 37 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s not too far from freezing! Don’t panic if your heating breaks over the Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays, a 37-degree night isn’t going to be comfortable. One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating understand how chilly an unheated home can be.

Our out of hours appointment and emergency services will have warm and toasty before the marshmallows melt in your hot cocoa. We arrive with the necessary tools, diagnostic equipment, and know-how necessary to get home’s climate back in your control fast.

Our air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair services are just as quick and completed by specialists who know the appliances and were factory trained by the company’s that make your units.

We offer commercial out of hours appointments and emergency services too. Workers deserve a comfortable setting when working indoors and an efficient HVAC system delivers that. Look after the comfort and happiness of your employees and you’ll find increased productivity rates and less wastage. Happy workers are better employees.

Our Promise to You

We have spent decades refining and honing our business to better serve our valued clients. Our team of specialized HVAC technicians represents over a century of experience. We hire people with hearty work ethics, a clear moral compass, and a dedication to honesty and accountability. We retain our exceptional staff through respecting their work and life balance, offering opportunities for advancement, a living wage, and many other perks.

Our promise to you is to provide you with prompt heating and air conditioning services that are affordable, completed with the highest caliber of integrity, and competitive with HVAC service rates throughout the state.

Don’t wait until your AC is on the fritz and you’re camping in the shower to cope with the oppressive heat. At the first sign of trouble, give our office a call and a friendly agent will discuss your needs and the options available to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating for advice, clarification, or just a chat!