Heating and Air Conditioning Repair | Dallas, TX

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair | Dallas, TX

Dallas is blessed with mild winters, hardy plants and sultry summers. When the city was industrialized by the railroad and bustling agriculture business, it became key to the longhorn cattle and cotton trade.

Winters are kinder than in the mid-western states with an average temperature in January being 50 degrees. Occasionally, the region is inundated with freezing rain or hail. Spring brings the odd tornado to pass over Casa Linda, Lower Greenville, and the Bishop Arts District.

Summers are less forgiving with average temperatures in July reaching up to 96 degrees, only four degrees from waters’ boiling point. Heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance are easy to take for granted.

However, if your homes’ heating element goes out during an ice storm, you’ll discover how important caring for your utilities and heating and air conditioning repair can be.

Investing in Regular HVAC Maintenance

The world is becoming more environmentally aware and preserving precious resources isn’t just good for the planet, it’s good for your finances. Investing in new HVAC technology reduces your home or businesses dependence on electricity.

By maintaining your environmental controls with scheduled tune-ups, you’re ensuring that your units aren’t putting unnecessary strain on the energy resources. Predictive heating and air conditioning repairs tighten the mechanisms’ functions.

Trusted Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

Tradesman can make lots of claims when it comes to advertising their services, but we let our work speak for us. We’ve been serving Denton, Kaufman, Collin, Rockwall counties and the Dallas-Fort Worth metro-plex since 1988.

Many of our clients trust us to provide the gold standard of HVAC and heating and air conditioning repair for multiple decades.

We arrive equipped with a full range of parts, tools and designs to respond to emergency calls quickly and thoroughly plan renovations.

We understand welcoming a technician into your home is an act of faith. We fully research the background of the people we hire. They’re always registered with the state of Texas, NATE certified, insured, bonded and are subject to random, unannounced drug tests.

Our team members are our best marketing tools. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating only employs hard working and honest people.

From the moment you call our office and speak to our friendly customer service team, to the time when you wave goodbye to our technician and appreciate their job well-done, we’ll ensure to meet your expectations and beyond.

Energy Star Homes

The United States Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have set the standard for the utilities that make our homes cozy and comfortable.

The Home Performance Evaluation formulated by Energy Star advise consumers on which utilities are the most economical and environmentally conscious for their homes.

Our experts refresh their skills periodically throughout their careers to remain sharp and up to date with HVAC and heating and air conditioning repair innovations. Cutting-edge knowledge provides our clientele with options unavailable to many property owners.

Energy Star appliances act as a guideline to help you choose the appliances that will suit your lifestyle and your budget. The heating and air conditioning repair and renovation team at One Hour rely on the Energy Star ratings to provide greener services to the Dallas, TX community.

Emergency Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Services

We understand that more likely than not, air conditioning repairs and the need to fix heating elements, won’t always occur Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

We understand the inconvenience of a heat wave over the July 4th weekend causes when your family from Houston is visiting. It is a terrible time for the air conditioner to quit, but of course, it does.

Our heating and air conditioning repair services provide a quick response to emergency calls and offer a transparent pricing system that won’t ruin your holiday.

We’ll have the kitchen and bedrooms cool before your father-in-law can complain about the weather.


“Last December, Dallas, TX experienced some of the coldest temperatures in recent history. I was called to Louisiana before the winter holiday and had to leave my twin girls (who are both 17) on their own overnight. 

As soon as I reached the hotel and looked at my phone, I knew something was wrong because Amy and Alicia had texted me half a dozen times.

The girls explained that they smelled smoke and followed the scent to the utility room and saw the boiler surrounded by grey puffs of smoke. I called my brother who lives down the street. 

After he’d made sure it wasn’t a fire hazard, he phoned the One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning Repair people and they turned up fast.

The technician was there and had replaced the offending part within an hour. When I got home the next morning the house was warm and there was no sign of smoke. Since then, I’ve replaced the entire unit with a greener option that has a higher Energy Star rating.

One Hour made sure I got a great deal on the upgrade and the utility room was spotless when they finished. I can’t recommend One Hour enough for heating and air conditioning repairs in Dallas, TX.”

Tessa Combs, Collin County, TX

“I’m always too warm and I drive my husband crazy by constantly messing with the temperature control throughout my daily routine. Ed was on a golfing trip with some of his work colleagues this past September.

It’s still hot in Dallas in September. I’ll take a dip in our pool and come inside to lay in front of the vents on the warmer days. Anyway, I kept turning the air conditioning up and up and I still couldn’t get comfortable even the temperature gauge at 48 degrees.

I called One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating. They arrived by the early afternoon. The friendly technician cleaned my filters and blissfully cool air filled the house. The next time the air conditioning bugs out, I’ll call One Hour first thing!”

Bess Wilson, Dallas-Fort Worth, TX