Frontier Heating and AC Repair | Fort Worth, TX

Frontier Heating and AC Repair | Fort Worth, TX

In 1849, Fort Worth was built as the most northern of 10 forts placed to protect the American frontier. A couple of decades later, in 1873 a hard winter decimated the blooming cattle industry.

In response, a visiting lawyer published an article ‘Panther City’ in the Dallas Herald complaining that a wild panther was sleeping right in front of the courthouse.

Locals didn’t let the barb get to them but adopted the panther as a symbol for the city.

Today, panthers can still be found on their police badges. Thankfully, hard winters don’t have the same effect on the area that they did nearly two-hundred years ago.

Modern Heating & AC Repair

Modern technology has come a long way from a stone fireplace. It can be confusing when the boiler stops working properly or the cool air starts pumping in the hot air from outside.

Trust One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating to get your home to the right temperature for you. We’ve been serving Tarrant, Wise, Parker and Denton counties for decades. Our team-mates are committed to providing the gold standard of Heating and AC repair.

Growing with Us

Fort Worth is the fifth largest city in the state and is the thirteenth biggest city in the United States. One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating has grown with the city since 1988 and become the most popular Heating and AC repair service in the DFW.

We started as a small family of contractors and technicians who wanted to offer our community customer service-focused, quality plumbing and heating & AC repair for affordable rates.

The power of a loyal community and many dedicated customers have placed our Heating and AC repair technicians are the most relied upon HVAC tradesman in eastern Texas.

We’re careful about who we hire and the heating and air conditioning repair professionals who work for us truly are the best in the region.

Registered & Certified Heating & AC Repair

Our teams are bonded and licensed. Technicians are NATE certified and registered with the state. Our employees submit to a rigid background investigation and are accountable to indiscriminate drug tests.

Welcoming Heating and AC repair professionals into your house means trusting One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating to protect you and we promise your confidence is well put with every member of our team.

In addition, to choosing the very best team of heating and AC repair professionals, we also demand our technicians continue their industry education periodically throughout their careers.

We offer tantalizing incentives for our people as encouragement for them to remain the finest heating and AC repair team in the nation!

Out of Hours Appointments

Our community enjoys warmer winters than many other states, but if your heating breaks over the Christmas holidays, a 45-degree night may not feel too mild.

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating understand how chilly an unheated home can be. Let our expert heating & AC repair professionals get your home toasty again!

Our 24/7 emergency and out of hours appointment service will have you warming up before the turkey has a chance to get cold. Heating and AC repair requires that technicians arrive with the tools, diagnostic equipment and parts necessary to get your environment back into your control.

Well Trained Tradesman and HVAC Specialists

We hire people with advanced skills who want to be the best at what they do. Technicians who never stop learning about their trade or the advancements made within the air conditioning service and HVAC industry.

Our business offers incentives for our team members to learn about how environmental control is changing to protect the planet and how they can serve the Richardson, TX community better by sharpening their tools and education on a periodic basis throughout their entire career.

Technology is turning greener and greener. We want to help our customers get the best value for their hard-earned money and that means understanding when to invest in HVAC renovations for residential and commercial properties.

Prioritizing Regular Maintenance for Heating & Air Conditioning Repair

Did you know the average temperature for Texas during the month of July is 96 degrees? That’s four degrees from boiling water. Fort Worth, TX can be scorching during the summer months.

If you’re not properly caring for your air conditioner, it might stop working in the middle of August when you need it the most.

If an air conditioning unit isn’t maintained, the damage will reduce its’ ability to cool your home. Another important factor to consider is that a malfunctioning air conditioner might use a lot more electricity and raise your electricity rates. 

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating provides the people of Fort Worth, TX with a dependable maintenance schedule to protect your air conditioning and heating units. Our expert heating and AC repair technicians will tailor a maintenance program to meet your homes’ individual needs.

One Hour’s prices are affordable and fair. We won’t sneak any additional fees onto your bill after the work is complete. Trust our commercial heating and air conditioning repair services to aid business owners in the management of their heating, gas and electricity costs.

Energy Star

Following the Energy Star guidelines when buying utilities isn’t just good for the environment, it means more green for your bank account. We fully participate in the Home Performance Evaluation created by Energy Star and strongly advise our clients to do the same.

The U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency has set standards for a holistic energy efficiency for residential homes and that is the Energy Star’ Home Performance Evaluation.


“I haven’t lived in Fort Worth, TX very long when my I started to notice air conditioning wasn’t keeping the house cool enough. I asked a few neighbors if they knew of a trustworthy heating and AC repair service and each one of them suggested I call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, TX. 

When they say one hour, they mean it. I expected a long day of waiting around but they fixed my air conditioner before I could finish my cup of coffee and all at a lower price than I expected. I’ll be calling them again!”

Mrs. Johnston